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EPOV: Epilogue


I slammed my car door shut and rushed to my front door, hoping like all fucking hell that I didn't miss my girl before she took off for Angela and Ben's. They were having some sort of "my kid is ten months old party" or some shit. I know, parent's do some crazy shit, right?

Christ, my schedule had been so unbelievably hectic lately. Between readying the kids for their solo ensembles at the community center and trying to get my ass back into school, my baby and I had been missing each other left and right. It was fucking driving me insane, because the girl was pretty much like air to me and the constant suffocation was starting to get on my Goddamn nerves.

So yeah, she needed to be home.

I cursed loudly as I realized I forgot the bouquet of daisies in the front seat. It was stupid, stopping to get Bella flowers. I could have missed her by minutes because of my detour to the fucking floral shop…but I just wanted to do something nice for her. I missed her…fucking hard.

I ran to the car and grabbed the flowers before hauling ass back to the house and barging through the door. Bella jumped and looked at me with wide eyes as the door bounced off the wall protector.

She was in her blue flannel pajama pants and a black Tenacious D shirt, her hair in a ponytail and her ridiculous fucking leopard print snuggie wrapped around her shoulders. It didn't matter how many times you told her you were supposed to wear that shit around the front of you…nah, my fiancée left the fucking arm holes flap around her back while she wore that shit like a cape.

There weren't even capable words to describe how much I loved that girl.

She smiled shyly, my entire body growing warm like fucking sunshine as she gazed up at me. I rushed to the couch and sat down hastily, pulling her into my lap and kissing her with a little more fervor than anticipated. She giggled and looked at me like I was crazy, but I just shrugged, pulling her closer until her knees were resting on either side of me. "You have no fucking idea how much I've missed you today baby." I kissed her once more and she murmured her agreement before I continued. "What are you doing in your pajamas….don't you have Ang and Ben's party?" I questioned, pulling her ugly ass snuggie off of her and pressing my nose against hers.

She shrugged, taking the flowers from my hand. "I wasn't in a party kind of mood, I guess. These are beautiful, thank you," she smiled kissing me gently.

I pulled her closely, reveling in the way her delicate waist felt wrapped inside of my arms. She was so soft and tiny and fucking beautiful, and there never seemed to be enough hours in the Goddamn day to spend with her. I knew it was important to get my shit straight and have a career or whatever—and I sure as hell loved volunteering—but my girl was NOT on the backburner. I needed to man the fuck up and stop neglecting her…especially since her dad called a week ago and sprung a shotgun wedding on us. Apparently he and Sue were getting hitched and weren't wasting one fucking moment in doing so. With their wedding being a week away, my girl had been stressed out and completely on edge…I just wanted to take it all away. I kissed her nose, her eye lids, and finally her lips. "Do you know how happy I am that you're here, love?"

She smiled forlornly, her eyes heavy and weighted with something more than just wedding plans and the strain of everyday life. My girl and I had been together for almost ten months, and while that wasn't a fucking lifetime, I knew her like no other.

I needed to make it better, because she was my baby and I fucking loved her…and I may be far from perfect, but when it came to Bella--Romeo and McDreamy and that fucking Pattinson guy didn't have shit on me.

She was my world.

And there was something wrong.

"What?" I asked flatly.

She shook her head. "Nothing."

Fake smile.

"Don't even, baby. You know you can't hide shit from me, so just spill." I crossed my arms over my chest and appraised her curiously as she pouted back at me.

She finally smiled slightly…giving me a flash of sincerity in those sparkling brown eyes. "Um…so you like me, right?"

"Uh…yeah, you're okay I guess." I chuckled, running my hand through my hair. "Bella, get real, you know I more than like you. Christ, I'd pretty much start up a fucking fanclub for you if I didn't know a bunch of pervy bastards would join it."

She giggled…the sound was like music to my ears.

"Baby, what's going on?" I took her hands and kissed her knuckles softly. "You can tell me anything…and get on with it, because we have a whole night together and I've got some very real plans involving a can of whip cream, your body, and my tongue." I felt my eyes darken as I rubbed slow circles beneath her shirt with my thumbs.

Usually my girl went ape shit for my Don Juan tone and come fuck me stare…but she was scowling at me…in a way where I seriously needed to consider covering up Eduardo and cowering in fear. "What?" I asked in a higher octave than normal.

"You. And your. Dick."


say what?

"Bella," I held both hands up like you do when you're approaching someone with homicidal tendencies. "Baby, as far as I knew, you were a fan."

She rolled her eyes and slapped my chest in aggravation. "Of course I'm a fan! If I'm not on it, I'm thinking about being on it, which makes me no better than a horny teenage boy with a dirty magazine and is exactly why we're in this situation! If you weren't so freaking hot all the time and talking all smooth and saying the words "fuck" and "cock"—

I pressed my finger to her lip…because only one phrase stuck out to me during that entire rant.

This situation.

"What situation are we in, love?" my voice was a broken whisper and my heart was humming so fucking hard I thought it would bust out of my chest cavity and take flight.

I was an educated man, alright? She's pissed at me and my dick, she likes being on it, and now we're in a situation…

…we sure as fuck don't use condoms.

…birth control yeah, but that shit can be fickle.

My eyes widened as she stared at me from beneath her lashes. "Bella?"

She ran both hands through my hair, gripping it in her fingers tightly at the base of my neck. "You probably don't remember, Edward, the night when Tanya…did that to you…but you told me you saw us with a little girl, with bronze curly hair and big brown eyes." She was crying now, her gaze not faltering from mine as the tears flowed freely down her cheeks. "And that vision has stuck with me ever since that night, because the idea of having a baby with you means more to me than anything. And now I'm pretty sure that I'm carrying your child…at least those five EPT's I peed on say so…and I'm so scared you don't want this yet, Edward. I know it's unexpected and it changes things…a lot…but this is happening and I need to know you're with me…no matter what."

I stared at her, my jaw slacked and my brow furrowed. I couldn't feel my hands, my feet, the couch, the house, this fucking world….

Had the love of my life just told me I was going to be a father?

Did she just tell me that our intense and passionate love created something inside of her…something that was ours and us…a life we made together?

I pulled at my collar as my breathing elevated to an outrageous and exhilarating level.

Could I be the guy with puke on his shirt and a fucking diaper bag tucked under his arm and a nuk in his pocket and one of those wrap dealies that strap the kid to your torso? Could I watch Elmo and trip on toys in the living room and sing my baby goodnight and burn with the intensity of love that only a father can feel for his child? Could I?

Of course I fucking could.

Because I was alive with it the second the words left her lips. I'm carrying your child…

Bella pulled my hair firmly and sucked in a haggard breath. "You have to talk now, babes, or I'm going to freak out…"

My eyes snapped to hers, my girl bringing me back to reality…the reality where we were parents…and she was unsure that I wanted to be. "Bella, of course I'm with you…of course I want this."

I smiled so fucking hard and so fucking crookedly that I felt like my face would crack from the exertion. The burst of cheerfully giddy laughter almost exploded from my chest. My trembling, clammy hands held her beautiful face as these euphoric, miraculous sensations wracked my entire body.

I crashed my lips to hers, so fucking blissful I could barely contain it. Bella was frozen against me; maybe in shock, maybe in relief. My hands were shaking as I wrapped my arms tighter around her and she finally relaxed against me. She pulled my hair and slipped her tongue into my mouth, tasting me and sighing in utter contentment.

My girl was too fucking paranoid sometimes…like I'd ever deny her or my unborn child.

"You need to go to the doctor," my broken, crackled voice whispered, the act of speech obviously too much to handle in a moment like this.

She smiled brightly, pressing her forehead against mine. "I have an appointment Monday afternoon. You'll come with me, won't you?"

