Finally, thank Oz, finally, she had done something right. Something for someone else, something from her heart. Something decent, respectable, positive…

Something good.

Even in those precious moments revelation and relief, a single word spoken by the Munchkin her sister adored quickly brought her down from the emotional high.


Even when Nessa repeated the word, softly, but clearly, she had refused to believe her one moment of redemption would turn into something bad. It couldn't happen. She wouldn't let it.

Behind her, she listened silently as Boq tried to reason with the woman who had loved him for years, standing helplessly by as his words quickly unravel every good thing she had just done for Nessa, her heart dropping a bit further with every word.

"There's a ball that's being staged…"

Of course, he had always had a silly crush on her best friend. But that was all it was….wasn't it? Suddenly she wasn't sure

"…Announcing Glinda is engaged!"

It couldn't be…

"…to Fiyero."


At the Munchkin's revelation, the worlds of two women, different in every way but name, collapsed at once. As Nessa screamed, Elphaba's eyes slipped closed. And although her body gave only the slightest of flinches and a half turn, the last bit of hope drained from her as her the heart many believed to be unbreakable shattered into a million pieces.

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