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Bill fished his keys out of his dark denim jeans and pushed it into the lock before swinging the door open and walking inside. The house was quiet side from the loud buzzing from his fathers' lab. His lab was off limits. Even to Bill. What was behind the sacred lab door was all but known.

It even creped Bill out a little that it was so private. What could his dad be doing that he even had to hide it from his son. Well, he is paranoid, Bill though shaking his head before walking down the hallway to a door covered in 'Stay Out!' signs and a multitude of police tape. It looked like a tweens door when they wanted their parents to stay out of there sanctuary so they wouldn't find their 'dirty magazines"

"Dad I'm home!" Bills shouted throwing his work bag across the passage on the floor beside his own room. Bill waited for a while but when his dad didn't reply he went to the lab door, placing a delicate finger on a button and spoke into the mic. "Dad,"

Nothing came back, "Dad!" Bill said louder. Thinking that he was having a laughing fit and couldn't hear his son calling


Bill nearly jumped out of his skin before he turned around to see his dad standing there with a goofy grin. "Dad you freakin scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry son, I was just working really hard today and I went to get me a snack." His dad said taking a bite of a cake. "How was your...umm, job today?" he asked spitting crumbs everywhere.

Bill sighed. His dad was weird to say the least. He had no manners, was dopey and couldn't carry on a full conversation with anybody. All his time was spent in the lab or buried in the fridge, another victim to occupy his time because God knows something had to.

'Its was fine I guess, that stupid old women came in today again." Bill said watching his father's dazed expression when everything Bill had just said went right in his ear though his skull and out the ear. "I worry about you dad."

"Nah," he finished the cake and shoved the wrapper in his lab coat. "I'm fine, dandy…" he stopped.

"Oh was it that woman that can't hear and calls you a lady?' he asked changing the subject."Which is stupid, you look nothing like a lady, more of a...not sure, but I will definitely let you know when I think of it!" he exclaimed.

"Are you sure you're not inhaling too many fumes?" Bill asked raising a thin black eye brow at his father. Bill never thought, but being cooped up in the basement; excuse me, lab all day you would get some kind of funky fumes killing your brain. Maybe that is why most scientists are psycho?

"Uhhh...maybe." he said lost in his own world. A place where equations talked and you could eat the pi while washing it down with some factorial fizzy.

Bill rolled his eyes and started walking to his room. He realized, as much as he didn't want to, he had to tell Tod about the baby. But how does one even start a conversation like this? It has to be brutal, unless you know you are expecting to become impregnated.

"Maybe I could send a quick text telling him and hope he knows me enough to figure it out?" Bill asked aloud staring at his white Sidekick. Yea, that would work...right? He asked his conscience, but never getting a reply. Why would he ever get one?

"Ok, here it goes," he flipped open the phone and began menacingly typing away, many years of practice pulsed though his fingers.

Once Bill was done and satisfied with his work he read it aloud to make sure,

i My Eggo is Preggo! /i

Simple enough. Hopefully he will understand.

Bill waited. It was the longest wait he has ever faced in his life. Not only did it feel like it was dragging on forever, it was also painful. Painful knowing that he might be moments away from breaking up with the only boy he has ever loved. He didn't think he could ever recover knowing that Tod hated his guts. Would it be fair to blame this whole fiasco on his father? No, because Bill wasn't having safe sex, this was his fault.

Finally, Bill's phone buzzed signaling that Bill has received a new text. With a strained sigh Bill opened the phone and stared at Tod's name on the screen. A smile spread across Bill's face as he remembered the first time he had gotten a text from the handsome boy.


It was three years ago and a raven haired boy was sitting in the park. He father was in the lab so Bill was alone. It was nice to be alone, but without his father poking and prodding at him, it didn't feel the same. It just wasn't right.

Nonetheless, Bill was enjoying the sun warming his skin. Without a care in the world Bill stretched his limbs over the bench, sending them straight out in front of him as he closed his eyes and dreamed of things.

Suddenly, Bill was woken up bye someone tripping over his large buckled boots. Bill gasped in horror at the boy on the ground. He looked no older than Bill himself. In a split second of panic, Bill had to admit that the boy was cute as a button. His blond hair was covering his ear and scattered around was brown lowlight. Once the boy stood Bill caught glimpse of beautiful deep mossy eyes. Bill could have melted if the boy wasn't bleeding on his knee.

"I'm so sorry!" Bill gasped in panic. The boy simply smiled at Bill; the same Bill who had just cased him to topple over and hurt himself.

"Those are awesome boot," the boy said leaning over to examine Bill's footwear.

"Thanks...but shouldn't we do something about your—"

The boy dusted his shorts off and tugged his shirt back into place. "My knee is fine, its only a scrape, to need to get in a hussy." He said sending a reassuring smile to flustered teen. "Whats your name, and why are you all stretched out?" he asked taking a seat on the bench all the while motioning for Bill to join. Bill did has he was told and looked into the olive eyes he was falling in love with.

"I am Bill and I'm stretched here because my dad is at work." Bill said plainly shifting awkwardly beside the stranger.

"I'm Tod, where does your dad work?" the boy asked; who's name is Tod Bill learned. Bill though for a moment if he should say. It was weird to ask questions like that, but I guess it couldn't hurt. He didn't look like he could hurt a fly.

"He is a scientist and he is always in the 'lab'." Bill said making air quotes.

"That must be pretty cool, so later why don't you text me," he pulled out his phone and a pen before christening Bill's hand with his info.

Bill stared at his hand for the longest time before he realized that he had just picked up a hot dudes phone number. Not a big deal right, for a stud like Bill, but the guys never came to him. Maybe Tod is different?

Later that evening when Bill finally got to go home early he was sitting on his bed staring at the number he transferred to a regular sheet so he couldn't risk losing it.

"Come one Bill, it is just as text," he said aloud as he began to type. He wasn't as good before his mad skills. Once done Bill read it over one more time then hit send.

A little message said,


was sent and Bill nervously waited for the strangers reply.

Moments later his phone vibrated. Bill flipped the phone open and watched as s number crossed the screen. Bill clicked read and felt sick as he started to scan the message,

Hey cutie, didn't think you would actually text me but I'm glad you did : )

Bill smiled and soon the conversation took off, the two becoming inseparable.


After reminiscing Bill read the message he just got from Tod,

how the hell did you get your waffle pregnant?

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