I licked my lips hungrily as she gazed up at me beneath her lashes, big brown eyes coy and slightly nervous as she waited for my reply. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Her hesitation was back. "Edward, we shouldn't get our hopes up. Home pregnancy tests aren't always accurate."

"Don't say that, Bella," I said forcefully. "You can't think like that, love. This is our baby."

"Our baby," she whispered against my lips.

And suddenly I saw her there…wobbling past the coffee table with chubby, bowed legs. I watched as her curls of bronze bobbed with each uneven step, the squeal of laughter as her chubby cheeks protruded with a joy only a child could know. Her hands reaching up to me, opening and closing, a whine threatening to break free from her angelic little lips because I wasn't picking her up fast enough.

This was my little girl….we were going to have a girl.

"Our first baby is going to be a girl," I said slowly, pulling Bella closer to me until we were chest to chest. "She's going to have your eyes and my hair. She's going to be just as beautiful as you are."

Bella cried a strangled sob, her arms flying around my neck and crushing me to her. "That's what you said," she whispered breathlessly. "When you were bleeding and lying there….that's exactly what you said."

I kissed her neck, wrapping my arms around her tightly as she cried into the crook of my neck. "Thank you," I whispered, rocking her back in forth slowly as we reveled in our unexpected miracle.

She looked up at me, her cheeks red and her eyes watery. "Are you sure?"

She put her warm hand on my face, my eyes automatically closing as I leaned into her palm. "I've known for so long, baby. This was it for me….I knew since that day in your classroom that you were the sun and I was just the planet circling around it." She pushed her forehead against mine, kissing my lips softly and still holding my cheek as I continued. "I want to watch your belly grow with our baby…with our life inside of you…Bella, you don't know how badly I've wanted it, since the moment I met you, I knew…"

She smiled, kissing my lips repeatedly as a noise of what could only be described as pure fucking happiness escaped her lips. "Me too, baby," she cried. "God, I was so scared you were going to spazz out."

I smiled softly at her. "Well, I'm sure I will eventually…what do I know about raising a kid?" I ran my hand along her abdomen slowly, her stomach taut but I felt more there…I could almost feel my baby right inside of her, and I couldn't even try to deny the burning sensation in my eyes as they clouded with tears. My child was in there…our child. "I just know I love you…and I'll do whatever it takes to care for you and protect you…the both of you. It's all that fucking matters to me."

Bella giggled. "You're already a better Daddy than you think you are."

"Well shit, we need to go!" I stood us up, kissing her deeply and pulling her towards the door. "We need cribs and diapers and rattles and bottles and shit, right?"

She laughed heartily, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing my jaw. "I think we have some time, babes."

I smiled widely, shaking my head. "Just when I thought you couldn't make me any happier."

"You won't be so happy when I'm puking my guts out and my fingers are swollen up like sausages," she groaned.

"Yes, but I'll still tell you you're beautiful…and I'd totally still do you."

She patted my face lovingly before wrapping her arms around my waist. "You are so full of shit…but I love you."

I grinned and kissed her slowly, letting my tongue drag across her bottom lip as my hands went beneath her shirt. She moaned softly before breaking our kiss and looking incredulously up at me. "This is what got us into trouble in the first place, Cullen."

I grabbed her ass and kissed her once more. "You can't get re-pregnant, baby."

Bella giggled, hopping up into my arms and wrapping her legs around my waist. She pulled her long dark hair slowly from the band holding it, her bottom lip trapped tightly between her teeth as she gazed at me hungrily. "You have a good point, Edward. Take me away then…let's go celebrate our mad baby-making skills."

I groaned as she leaned in and bit my earlobe, walking her towards our bedroom and sucking on her neck ravenously in the process. I'd never get enough of this girl. We'll probably be 85 and I'll be riding her ass around on my fucking walker handles as I wheel her to our musty old bed, but you know what, I could fucking care less….

….and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I stared into the eyes of the girl that would belong to me forever, feeling a deep twinge of the need to make it official that much sooner, now that we were quickly turning into a "with child" couple. My girl had always wanted to get married in the fall, and since I pretty much proposed to her smack dab in the middle of it, it only made sense to wait a year.

But now…

…now everything was different.

How hard would it be really…to move the wedding up a few months?

"Edward?" she whispered just as we reached the bedroom door, breaking me from my thoughts of matrimony.


"Are we ready for this?" she asked hesitantly.

I smiled and nodded, kissing the tip of her nose delicately. "We're ready…because things like this are just meant to be, Bella."

She sighed as if she were in a dream, kissing my lips as she looked into my eyes.

"Meant to be," she murmured softly.


"Dude…doucheward, you are turning an unsavory color of green."

I let out a moist breath…my mouth watering and my stomach churning in a very unappealing manner.

Was it even alright to vomit on church grounds? Because it was happening really fucking quickly if someone didn't turn up the fucking A/C and I didn't loosen the tie that was choking me. "Fuck you, Emmett," I panted, my hands resting on my knees as I fought to keep the contents of my stomach firmly in place.

Okay, so it's not like this wasn't the happiest day of my life to date, because it sure as hell fucking was, but I was just so damn nervous. I woke up this morning and realized that the love of my freaking existence was going to take me as hers today…forever. We were having a baby and they were my responsibility…and I wanted it. Fuck, I wanted both of them more than air. But was I good enough? Could I handle being a good husband and a good father? There was nothing more I could ever ask for, but knowing my dumb ass, I'd fuck it up somehow.


My sister's tinkling voice drifted through the fog of nausea, sending the slightest wave of relief to wash through my body. "I'm sick, Ali," I murmured.

"You're nervous," she smiled, fighting my crazy hair with her tiny fingers.

"What if I'm not enough for them?"

Vocalizing my biggest fear was like a punch to the fucking gut, and before I knew it I was flying around the corner of the church and throwing up profusely into the grass below. I felt the hot tears fill my eyes, my throat burning and my stomach heaving….I was already ruining our fucking wedding day.

I felt Alice patting my back, and took steady breaths as she assured me that everything would be alright. Once I knew that no more projectile vomiting was on the agenda, I stood up to face my sister. "Fuck, did I puke on my suit?"

Alice gave me the once over before shaking her head. "You're clean," she whispered, opening up my hand and tapping out a handful of breath mints. "Suck on all of these…you don't want your first kiss as husband and wife to be vomit flavored."

I shook my head and winced at the thought, sighing as I ran my fingers desperately through my hair. "I don't know if I can be enough for them, Ali."

She grabbed my forearms and looked intently up at me. "Edward, do you love Bella?"

"You know I fucking do," I growled.

"And do you want to spend the rest of your life with her?"

"More than anything," I murmured softly.

She smiled widely. "That's all that matters. She loves you so much, big brother. You are going to make her day, her life, her forever, just by standing up at that altar…and you know this. If you would just pull your head out of your ass, you'd see just how perfect this day is…and how perfect you two are for each other."

I knew she was right. Bella and I were meant to be together, and we'd taken a roundabout fucking way of getting here, but we were here nonetheless. I'd fucked up a lot in the past. From here on out, I would only bring her happiness.

I hugged my sister tightly, kissing the top of her head. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, Edward. You're going to be such a good Daddy." She let go of me and smiled happily up at me, the tears shining in her eyes. My sister had been theatric with the waterworks ever since Bella and I told the family we were pregnant. We spilled the beans about two and a half months ago, right after Charlie and Sue's wedding. Not long after us, they admitted to everyone about their own bun in the oven. Things had turned out for the best, in the strangest way. It was fucking baby fever in the Cullen/Swan clan, without a doubt.

