Music had always played a significant role in her life. From a young age, her mother had sang to her as she played at her feet. As her sister grew, the music became a lullaby to bring comfort on stormy nights or joy in moments of memory of a happier time. Still later, it became a means of distraction. A way to cope with a cold and distant father and the ever-preset lonliness that seemed to permeate her young life. Irony enough, her first and only friendship had been formed through a soft melody and erratic dance with a tempo unidentifiable to anyone but the most unlikely of friends.

And yet, this was a song she had never heard before.

Brought on by the simplest of actions, she stood riveted to the ground as the beautiful sound swept over her. It came softly at first, at the touch of his fingers against hers before building ever-so-slightly with his smile. The moment his arms came around her, it swelled, adding a another dimension with the gentle harmony of his soft kiss to her forehead. Finally, the notes swept over her soul in a dazzling crescendo, accented by the rhythmic beating of two hearts beating in time as his lips moved tenderly over hers.

As the final notes died away, she simply hid her smile in his shoulder and held onto his neck, eyes closed as he gentley swayed them back and forth, humming an old Vinkun lullaby for her ears alone. Silently, her voice blended with his in the most beautiful of harmonies.

Their song may not last forever, but she was determined to sing it for as long as she could

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