Walk Away

Takes place a 2 months after From Dead To Worse. It shows both Eric and Sookie POV. I do not own any characters they belong to CH.

Since the take over I've been consumed with thoughts of Sookie. I can't seem to get her off my mind, something that rather plagues me. I'm a 1000 yr old Viking, I thought I was above all this human emotion, alas that woman has awakened something within me and despite my inner turmoil I rather like it.

I need to see her, to tell her how I feel. The King has left for now and I find there's no reason to wait, with my mind made up I head out the door.

I arrive at Sookie's and I am relieved, it looks like she is home. I knock on the door and take an unnecessary deep breath. A minute later she opens the door, I take one look at her and smile. She is so beautiful, my sweet Sookie.

"Hello Eric, won't you come in?" she asks gesturing with her hand.

"Hello, Lover. Thank you" I respond as I enter the house.

She closes the door behind her and I follow her into the living room, she sits down on the sofa and I sit beside her. She smells so wonderful I just want to pull her close and breath in her essence. For the first time I notice the look on my lovers face, she is unhappy.

"Would you like a blood Eric?" Always the southern belle my sookie.

"No thank you I'm good. Tell me Sookie what has you looking so sad?" I ask.

"Amelia has left to go back to New Orleans. Why are you here Eric I haven't spoken to you in awhile, not since that night at Merlotte's?" she questions.

"I do apologise for that Sookie the King just left, I was unable to come see you or speak to you, I did not want him to know more about us then he already does" I explain.

"What do you ,mean Eric there is no us" she says irrated.

"Now Sookie, you know that there is something more than this blood bond going on between us. I can feel it and I know that you can too. We need to have our talk so to speak and clear the air and come to an understanding" I say.

Sookie jumps up off the sofa and starts pacing the floor. I can feel the anger starting to build inside of her but I cannot understand why. Why must she be so difficult?

"I don't know what you mean Eric, there is nothing going on between us, that is in the past. What we had ended the day the curse was lifted, the Eric that I knew no longer exists, if he did he would not have left me blowing in the wind" she seethes, chest heaving, tears welling in her eyes.

"Sookie" I growl "Why must you be like this? I told your why I could not contact you, it was for your safety, there's nothing more important to me then you. I am still Eric the one that stayed with you the one who fell in love with you, still in love with you. Sookie no one has ever made me feel like you do, I love you" I tell her.

Sookie looks taken back for a moment not sure how to respond to what I just told her. Many emotions cross her face at once frustration suspicion weariness happiness lust. Without another word I grab her and kiss her passionately letting all my emotions through in the kiss. At first she doesn't respond, I get ready to pull back then she wraps her arms around me and starts to kiss me back. Things quickly escalate from there, clothes start flying, tongues entwining and finally limbs. We didn't even make it to her bed, instead I gently laid her on the floor and started kissing my way down her body. Nipping flesh along my way to her center eliciting erotic moans from my lover. Once at her center I begin to massage her nub with my tongue while my fingers caressed and stroke her hot wet tunnel. Gods she so tight and wet. I can feel her climax building so I stroke faster, then I stop turn my face to her thigh and bit. My lover screams out my name as she cums hard. After I lick the wound I lap up her juices and a moan escapes my lips.

"You taste so sweet lover, your amazing" I murmur to her.

"Eric. I need you now Please" she gasps out between pants.

I m on her in a minute, kissing her deeply, I position myself at her entrance and with one swift stoke I fill her up. God I missed this feeling, it feels so good, so right that I never want to pull out. I begin with slow deep thrust at first and gradually pick up the pace. My lover is meeting me thrust for thrust swivelling her hips slight so that I penetrate even deeper. We re both close to the edge, just teetering looking into the abyss. I search out her breast and as I bite down and her blood fills my mouth she climaxes and a few more strokes and I empty my seed deep in her with loud roar. I slump on her slightly till I gain my composure and roll to my back and pull Sookie with me.