"Well, do I look like I just hurled on the side of a church?" I sighed, trying to tame my jacked up hair before giving up just as quickly.

"You look pale and unkept, just like always. I swear, Edward Anthony, would it kill you to comb your hair on your wedding day?" Ali growled, fussing with my hair.

I scoffed and batted her hands away. "I already tried, now quit."

She smirked and linked our arms together. "You're lucky Bella likes your busted ass hair, fool. Now hurry up and get inside…it's almost time."

I kissed the top of Ali's spiky head, thinking I was pretty fucking lucky to have a five foot nothing, wanksta for a sister.

I walked back into the church, a new rush of determination fueling my steps. Now that my nerves were deposited all over the outskirts of the building, only the truth remained. I was marrying Isabella Marie Swan today, and this day was only the beginning of the rest of our lives.


The harps were playing softly in the background, making this whole moment feel rather unworldly. I was done with my insecurities. While I did have the tendency to fuck up, my girl forgave me every time. And my sister was right, we loved each other. I knew this day was coming since the second I met her, so there was no need to panic when this moment was just for me and my girl.

But now, I just wanted her.

I hadn't seen her since yesterday morning, the longest we'd gone without each other since the night Tanya put my ass in the hospital. You know, as much as it fucking blew to almost be ripped away from the love of your life, I wouldn't trade that night for the world. Not only did Bella and I consummate our relationship for the first time, but that whole experience…not knowing if you'd live to see another day, to marry your girl or make a baby with her…well that made this day so much more gratifying…this perfect fucking moment.

I missed her. And I was worried as fuck. So far, everything about her pregnancy had been normal, but it would be my shitty luck that something would go wrong while I was being kept away from her in the sake of 'wedding tradition' or whatever the fuck.

I just wanted my girl.

I'd been doing the best I could to keep her comfortable and happy, but she had her miserable moments. Shit, it was trying sometimes, but then I tried to imagine how I'd be if I had a little person inside of me making me barf and messing with my emotions and shit—I'd be a whiny bastard and probably start crying for my mommy, so I'd say my girl was handling that shit pretty well.

I wondered how she was in that moment. Nervous? Anxious? Overheated? Seattle had been fucking hot this summer, and I'd severely thought about finding the world's largest fucking sun blind and draping it over that shit, just so Bella could have some relief.

I told the pastor that I didn't care if icicles were hanging off of our guest's noses, this church needed to stay fucking cool for her….her comfort was more important than anything else today.

I saw my dad approaching the altar, which quickly snapped me out of my thoughts. His face was filled with pride and happiness, causing my heart to clench. My dad was the shit, even if I did walk in on Bella and Rose talking about how hot he was one day. Ugh…talk about awkward.

"Are you feeling better now, son?" He straightened my tie and clapped my back once.

"Yeah, I'm good Dad. I'm just ready to collect my girl and get this show on the road," I sighed, running my fingers through my hair.

My dad smiled. "You're moments away, Edward."

I nodded. "Dad, have you seen Bella today?"

He looked up hesitantly at me, as if he were about to divulge something he shouldn't. "I saw her briefly this morning."

My heart started racing. "How was she? Did she look sick or too fucking hot? This sun has been taking its toll on her, not to mention the morning sickness. Did she look happy or worried…anxious? I shouldn't have been away from her for so long, I could care less about tradition—"

He cut me off by holding up his hand, a sly grin permanently plastered on his face. "Edward, calm down. She looked nervous, she looked radiant, and she looked happier than I've ever seen her."

My father's words made my heart go completely fucking haywire, and I choked out a strangled breath of relief. "Christ," I muttered.

He chuckled and patted my back once more. "Watch your choice of words around here, son." The harps ended their gentle refrain and that could only mean one thing.

It was time.

My dad whispered a few last encouraging words before taking his seat.

The instrumental version of Kissing You began playing softly. My girl and I didn't want the wedding march, because something so predictable just wasn't us. We wanted something that would mean more to us than the old people attending, so if they didn't like it, too damn bad.

I saw my mother then, holding my almost five month old niece in her arms….my little Lily girl. The sun pretty much rose and set to the beat of her smile. We knew she was far too young to be a flower girl, but we didn't really care…it's not like we were going for a snobbish affair, considering Mase would be running down the aisle like a bear very shortly. I chuckled to myself.

So with the help of my mother, they threw some flowers to and fro, an angelic little squeal coming from Lily as my mom kissed her cheek and smiled up at me.

My face was straining from the one I gave her in return. She took her seat and I looked up to see Masen walking down the aisle. He looked like he was about to burst in excitement, his fingers clenched so tightly to the pillow in his hands with our rings. And then very suddenly and completely out of nowhere, Masen tucked that shit under his arm and started running. He clawed at my Great Uncle Thomas, he growled in Bella's Stepdad's face. He all out mauled my dad and bit his shoulder before climbing off his lap jumping into my arms.

"Whoa, Mase," I grunted, not expecting him to jump on me.

He smiled widely. "Is Aunt Bella gonna be your fionsky anymore?"

I chuckled. "It's fiancée buddy, and nope, she's going to be my wife."

"Wife," he said slowly. "Is that better?"

I ruffled his crazy hair. "It's much better, little man."

He wrapped his little arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. "Love you, Uncle E."

I sighed and kissed his forehead. "I love you too, Mase. Go stand over there and wait for Uncle Jake, kay?"

He nodded and hopped down just in time for me to see Angela and Jake walking down the aisle in my direction.

Jake winked at me and smiled his toothy grin while Angela was already batting at her tears. My stomach muscles were permanently clenched in excitement then. I wasn't scared anymore, I was just so fucking happy I couldn't even see straight.

Rosalie and Emmett were next to come down the aisle, both of them looking pretty fucking dapper, truth be told. Rose positioned her hand on Emmett's arm just perfectly enough to show off the fat rock he had put on her finger. That woman was shameless with shoving her ring in people's faces…but that was Rosalie, and you had to love her for her antics.

Next was Ali and Jazz, their smiles beaming as they stepped slowly my way. Alice looked like a doll, the shimmering green of her dress accentuated with black lace. It was amazing how girls could make things look so fucking amazing just by mixing together a couple colors. Bella insisted on this certain color of green for our wedding. It took lots of persistence before I finally got her to admit that the color reminded her of my eyes, which is why she loved it so much.

My girl was too fucking good to me.

I guess—if you were going off of the way they were coming down the aisle—Jasper was my best man. But he and Emmett had fought so viciously about it since the moment we told them we were getting married, that I told them they could both do it just to get them to shut the fuck up.

"Snap out of it, man." Jasper nudged me and I looked at him blankly. "You were staring off into space…your lady's on her way, buck up."

Silence fell throughout the entire room and I briefly acknowledged the crowd rising. The meaningful harmony of Kissing You poured into my brain, the song that choked my girl up every time it played and made me hold her a little tighter and close my eyes when I heard it. Sometimes we'd listen to it when we made love, and then suddenly it was all I could think about…loving her, holding her, making her mine for the rest of my life…and then she was there in front of me…

She was there…

In a strapless white gown, the fabric floating out around her and creating the vision of an angel more stunning than I ever could have dreamed of. Her hair was twisted down her back with curls and flowers and fucking magnificence…my baby, my love, my fucking girl. And she was walking towards me to become mine. To be my wife and my partner for the rest of time. How fucking amazing was this?

She was just so beautiful…she absolutely took my breath away.

I smiled widely, our eyes connecting and melting into each other. She smiled and a soft giggle fell from her lips, her eyes filling with tears as she gazed up at me. My hands were twitching in the need to touch her, to hold her, to take care of my fucking wife.

No word had ever tasted so sweet.

