Chapter 1

I am stretched out on my back on a white pool lounger in my cute blue bathing suit, sunglasses, and Pride and Prejudice, the sun beating down on my pale complexion. I welcome the feel of my skin turning pink from the searing sun. It is a hot fall day in Phoenix with the dry heat and sun warming my skin…


What the…..


Damn alarm clock. I woke up to realize I was no longer on my lounger in Phoenix but on my bed in Folks Washington where it was currently raining. Slamming my hand onto the alarm clock the constant racket was silenced. Since arriving to live with my Dad I dreamt about sunny Phoenix every night. I might have to take my Mom up on her offer to visit over fall break. Slowly sliding out of bed I dragged my feet to the bathroom to begin my morning routine.

Once I was dressed for school I slumped down the stairs to the kitchen to scrounge up some breakfast. Pulling out a box of Cheerios I made myself a bowl and sat down by myself to eat. Charlie had already left for work, he is the Chief of Police in our small town. Nothing much happens here and the rare occasion something does happen it isn't kept secret for long. After washing my bowl out and placing in the dishwasher it was time for school.

I slowly made my way down the rain slick driveway to my truck Charlie bought me when I first arrived. It was an old red Chevy that had seen better days. It is a faded red with chipping paint, dings and dents all over the body, and a tricky clutch. Even with all it's flaws I love my truck. It was made when safely was the determining quality of a car instead of how it looks or how fast it goes. I put the car in gear and make my way to the one high school in Folks county. It is a small high school with no more than 250-300 kids attending. Everyone pretty much grew up together, and a new kid was something to talk about for months, it was going to be a long year.

Sliding into a parking space I slid out to another day in paradise. I have to pretty much ran to the office to not late. I dart pass the other stragglers in the parking lot and throw myself into the front office to pick up my schedule.

"Can I help you dear?"

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan. Today is my first day of class and I need to pick up my schedule."

"Oh yes the chief of police's daughter. I know I saw your schedule around here somewhere…."

She flipped feverishly through the stack of papers on the front counter. Scattering papers all over the desk as she looked.

"Ah I knew I had seen it here. This paper you need to have all your teachers sign and bring back to the office at the end of the day. There you are dear if you need any help my name is Mrs. Cope feel free to stop by."

"Thank you Mrs. Cope."

I slowly made it out of the office. I was already late, class had already started and I didn't really want to interrupt class walking in. My schedule isn't too hard, basic classes nothing I haven't seen before. Back in Phoenix I was in all advanced classes which meant I would just be a repeat of the same information. As I stared at my schedule I found myself standing out front of my first period class. There was a half hour left, too long to just wait till second period to start the day.

As quietly as I could I opened the door to my first period English class. The teacher was lecturing on the psychological contrast between Elinor and Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility. Maybe this class won't be too bad after all I thought until I saw the bored expression of my peers. Of course I would be the only one who had read the book in my own time because I loved the complex characters of Jane Austin's books. It only took a few moments before the students noticed me in the door way. The whispers started suddenly as the teacher turned to see the source of the disruption. I quickly made my way to the teacher so that I could have her sign my paper and I could take my seat. I only hoped that she wouldn't be one of those teachers who felt the need to have me stand before the class and share trivial information about myself.

"Hi I'm Bella Swan. Sorry I am late I had to stop by the office for my schedule. They also gave me this paper for you to sign."

"Hello Bella I am Mrs. Nelson. Here is your paper back and you can have a seat next to Jessica. We are going over Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin. I expect you to be caught up with us by the end of the week. Please see me after class for a copy of the book, and if you have any problems."

Ha! I really wanted to tell her was that Elinor represents qualities of reason, sense, responsibility, and concern for others. Marianne on the other hand represents spontaneity, impulsiveness, and euphoric devotion. I instead I gave her a nod and kept my passionate thoughts on her text book opinions on a classic to myself. I felt the stares of the twenty students bearing into my skull as I walked to my desk next to Jessica.

The stares continued all day long in every class. Jessica talked my ear off in English telling me all the school gossip and who was who. She invited me to sit with her and her friends at lunch. For that I was very grateful, I wasn't looking forward to the hour of sitting by myself being ogled like I was on display. I quickly made my way through the line and managed to walk without tripping once to the table where I sat between Jessica and Angela. Angela was a sweet girl that was in a few of my morning classes. We also sat with Eric, short brown eyes black hair with glass, and with Mike , he was taller than Eric with messy blonde hair blue eyes and hadn't stopped staring at me since I sat down. I could tell that this was annoying Jessica beside me as she kept trying to secure his attention.

As I glanced around the cafeteria I came across a table where five gorgeous tan skinned people sitting together across from us. They looked like they stepped out of the pages of GQ straight into the school. Jessica noticed my staring.

"That's the Quileute tribe, don't waste your time"

"I wasn't going to….I just…I mean…Why do you say that?"

"They are all together. The one in the center is Sam Uley, he is the leader. The raven hair girl next to him is Emily Young his girlfriend. Whatever you do don't ask her about the scars on her face. They only started dating. Before her he was dating Leah Clearwater Emily's second cousin. She is the one with the beautiful skin and short back hair. She hasn't seemed happy since those two got together. It's a shame she is really quite pretty if she wouldn't scowl the whole time. Next to her is Seth Clearwater her brother…"

"Who is the last one?"

"Oh that's Jacob Black. Don't bother no one here is good enough for him."

Jacob was about 6 foot, russet skin, black hair pulled into a low ponytail, dark eyes, and a muscular build. He was sort of beautiful and I caught myself glancing at his direction throughout lunch. He seemed at ease with everyone at the table laughing without the hour. Finally the bell rang signally it was time to make my way to Biology II before my last period, gym.

I made in to my Biology class without getting lost surprisingly. I spent the first few minutes with Mr. Burner getting my paper signed and finding out where they were in the class. Once I had finished I noticed the only seat left was next to Jacob Black. I made my way slowly down the isle keeping my eyes on the floor wishing my feet to go forward without tripping on anything. As I pulled my chair out to sit I noticed Jacob scooting to the far end of the table. I sat down and leaned forward letting my hair cover my face so he wouldn't see the blush that had crept over me. I must be blushing more than I thought, I was getting really warm in the classroom.

I glanced over at Jacob whose face was contorted in pain. It was a complete 180 from the way he looked at lunch. His skin had paled, and beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. I stole glances at Jacob throughout the period as his condition seemed to worsen. Once the bell rang we both went to grab our books at the same time causing the back of our hands to brush against one another. I quickly drew my hand back when I felt the scorching heat radiating from him. I felt like I had burnt myself on the stove! He hesitated momentarily before grabbing his stuff and running out the door. I wonder what was going on with Jacob?