"That was wow, better then I remember" sookie says exhausted yet satisfied.

"Lover, you are the best I ever had, I love you Sookie Stackhouse" I say and give her a kiss.

"Um thank you Eric, I like you too" she says but there is something lying beneath what she just said.

I quickly sit up, registering what she just told me. Likes me? Huh? That wasn't what I wanted to hear. I turn to look her in the eye.

"Sookie that's not the statement I wanted to hear. Like me? I just poured out my undead heart to you, made passionate love to you and you say thank you? What game are you playing?" I growled out anger building within me.

"I'm not playing any game with you. I like you, we had sex, that is all, I want nothing more from you. I thought that was what you liked just a fuck and a feed . I know the fang bangers love it every night." she growled back.

I can't believe this, she used me and I thought she loved me, I'm such a fool. I quickly jump out of the bed and get dressed. My hear lay shattered upon the floor.

"Enough!" I boom "If that is how you feel so be it. Listen to me Sookie Stackhouse I am not a toy to be played with, I have never treated you with such distain. Since our bonding in Rhodes there have been no others, I have only desired you. I came here tonight to give you my heart, my soul and this" I took out the black box and threw it on the bed, I turned to leave " Do what you want with it, I don't want it and I don't want to see you again. As far as the bond is concerned I will find away to remove, I don't wish to live with it anymore" With that I left not looking back.


I was sitting on my bed stunned at what Eric had just said to me and my eyes fell upon the little velvet box, steeling my nerves I opened it up. I let out a small gasp, inside there was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Then I started to cry. What have I done? I laid crumpled in a heap on my bed crying, I don't know how much time passed but in the distance I heard knock at the door.

I pulled on my housecoat and went to the door,

"Who is it?" I know it was a vampire I could hear the void.

"It is Pam, I need to talk to you" she says. I open the door but I don't let her in.

"What is it Pam. It's late" I ask.,

"Yes well I have come here with a message. My Master has left indefinitely. What did you say to him? He just told me he was going away and didn't know if or when he will be coming back? He has left me in charge of everything, including your protection. I don't know what will happen if the King hears about this, what have you done?" she asked ice in her tone.

"What, he left? He's not coming back? Oh, god I don't understand it was a misunderstanding I thought, I don't know what I thought. I'm such an idiot" I cried.

"I won't argue with you Sookie, you can be so proud sometimes and so can he. I hope this will all work out but I not sure. He has never acted like that before, he looked so heart broken, unlike Eric. Maybe he just needs time. I'll do my best to help and I 'll stall the King if need be but I m afraid that this might not bode well for you" she exclaimed and with that she was gone.

Weeks went by turning into months and no sign of Eric, except the business that he conducted either by phone or email. Pam was true to her word she kept up the charade and I only had to work for King once in awhile, nothing to dangerous. A few months after Eric had left I found out that I was pregnant with his child. It had to be his, he was the only one I slept with in that time frame. I had a visit from Niall shortly after I found out . He explained to me that because of my fairy blood which seems to be more potent then originally thought, was how I was able to conceive. The baby should be part fairy, part human and a telepath like me. For appearance sake, I should tell everyone that the father was human and not around anymore. Niall said that he would give his assistance if I need it. He also said that I should try to get a hold of Eric, that he was a good man and that he loved me. I hadn't felt the bond in 2 months now its as if it faded away, I cried at first but realized that I had to be strong for my baby. With the money that I made working for the King I was able to take sometime off of work. I began gathering things for the nursery. I was getting excited, I was now 7 months pregnant and looking forward to being a mom. The past months had been hard , really hard. I had finally realized that I loved him and it was my stupid pride that got the best of me but nothing could be done bout that now.

I was finishing painting the nursery when I heard the telephone ring, I put my brush down and went to answer it.

"Hello" I said.

"Sookie its Pam, I need you to come to Fangtasia tonight, your last cheque from the King is here and I need your assistance with something" she asked me.