She shook her head at me in wonder, her father quietly watching our exchange of pure fucking love and downright need to be next to each other and make it official.

I wasn't waiting any longer.

I jumped from the top step and took quick strides to meet them halfway down the aisle. I heard mumbles and gasps and maybe even some laughter, but I needed my girl and I couldn't take the distance another minute.

I stood in front of her, bending low and kissing her forehead, my lips pressing and holding against her soft skin as I closed my eyes tightly. This right here…this fucking moment.

Bella sighed, her hand reaching up to rest on my forearm. "What are you doing, Edward?" she asked softly, her eyes filled with tears and love as I trembled before her.

I released my kiss on her forehead and looked into the deep brown eyes of my eternity, the smile shamelessly breaking free from my lips. I ran my fingertips along her cheek, staring at her with all the love I felt inside of me. "I couldn't wait, Bella." My voice wavered in intensity, my eyes burning and my heart clenching at the magnitude of emotion I felt for the woman standing in front of me.

She exhaled unevenly, the tears falling down her cheeks as she leaned into my hand. "I love you," she whispered.

I kissed her forehead once more. "I love you," I whispered fiercely. I turned to Charlie and shook his hand. "Do you mind if I take it from here, sir?"

He looked between the two of us with a sense of pride, and I saw the shimmering of his eyes that he was trying like hell to hide. "Take her," he croaked out, "and you treat her right, Edward." Charlie kissed Bella's cheek and told her he loved her before passing her hand to me.

"I will," I nodded, wrapping Bella's hand underneath my arm and taking the plunge towards matrimony with my partner in crime by my side, just like it was meant to be.

We reached the top step and stood in front of the pastor just as the music faded, and he chuckled softly. "Well, that was a first."

There was a gentle murmuring of laughter behind us, but I refused to tear my eyes away from her.

She was so fucking beautiful. I couldn't help but run my fingers slowly along her little baby bump before pulling myself away from her eyes and focusing on our ceremony.

I'd like to say that I didn't tear up during our exchange, but fuck, who are we kidding here? When she took me to be her lawfully wedded husband…I mean Christ, those words were so meaningful and they were for me. I didn't deserve to have such a perfect fucking life and yet, here it was.

I spoke of forever as my eyes burned into hers, each word leaving my lips in a determined tone. She cried and faltered on a phrase she was supposed to repeat, which made me smile and kiss her cheek. I didn't care if the pastor didn't give us permission yet, because no one could tell me that I wasn't allowed to kiss my girl.

When we slid our rings onto each other's fingers, I felt the power of this moment throughout my entire body, these rings signifying every word, every touch, every ounce of love we felt for each other. These rings were fucking sacred…and so was my wife.

He pronounced us as husband and wife and told me to kiss my bride, which I did with the utmost fucking fervor. Because I wanted every motherfucker to take a look at us and know that we belonged to each other, and that was the way it would forever be.

We entwined our fingers tightly and gazed at each other as we turned to face our family and friends, our smiles wide and jovial. "You ready?" I questioned softly.

And I wasn't just talking about walking out of this church or heading over to my parents for the reception. I was asking if she was ready for a full and happy life with me.

"I'm ready, baby," she whispered, leaning over and kissing my lips firmly. "You make me so incredibly happy, Edward."

I pulled her into my side, burying my nose in the soft, sweet scent of her hair. "That's all I need to know, love." I pulled her hand up to my lips and kissed her knuckles softly as my eyes shined with tears I couldn't deny.

"That's all I need to know."


It was nearing the end of our reception and I was getting a little cranky. Not only had they kept me away from my girl for over 24 hours before the ceremony, but I continually had to share her with our guests. The moment we'd find each other and sigh in relief, one of us was being pulled away to say hello to a distant family member, or pose in a picture someone desperately needed to take.

Fuck that…the only thing I needed was my wife, plain and simple.

I sat down heavily and pulled at my tie, loosening it and staring down at my ring. I twirled it around slowly, watching the shine catch in the glitter of the twinkling lights my sister hung. I'd never take this ring off again.

Hopefully I didn't become a fatty in fifteen years and have my sacred wedding ring cut off my circulation, because the shit wasn't leaving my finger--no way, no how.

I felt two small hands wrap around my neck from behind and a kiss pressed into my hair. "Excuse me miss, but you shouldn't be touching me like this with my wife in the near vicinity. If you want, I can meet you in the pantry in like five minu—"

I was interrupted with several slaps against my chest and a bite to my ear. "Mmm," I hummed. "Bite me again, Mrs. Cullen."

Bella sucked my earlobe into her mouth before clamping down roughly. "How soon can we leave our own reception, Mr. Cullen?"

I swung around and pulled her into my lap, wrapping my arms around her waist as I slid my tongue languidly into her mouth. "Do you have any idea how much I've missed you these past two days?" I murmured against her lips.

She nodded her head and whined softly. "I missed you too, Edward. So much. It's ironic that we get married because of how much we love each other and yet we aren't allowed to spend any time together."

I placed a wet kiss against her throat. "Well, we've regained control over our life now, love…we get to decide from here on out. We can do anything we want to do."

"Anything?" she whispered reverently.

"Anything." I drifted my hand along her stomach and kissed her chin. "How's my baby?" I whispered, looking down to watch my palm slide fluidly over the silky fabric of her dress.

"Very well behaved," she smiled. "I think she knew today was a very important day for Mommy and Daddy."

I chuckled. "We're sure it's a girl now, right? I mean, the night you told me, I had a gut feeling that it was, but the night of your father's wedding…. "my little guy" had a nice ring to it."

Bella kissed my temple and got up from my lap. "I think it will be a girl, babes…I just have a feeling."

"We could find out," I murmured, resting my ear against her belly as she stood in front of me.

She ran her fingers heavily through my hair. "Don't you want to be surprised?"

I nodded and kissed her baby bump. "Yeah, but I get too excited sometimes."

"I know, baby," she murmured, leaning down and kissing the top of my head.

I took a look around before standing and dragging her towards the side of the house. "C'mon…"

"Where are we going?" she giggled, her little fingers tightening around mine. I knew she'd follow me anywhere, and that meant more to me than words could ever say.

I chuckled and swung her around the side of the house, holding her flesh against me as What a Wonderful World began to play in the distance. I smiled down at her, holding her hand to my chest. "We're dancing our first dance," I murmured softly.

"We already had our first dance as husband as wife," she whispered, leaning up to kiss me slowly.

I twirled us around, my lips pressing gently against her ear as I felt her fist tighten around the fabric of my jacket. "That was for them," I nodded out towards our wedding party. "But this….this is just for us…this is our first dance."

A sigh of happiness escaped her pink lips before she was on her tip toes, kissing me with abandon as her fingers curled into my hair. "I love you, Edward."

I hummed against her lips before breaking our kiss, pressing my mouth along her jaw, her neck, and finally the shell of her ear, whispering, "And I think to myself…"

My wife blinked her tears away as her hands cupped my face. "What a wonderful world."

I sighed, pressing my forehead tightly against hers as she spoke softly against my lips. "Take me and let's go, Edward. I need to be alone with you."

I breathed unevenly, my chest rising and falling in the intensity of this moment. I took both of her hands and kissed them before linking our fingers together. "You're my life, Bella."

The words were simple, but far more significant than I could ever convey. I felt them spread throughout my body and hers, holding us together and binding us even further as she held onto me so tightly. She begged for us to leave then, pleaded with me to take her where only she and I would exist.

And I promised her I would because I was hers…and I would do anything for her.

She was my life.



I brought our linked fingers to my lips and kissed the back of her hand. "Yeah, baby?"

"Can I really have anything I want tonight?" She chewed on her lip as if she were nervous.

"Of course, love. I'll give you anything."

"Pull over." Her voice was firm but slightly vulnerable as she stared at me intently.

I veered to the side of the road, part of me scared shitless because if anything was wrong with her or the baby….well let me rephrase, nothing could ever fucking be wrong with her or the baby.

I threw the shifter into park and turned to her, my hands cupping her face as I looked at her frantically. "What's wrong, Bella? You're freaking me the fuck out."

She smiled and kissed me softly, her hand covering mine against her face. "Everything is fine, Edward, but…" she drifted off, her eyes starting to glisten in the soft light reflected from the dashboard. I wiped my thumbs beneath her eyes, my heart beating a mile a minute and my mind anxiously trying to come up with a solution to take away her pain.

"Bella, please…" I was begging her, because this was our wedding night and she should be fucking exuberant, not crying on the shoulder of the road.

She leaned across to kiss me, the wetness from her cheeks spreading onto mine as her lips moved passionately against me. "My emotions are just all over the place, babes. I know we have a beautiful hotel suite waiting for us tonight but…"

"Tell me," I gently demanded.

"Edward," she sniffled. "I just want to be with you in our bed. Everything's been so stressful with the wedding and the baby, and I've hardly seen you in days and I just want to be home with you…wrapped up together so I can feel your warm skin against mine…I just need it, Edward. I'm so sorry."

My breath escaped my lungs sporadically, the sight of my emotionally ridden wife pleading to have me in our bed…well it was heartbreaking and breathtaking in the same instance. It hurt…my fucking heart ached because I couldn't contain it…my love for her, my need to make her happy and keep her as mine for the rest of my life.

It literally fucking hurt.

I released one hand from her cheek, rubbing against my chest as I gazed down at my beautiful girl. "Bella, I love you so fucking much, baby. Do you have any idea….God….any idea just how much you mean to me?"

I pulled her against my chest, her sob escaping into the crook of my neck as I ran my hands up and down her back, trying to take the sincerity of my words and push them right inside of her. "Let me take you home, baby. Let me take you home and feel you…I just need to feel you, love. Please let me…"

She nodded against my shoulder, her fingertips twisting in the fabric of my dress shirt and clinging for dear life. "There's nothing without you. I'd have nothing without you," she cried against my skin, her nails digging into my back as she wept for the intensity of our connection. "I love you so much, Edward…I wish you knew how much, because I can never express it properly. I get so frustrated at the words because they aren't enough…"

I shushed her softly, releasing one hand around her and sliding the car back into drive. "Come here, baby. Just hold onto me, alright? We're going to go home…I'm taking you to our bed, because there's nowhere else I'd rather be either. Just don't let go."

I leaned away slightly and took the wheel with my left hand, slowly merging back onto the road and flipping a U back in the direction of home. She never let go of me, her body slung across the middle console as she held onto me for dear life. I felt her muscles shaking against me and I tried to loosen her grip slightly, but she refused, only clinging to me tighter. I whispered my love to her as I kissed the top of her head, massaging the muscles in her arms as they quivered in their grip around my body.

We finally pulled into our driveway and I was trembling violently. I could barely get my keys into my pocket as the overwhelming emotions wracked through every inch of me.

I had to let go of Bella to get out of the car and open her door and it was excruciating, it was empty…a single moment had me aching and burning for her touch. I threw her car door open, kneeling on the concrete and wrapping my arms around her waist as I placed kisses along her throat, her neck, her lips, her chest. "Bella," I whispered, my voice wavering fiercely as I pulled her tighter against me.

"I love you," she whimpered, her fingers lacing through my hair and pulling until my lips crashed into hers. I lost my breath entirely, my heart pounding between us as I kissed her with everything I had. My mouth worked frantically against hers, taking her tongue and pulling it against mine in a wet, sloppy pattern. I couldn't contain it, it was too much and I just had to try to fucking show her…

I groaned loudly, my hand slipping beneath her legs and lifting her swiftly from the car. I kicked the door shut behind us as she squealed in delight, her breathy moans heavy against my skin as her teeth sunk into my neck. "Hurry," she whispered.

I rushed to the house, fumbling with my keys to unlock the door. I stopped and looked at her, the frantic urgency halting immediately as I stared into her eyes. She looked through the open doorway and back at me, recognizing the age old tradition that suddenly meant more to me than I could even fathom. I kissed her forehead before pressing mine against hers and closing my eyes. "Close your eyes and memorize every single piece of this moment, Bella. I've never desired anything more than this, right here….taking you as my wife and starting our life together. It means more to me than I could ever put into words. I have more love for you than my heart can contain….remember this, love…this moment is only the beginning."

A sob broke from her lips as she pressed her forehead harder against mine. "I love you," she murmured. She continued to speak those three words against my lips as I passed over the threshold to our home and began the life I had only dreamed of having.

The house was dark and the comforting smell of home warmed me to the core…my girl was a fucking genius—this was exactly what we needed. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as I walked us leisurely to our room. The white of her dress shimmered in the soft moonlight coming through the blinds and she was beautiful…she was just so fucking beautiful that I almost fell to my knees.

My wife.

"I could look at you forever in this dress, baby," I whispered almost inaudibly, my eyes running all over her body as I gently set her down on the bed.

She smiled up at me and shook her head once. "No…please just take it off of me, Edward."

A shiver ran throughout my entire body as I knelt in front of her on the floor, my hands running up and down her outer thighs before sliding down her legs and gripping her ankles. I kissed her gently, my fingers working nimbly on the straps of her shoes as I gazed up at her. "I'll always want you like this, Bella. I'll never get enough."

She sighed, running her fingers along my jaw before trailing them across my lips. "Promise me."

I removed both of her shoes, massaging her feet slowly as I smiled crookedly up at her. "I promise, love."

"Come here," she murmured, crooking a finger and urging me to move closer by just the smoldering expression on her face.

I was sitting next to her then, brushing her long wavy curls to the front of her shoulder as my tongue dragged slowly across the back of her neck. "You taste so good, baby."

I unbuttoned her dress slowly, placing gentle kisses to every newly exposed inch of skin. I smiled against her spine as a shiver ran through her body. "Will you still love me when I'm forty years old and have a receding hairline and a beer belly?"

She giggled, which was cut off with a moan as I slid her dress off of her shoulders. "I will," she whispered. "And what about when my hair starts turning grey and my hips get wider every year?"

I slid her dress down until it gathered around her waist, slipping my hands around her and running my fingers across her abdomen. "I'll love you," I whispered, her head resting against my temple as I palmed her breasts gently over her white, lacy bra. "Fuck, Bella. This makes you look so innocent…almost virginal." I smiled and kissed her shoulder, my fingers tracing the hard outline of her nipples over the fabric.

She hummed softly, her hands rising up to cover mine over her chest. "I assure you, Edward, I'm anything but." She turned to look at me over her shoulder, a devious smirk covering her perfect face. "Now take it off."

I obliged, popping the clasp to her bra eagerly and groaning as it fell away from her body. Suddenly she was standing in front of me, her hands on my shoulders and her gorgeous fucking tits right in my face. I didn't waste a moment, my lips clamping around her firm nipple and losing myself in the texture of her skin against my taste buds. We moaned together as I worked her dress past her hips until it pooled on the floor around her, leaving her in nothing but a sheer white thong.

Fucking hell.

I exhaled unevenly, my head resting gently against her breast as I caressed her abdomen. "Bella, thank you so fucking much for marrying me today."

She linked our fingers over her belly, the warm protrusion of firm skin causing a wave of intense love to wash through me.

My family.

"It was my pleasure," she breathed, tracing the lines of my face before sliding her hand down to my shoulder and bunching the fabric of my jacket in her grip.