"Oh. Alright Pam, I could use a break anyway, it won't take long will it?" I asked her

"NO" she answered.

"Ok I'll be there in an hour and a half" I said.

"OK" She hung up. That's Pam for ya, always blunt.


It's been months since that fateful night my heart broke. As with time though it has healed and I've moved on. I heard through Pam that she is doing well and that she is with child. I was told the father was human and not around. I feel sadden abet hearing this, knowing that she will have to take on this alone, maybe I'm not as healed as I thought I was. Pam had told me what Sookie had said to her, but I still could not find it in me to go to her, she had hurt me to much. So when I got back I immersed myself in work. Pam had done a great job covering for me like I knew she would. I had thought about staying away permanently but I missed my bar and I could not take the chance that the King would do something in my absence. I may feel hurt by Sookie but I wish her no harm.

It was Tuesday night, I had been back a week. I was up on my throne enthralling the vermin, when I felt a pulse run through my body. That was strange I haven't felt that since I had the bond suppressed. Wait the bond? I looked towards the bar and that's when I seen her, Sookie. She looked so radiant, so ripe with child. I watched her walk back to my office. Where's Pam. I got up and strode to my office. Before I opened the door, I heard voices.

"Thanks Pam for getting this so fast, now I can finish getting the baby's stuff. I was painting the nursery when you called. What is that you need assistance with?" she asked.

'Well' she started to say as I opened the door.

"Master" Pam greeted me. Sookie tensed up when she heard that and slowly turned around.

She looked at me and stuttered out "Errric, hi".

"Hello, Sookie. You look…well" I replied.

"Well, I'll let you two talk" with that Pam left and I knew she had set this up.

I walked into the office and took a seat on my chair, not taking my eyes off of Sookie. Gods, she was beautiful.

"How have you been Eric, when did you get back?' she asked me, there was no hostility in her voice just curiosity, maybe she had grown up while I was gone.

"I am well. I got back a week ago. How are you?" I answered.

"Well as you can see I'm 7 months pregnant but other than that I am good" she replied.

"Yes, I heard. Congratulations , I think you'll be a wonderful mother and you look radiant" I said.

"Thank you Eric. I would like to apologise for what I said that night, it was mean and uncalled for but mostly untrue. I was insecure and stupid. I let my pride and jealousy get in the way. When I hadn't heard from you I thought you were with fang bangers every night. I hope someday that you can forgive me. I was finally able to see what was there all along but it was to late. I just want you to know that I will always love you" she told me. Those words that I so wanted to hear, for so long.

"If that is true than why did you sleep with another and now your with his child" I hissed.

"I never slept with another, the only one I have slept with in along time is you. Eric you are the father, I only said it was someone else for mine and the baby's protection. You said you weren't coming back" she cried out tears sliding down her cheeks.

"Do you think me naive, Sookie vampires can't father children" I boomed angry now who did she think I was?

"Listen to me Eric" her voice getting louder now "Niall came to see me shortly after I found out and explained it to me.." before she could finish there was aloud popping noise and Niall was standing beside her.

"Calm down Viking, my great grand daughter tells the truth. The fairy blood in her is more potent then we thought, that combined with your age allowed for this conception. The child will be human and part fae, he will also have his mothers telepathy" Niall explained.

"It's a boy" Sookie asked.

"Yes, child. I have to go but I'll be watching" with that Niall popped out.

"I told you the truth, I would not lie. Well Eric, your going to be the father of a little boy. I will let you decide how you want to proceed. I'm going home. Good night" and she was gone.

A stunned Eric sat there lost in thought. He was going to be a father . He was going to have a son.

"Master, Sookie gave this to me as she left" Pam placed the ring I had gotten for on my desk.

"Pam, I just found out that I'm going to be a father. The child Sookie is carrying is mine" I almost whispered.

"What? How? What are you going to do?" she asked.

"It appears that Sookie is more fae then we were told and with my age I guess it just happened. As far as what I 'm going to do well I'm not sure" I answered her honestly.