Together, we wrestled with the confines of my suit until I was relieved of it, a giant sigh of contentment leaving both of our bodies as we encircled our arms around each other.

We sat like that for ages, just feeling our chests rising and falling against one another, the sound of our breathing synchronizing and mixing together. I traced her face with my fingers before running them over her body, hot and slightly sweaty from the humid August air.

I licked her shoulder, anxious to taste the salt on her skin. She moaned, pushing me backwards and straddling my aching cock as she circled her hips against me. I exhaled slowly, my fingers curling inside her underwear and snapping the strings on each side. She moaned, her eyes alight with arousal and her bottom lip trapped between her teeth as I threw the scrap of fabric behind me.

There was nothing between us then, just hot, wet skin pressed together in a tingling mass of sensations. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the pangs of intense pleasure starting in my groin and working up through my stomach muscles until every inch of me was consumed by her heat, her glorious writhing body rocking against mine so perfectly.

I wanted to be on her, and I fucking needed to be inside of her.

I flipped her over and covered my body with hers, gasping at the heavy emotions swirling in her dark brown eyes. I slid my hand from her neck and rested it over her heart, the frantic pounding against her chest causing a deep ache to form inside of mine. I leaned closer, pushing our chests together and sliding my hands beneath her delicate body until there was nothing between us…just skin and love and heavy breaths of pure fucking adulation.

My wife.

I slid inside of her slowly, our eyes connected and bound together, our faces twisting as the heavy sensation of completion and pleasure absorbed us entirely. "It's more…every time it's more," she whispered. I kissed her lips, pressing my nose gently against hers as I lost myself in the way her thighs clenched around my waist, the gentle pounding of her heart as it thudded against my chest, the sweet taste of her breath pouring into my mouth as I pushed myself all the way inside of her until our pelvic bones were pressed tightly together.

I held still, moaning and trembling as I allowed myself to come alive with the spirit of my girl and the love we shared and the intense physical connection we had since day fucking one. "Thank you," I whispered breathlessly, finally giving in and thrusting in and out of her in a steady rhythm. She moaned and crashed her forehead to mine, her eyes clasped tightly as her fingers dug into my neck. "Thank you for letting me have you this way, baby."

Her hips rose off the bed to meet mine, my strokes becoming sloppy in response to her fervor. She whimpered loudly, her tongue sliding into my mouth and her fingers dragging along my back. "I've only ever wanted to be yours."

Her nails pressed into my skin, the sharp pain mixing with the overwhelming pleasure she gave me as we came closer and closer to our release. "Harder, Bella….make me feel it."

She moaned, her scratches along my back bringing me to life and tossing gasoline on the already raging fire burning inside of me. I crashed my hips against hers, sliding my hands beneath her ass and angling her off the bed until I was hitting that sweet fucking spot deep inside of her. "I love you, baby," I panted, our skin colliding loudly in the silence of the room.

She ran her hand along my temple and caught a bead of sweat with her finger before sliding it into her mouth. "Everything about you tastes so sweet."

I felt a deep aching throb inside of me, and I knew I was so dangerously close already. I pressed my thumb against her swollen clit, clenching my eyes tightly as my face twisted from our combined pleasure. Her wetness covered my fingers and my cock and I wanted it on my tongue. I sucked my fingers hastily into my mouth before returning them to her hot skin. I moaned gutturally and licked my lips. "You're the sweet one, Bella," I groaned. "So fucking good…I just want to be inside of you forever."

My eyes widened in sheer anticipation as her breathing became labored and shuddering breaths caught inside of her throat. "All night," she whimpered. "Take me all fucking night."

I groaned at the desperation in her tone, slamming my cock inside of her as her slick walls held my throbbing dick like a vice. "Come…you have to…fuck, baby, just come on me, please."

She froze instantly and tightened her arms around my neck to the point of pain, her body lunging off the bed and crushing to mine as I held her in mid air. She came so violently, her limbs tightening around me and releasing me as wave after wave of her hot juices covered my cock.

I crashed my lips to hers as I came inside of her, my cries of passion pouring into her mouth and staking claim right inside of her as I pulled her down frantically on my cock.

I felt dizzy and disoriented, the thick feeling of euphoria sending my nerve endings into a numb and liquefied state. I landed heavily against the mattress, turning us over and laying her on top of my chest as a steady groan left my lips. "Christ, Bella."

She giggled, the sound instantly warming my heart. "Hold your applause," she teased.

I clapped my hands lazily over her head before wrapping my arms around her. "Mmmm, you make me feel so good." I groaned and squeezed her tighter.

"I want more," she whispered, turning her body to face me. "Can I have more?"

My eyes narrowed in longing. "You never have to ask me that, baby. Come here."

I took her left hand, gazing at her diamond ring before pressing it against my lips. She mirrored my actions, holding my left hand against her mouth as she stared deeply into my eyes. "I can't believe you're my husband," she murmured against the cool metal of my ring.

I smiled warmly and kissed her fingers once more. "How did I get so lucky?"

She shook her head and entwined our fingers together with both hands. I groaned as she slid up my body until she was straddling my hips, her warm, wet skin pressing delectably over my now awakening erection. "I'm the lucky one, baby," she whispered, placing her lips against mine.

"I love you," I breathed into her mouth, my hands sliding around her body and crushing her to mine. "Let me make you feel good all night, love. Let me touch you all night."

I groaned as she slid up and down my hard cock before reaching between us and sliding me inside of her. "All night," she whispered, laying back down on top of me and covering my body with hers.

I panted as she slid over me, my mind wandering over one simple phrase…the phrase that would define me as a man, as a husband, and as a father.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

And that was all I ever wanted us to be.


It was February third.

Nine days after Bella's due date.



I shut the dishwasher door and turned the dial before high-tailing it to the living room and kneeling in front of her on the couch. "What's up, baby?"

Her eyes were filled with tears, which I had to admit was better than the rage stage, and she looked up at me in pure desperation. "I want Taco Bell, Edward."

I chuckled and pressed my lips to her forehead. "You don't need to cry over Taco Bell, love. I'll get you anything you want, you know that."

She heaved a jagged sigh, sitting up from the couch and patting the cushion next to her. "How do you stand me?" she whispered, burying her face into the crook of my neck. "I'm fat and swollen and a raging bitch…why do you want me?"

My face twisted in pain at her words. She was so up and down and always uncomfortable…but the doctors weren't ready to induce her, which was starting to piss me the hell off. "Baby, I hate seeing you so upset. Please, we'll get through this alright? Our baby will come soon, just hang in there with me."

She'd been off of work for nearly two weeks and I'd worked out with my professors to essentially take their classes online until some time after the baby was born. If she would have come on time, I still would have been on holiday vacation…but alas, my little one was being stubborn.

I wonder who she got that from?

Classes had resumed five days ago, but there was no way I could leave Bella like this. Luckily I had teachers who were understanding and compassionate to the situation. Not to mention I was basically acing every class, so working from home definitely wouldn't put a damper on my performance as a student.

I kissed her forehead once more, running my hand gently along her vastly protruding baby bump. My girl was miserable, but I couldn't help but smile at her. She was absolutely adorable with her giant baby belly attached to her tiny frame. My heart clenched every single time my eyes fell upon her. "Let me get your food, love. Number eight, right?"

She grabbed my shirt as her tears fell in steady streams. "I don't want you to go," she cried. "That's the problem, Edward! I want Taco Bell but you can't leave me."

I sighed, grabbing my cell and flipping it open. Jasper owed me one. "Yello?"

I rolled my eyes. My brother-in-law answered the phone like such a tool. "Hey, man. You remember when Ali was pregnant with Lily and I had to take her to three different Dairy Queens until she found the one with the "right kind" of dilly bar?"

He chuckled. "Uh, yeah," he said hesitantly.

Bella grabbed my arm and yanked. "Don't make him do it!" she growled.

My eyes went wide as I moved the phone away from my mouth. "Bella you won't let me leave and yet you want drive-thru…just let me handle this."

Her eyes flashed with a murderous gleam as her bottom lip trembled. "Don't yell at me, Doucheward!"

I cringed. My wife stealing my brother's insults…harsh, indeed.

She bounded up from the couch and waddled into the kitchen with her phone in her hand.

I sighed in exhaustion, running my fingers through my hair. "Jasper, how in the fuck did you do this twice?"

He laughed heartily. "Just suck it up and bear it, man. She'll return back to normal one day, hopefully."

"Christ," I muttered, shaking my head. "Alright, so I need you to swing by Taco Bell. Just get one of Goddamn everything so she doesn't neuter me for getting her the wrong shit."

Jazz chuckled. "Yeah I can do that. Em and I will be over in twenty."

"Emmett's with you?" I questioned.

"Yeah, we're gonna shoot some pool, after we feed my hungry sister-in-law, of course."

My eyes drifted to Bella who was now staring intently at me from the arch between the kitchen and the living room. "Cool, Jazz. Hey I gotta go, my wife needs me."

I snapped my phone shut and looked up at her, holding out my hand. "I wasn't trying to be a dick, baby. Come here."

She walked towards me slowly, a cute little pout covering her lips. She sat on my lap, attempting to straddle me and barely succeeding as her big belly stood loud and proud between us. "I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Don't," I shook my head. "Your food will be here shortly, love." I tried to lean forward to kiss her but couldn't reach—I choked back my chuckle…

…and then swallowed it when her hands went to my crotch. "Edward, Ali and I were talking…"

I gulped, because no good would ever come from a conversation with my sister. "She said that she went into labor with Lily right after her and Jazz…well, you know."

My eyes went wide, and suddenly I was more nervous than a virgin boy face to face with a playboy centerfold. It had been a few months since we'd had sex, and I honestly didn't mind…but could I do it with her all miserable and vulnerable like this?

She saw the hesitation in my face. "You don't want me, do you?" she whispered, looking down into her lap—if she could see it. "I know I'm fat Edward, but I just miss us being together and if it helps me get this pregnancy over with already…"

I ran my fingers through my hair. "I'll always want you, baby. You know how beautiful I think you are like this…I just…fuck, what if I hurt you?"

Her eyes were wide and hopeful. "You won't, just touch me, please…"

I swallowed thickly, my eyes darting towards the door. "Jazz said he'd be here in less than a half an hour with your food."

"Plenty of time, we haven't done it in ages…how long will you last, really?" She smirked at me as she popped the button to my jeans and dragged my zipper down.

"Right here?" My voice squeaked… fucking squeaked!

"The door is locked," she whispered, palming me through my boxers as my dick hardened shamelessly.

I stared up at my girl, needing me to man the fuck up and do this for her. I mean Christ, sex was sex, right? I'd be gentle with her, make love to her like a good husband does for his wife.

I slid my hands up her shoulders and across her pleasantly large breasts before settling them on her hips. "I love you," I whispered. "And I'll always want to be with you, Bella. But this position definitely won't work."

She giggled, climbing off of me and lying back on the couch as I carefully hovered over her. "Are you sure you want to do this right here and now? We could wait until after you've eaten."

"Edward…" She stared at me beneath her lashes as she tugged on the collar of my shirt. "Fuck me, right now."

I gulped. "Yes, ma'am."

I slid my hand into her yoga pants, sighing as I was met with her wet skin. "God, you're so wet, baby."

She moaned, grabbing onto my wrist. "That's because you're gorgeous and I want you…and there's no time so get on with it!"


I slid my hand out of her pants and pressed my miraculously still hard cock between her legs, groaning at the friction between us. "You're kinda scary like this, baby. I don't know whether to be turned on or go rock in the corner."

She giggled as I kissed her, her fingers threading through my hair as she pulled me closer. "I'm sorry, I just want you inside of me, Edward. It's been too long." She winced as I pulled her closer. "You're going to have to spoon me, babes. You're crushing your wife and unborn child."

My eyes went wide as I bolted upright. "I'm sorry, holy shit…"

She smiled and ran the back of her hand up and down the bulge in my pants. "It's alright….now get these off."

I kneeled in front of her on the couch and brushed the hair out of her face. "Are you sure?"

She slid her hand down the front of my pants and gripped my cock tightly. "Now," she demanded, pressing her lips to mine.

I groaned into her mouth, fumbling to pull down my jeans and boxers. I finally just pushed them around my knees, not bothering to take them off since she was fucking right, there was no way I'd be lasting long.

I leaned down and kissed her swollen belly, gazing up to meet her stare. "Let's get this baby out of you."

She moaned and wiggled her hips anxiously. I grabbed the waistband of her pants and tugged slightly, a soft cry escaping her lips.

I closed my eyes at the sound of her voice, not realizing how badly I needed this.

"Edward," she whimpered.

"I know, baby. I know," I sighed.

"Edward!" she yelled firmly, causing my eyes to jerk open and take in her shocked expression. My eyes traveled down her body until they landed on her saturated pants and my heart stopped beating.

"Is that…"

She swallowed thickly. "Um, I think my water just…"

I felt my pulse in my ears, drowning out all sound as I looked into Bella's eyes. "Broke," I choked out.

She leaned up from the couch before a small smile covered her lips. I quickly followed suit as the giddy chuckle escaped me. "Holy shit, Bella. I'm really fucking good, aren't I?"

She laughed and I hugged her gently, kissing her lips as I pulled her up carefully from the couch. "We have to go, holy fuck, we need to get out of here. Let me get your coat, baby, and I'll get the suitcase but the car isn't warmed up for you, fuck—"

She pressed a finger to my lips, smiling radiantly up at me as her breathing escalated. "Button up your pants, babes," she whispered.

I smiled sheepishly at her and she leaned up to kiss my lips. "I'm okay, breathe." I kissed her once more and let go of her hand to tuck myself back in. I shook my head at this situation. "I'm going to go start the car, just…..wait here."

She told me she was going to go change and I ran to the door. As I flew it open, I was met with my brothers who were holding four bags of food. "Taco delivery," Jazz's smile faltered as he took in my rattled expression. "What's wrong, bro?"

"My baby's coming!" I bellowed, shaking his shoulders before rushing past them and starting the car.

My baby was coming.

Holy fuck.

I ran back to the house, smiling as Emmett and Jasper sat on either side of my girl while they held her hands. "Remember, B. Hee hee hoo….hee hee hoo." Emmett's face was ghostly pale, he looked almost as nervous as I felt.

"I'm an old pro at this, Bells. Don't worry," Jasper winked.

Bella scoffed. "Oh really? How many babies have you pushed out your peen hole, Jazz?" she growled, her face twisting in the pain that wasn't so prominent moments ago.

Suddenly Jasper was rivaling Emmett in the pasty white department.

I grabbed Bella's coat and shoved my brothers out of the way, kissing her cheek. "You tell 'em, baby."

She smiled softly before her face contorted in pain. "We need to go, Edward."

I started barking orders as I walked my love towards the door, telling Jazz to grab the suitcase and Emmett to kill the lights and lock up behind them.

The drive was filled with nothing but our heavy breathing, my thumb rubbing vicious circles on the back of her hand as I sped towards the hospital. My phone rang five times, first Alice, then my mother, then Dad who was at the hospital, then Rose, panicking and asking what the hell was going on. My last call was from Jake, who said he'd meet us at there, and that he was totally having sympathy contractions.

I scoffed.

My family.

I swung into the emergency exit and ran in to get a wheelchair before helping my wife into it, kissing her forehead and looking intently at her. "Still hanging in there, baby?"

She nodded, her eyes fearful as she gazed up at me. "Together," I whispered, kissing her lips and trying to console her anxiety—I could only imagine the trepidation filling her thoughts right now.

This was the biggest moment of our life, and I had to try to make the best of an extremely excruciating situation for my girl.

Fuck, this was huge.

I wheeled her in and was met immediately by my father who was wringing his hands together and pacing in front of the admissions desk. He sighed and ran towards us swiftly. His hand rose up to rest on Bella's forehead. "How are you, sweet pea? Have you been counting between contractions?" My dad kneeled in front of her, a look of concern plastered across his features.

"Five minutes," Bella and I murmured together.

He nodded and kissed the top of her head before standing. "Well, let's go." My dad smiled knowingly as he clapped my back. "She'll be alright, c'mon, son."

I brushed my fingers through Bella's hair and sighed heavily. "Edward, can you call Mom and Dad, please?"

I suddenly realized within the haze of potential couch sex, water breakage and my frantic need to get my wife to the hospital that I'd completely forgotten to call Bella's parents and let them know their grandbaby was on her way.

I looked back and forth between my dad and my wife, the fear of leaving her sending me into a tail spin of panic. My dad took the wheelchair. "It will only take a minute. Make your calls outside and come find us in maternity. I've already got a delivery room lined up…324. Go."

I kissed Bella's cheek and whispered my love for her before running full speed outside. I rested my forearms on my thighs as I leaned down and tried not to pass out. I called her mom, who flew in a few days ago to be here for the birth. She was staying at a nearby hotel and threw the phone the moment I told her that it was time. I called Charlie and Sue, who already had an eight day old baby boy to look after. That was the only problem with Sue and Bella's pregnancies being so close together. Bella had yet to meet her new baby brother, Brandon, and Charlie and Sue couldn't exactly pick up and go when they had a little one to look after.

Charlie cursed under his breath, apologizing repeatedly that he wasn't there for us. "I don't know what to do," he groaned, the guilt evident in his voice. I assured him that we understood, and that I'd call him as soon as I knew more. After I finally got off the phone with Charlie, I ran to find my girl and our soon to be newborn baby.

My dad stopped me from barreling into the room, grabbing my shoulders. "I know you're panicking, Edward…but your baby's coming. You need to be strong for your wife, alright?"

I swallowed thickly, nodding my head and reminding myself that this shit wasn't about me…it was about my girl and my child.

He walked me into the room where Bella already had beads of sweat sliding down her face. She was fighting to pull her hair into a ponytail, to no avail. I rushed to her side, gathering her hair up and sliding the band around it. A hairstylist I was not, but it got the job done. "Bella," I whispered reverently, pressing my lips to her sticky forehead and taking her trembling hand.

"Don't leave me again," she whispered breathlessly as she closed her eyes. "My contractions are so close now and they say I'm almost fully dilated…"

Her lady doctor nodded her head. "It's almost time, Edward. Are you ready to become a father?"

Her question nearly knocked me to my fucking knees.

Are you ready to become a father?

Suddenly everything became so real…the nursery we had ready at home, the car seat just waiting to be used in our backseat. The baby monitors, the swing, the bottles, the fucking breast pumps and nursing bras and this moment….it was all real in this moment and I was going to become a father…

a father…

"I'm ready," I whispered, steeling myself for the birth of my baby as I gazed down at my girl.

Our family filled the doorway but didn't enter. Rose, Alice, my mother, Renee and Jake had tears streaming down their cheeks as Jasper, Emmett, Phil and Sam looked quietly on. My dad joined them in the entrance and put a hand on my mom's shoulder. "We love you, Bella," he called softly.

She nodded her head. "I love you guys too," she murmured.

Renee ran in and kissed her daughter. "Do you want me to stay, baby?"

Bella smiled up at her and patted her cheek. "It's okay, Mom. Edward and I can handle this."

Renee nodded, walking over and hugging me tightly before slowly backing out of the room.

Everyone voiced their love for us once more, the last sound I heard was Emmett's booming voice saying, "Remember your lamazda, B. Hee hee hoo…hee hee—"

And then the doors were closed.

And then there was nothing but silence and beeping monitors and Bella's heavy breaths.

This was it.

I kissed her cheek, my eyes closing tightly as my hand clasped around hers. "I love you so much, baby. So much…I'm here, okay? I'm here…we can do this."

"I love you too," she whispered in a shaky breath…and suddenly her legs were in the stirrups and the doctor was talking rapidly and my girl was pushing and this was it. Our baby was coming.

Everything was a haze…I couldn't think, couldn't function…I just swallowed my tongue and watched in wonder as she pushed and fought to bring our child into this world. She was in so much pain and she was crying, and I wanted to fucking cry too because she didn't get her epidural and I screamed at the doctor to give it to her because the love of my life was hurting and I couldn't bear it…

But Bella assured me it was alright…that even if there had been time for an epidural, she wouldn't have taken it because she wanted to meet our daughter with a clear mind. And then I was crying too, and I fought through my heavy wave of emotions to be there for my wife as she struggled to bring us our child…and she screamed. She fucking screamed in agony as I whispered that I loved her, that I was so lucky to have her and so thankful she was enduring this so we could become parents, that I needed her like air and the fucking blood flowing through my veins. I fought like hell not to lose it but I was…and I held her as every muscle in her body strained and throbbed in exertion and our lady doctor was supportive…telling my love that she was doing a good job and she was almost there.

Keep pushing…

…just keep pushing, Bella.

Minutes or hours passed, I had lost all sense of time as I breathed in rhythm with my girl and held onto her like it was the last thing I'd ever do.

But then the whole world stopped turning for one moment. There wasn't a sound or another instance in this whole fucking universe because my baby was in our doctor's arms and she was covered in a whole mess of crap but she was mine. My heart and my soul wrapped up into one little bundle of joy. And she was here…and she was mine.

I felt the tears hit my cheeks.

The doctor's words were mumbled, holding out surgical scissors and asking me to cut away my daughter's lifeline. And I cut it….and I stared at her in awe.

She was pink and her face was squished up….and then she wasn't there anymore and I panicked. I watched as they cleaned her off and wrapped her up, flopping her on Bella's chest as her little cheek rested against my wife's heart and they were my family…my family was before me and we were all crying, all three of us were sobbing because we were finally together and there was nothing more we ever could have asked for.

Nothing more.

I held my girls and kissed my baby's soft bronze hair, my breath strangled inside of me as I met Bella's loving, exhausted stare. "She's here," my girl whispered, and I choked on my breath again because I never could have imagined it would be like this…to feel so complete like this.

My baby was here.

Our baby was here.

I kissed Bella's lips and I kissed my daughter's cheek and I sighed in utter contentment. "I love you, I love you…" I whispered to my girls, pressing my forehead against my wife's temple. "I love you."

Bella stared at me tenderly before looking down at our little one. "Ava, say hi to Daddy."

I swallowed thickly, her little fists clenched so tightly as her mouth opened and closed in a perfect O. I kissed her hand and smiled down at her. "My baby girl," I whispered.

I looked into Bella's big brown eyes, her hair wild around her face and the glow of motherhood lighting up her features. And I loved her. God, I loved her when I stumbled in her classroom, when I danced with her at the bar, when I sang Soulja Boy to her in the hotel room, when I kissed her at Chuck E. Cheese, when I promised my soul to her as I lay bleeding in the rain, when I took her as my wife…

I loved her.

And this was only the beginning.




The End.

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