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Leah's POV

"We've looked everywhere and we can't find her."

Jacob stood pacing the room as we all stood before him to tell him of the day's findings. He has been damn scary since Bella escaped under his nose three days ago. How he could lose her in a house while he was inside was quite embarrassing for the new Alpha. He was convinced the bloodsuckers had something to do with her disappearance although his claims so far were unfounded. I don't like them any more than the rest of the pack but they have been nothing but accommodating, even letting us search their home. The disappearance of Edward was a little weird but they assured us he'd been gone for months. Since they all smelled the same to me and no one had seen him, we gave up that hunch.

We were working twelve hour shifts, around the clock, looking for the Alpha's lost mate. There hadn't been as much as a hair of where she could have gone. Jacob was going crazy looking for her. He looked rough. His face was rugged with a few days growth, clothes tattered and wrinkled, and the dark circles under his eyes reflected the little sleep he had gotten since she escaped. She is in a lot of trouble when she is found wherever she is. She will be lucky if she goes anywhere without Jacob for quite some time.

Charlie naturally was upset when he came home to find Bella missing and half the reservation in his home. Jacob barely could contain himself when Charlie started ordering him out of the house, threatening to arrest him. Billy finally had to pull Charlie aside and explain everything to him. He even had Sam come change for Charlie since Jacob was too unstable to do it himself. Mom came to take Charlie to our house to keep an eye on the shaken sheriff, giving Jacob a wide berth as he left. No one outside our tribe had ever heard the stories of who we are and what we become. Bella has cost us a lot, but I doubt she will be grateful when she is found for all that we have done.

Suddenly Jacob stopped pacing. His face tight with anger, he looked at all of us standing before him, tired of looking for his lost mate. While she is technically now part of our pack, none of us besides Jacob see her that way. She will get the respect she is due as our Alpha's mate but nothing more. She rejected us from the start, judging us like she is better than us. Our Alpha wasn't good enough for her. She had to insist on going to the vampire's house, sending Jacob off the deep end. Jacob was Alpha, he would always get what he wants.

"We won't stop searching 'till she is found."

Sitting heavily on the couch, Jacob sank his head into his hands.

"Bring me something to take my mind off this."

Seth scurried out the door, not wasting another second. I thought I saw a smirk on his lips and a quick glance to Quil as he slid out. Please don't let him do something stupid! Jacob is staying together by a thread. Any little thing will send him over. Please, oh please, just being him food or his Dad, something he needs. We all stood in silence waiting for the next set of orders. I had taken so much time out of school I was mountains deep in homework but after running my shifts all I wanted to do was sleep.

"Maybe we should lay off the searches. We've looked everywhere and none of us can even catch her scent."

Sam was flirting with danger. We all knew Emily was angry with him for how much time he was spending looking for Bella. She wasn't used to Sam taking orders from anyone. The thought of her not getting her way for once brought a smile to my face. While I love my cousin, and understand the strength of the imprint, it doesn't make the sting of betrayal any less hurtful.

Jacob was glaring at Sam from his position on the couch. His hard gaze set unwaveringly at Sam, challenging him to continue telling him to give up on his mate so Sam could go back to his. As Jacob opened his mouth to tell Sam off, Seth came cheerfully back in the house with a girl in toe. Oh this wasn't going to be good! Jacob's face turned red as he settled his rigid state on Seth. His cold eyes taking in the beautiful blond that followed my dim witted brother.

"This is what you want? You want me to take another while my mate is out there alone, not to mention she's a new wolf?"

His voice was unnervingly calm as he looked everyone in the eye. His stony glare locked on me since I had been the loudest complainer of our current situation. However I knew when to toe the line and Sam and Seth together had crossed that line. Turning away from us he stared at the girl.

"What are you doing here Tanya?"

Tanya was the daughter to another tribe up north. They too had their wolf gene activated by a clan of vamps however the vampires there stayed put. The wolf genes surfaced twenty years ago and new ones change every year. Her father has been pushing for Jacob and Tanya to be together since they were kids. Girls were unable to undergo the change, me being the only exception. Her father was unfortunate, only having three girls, leaving him without a successor. He wanted his daughter to have power and a marriage to a pack Alpha would do exactly that, as well as give him a successor. Now that Jacob has taken over the pack, he must have sent her here to seduce him.

"I came for a visit but I heard you were having trouble. I came to see if I could help."

"You wanted to help, did you? And Seth thought you would be able to help me I suppose."

His calm demeanor was more terrifying than if he was yelling. The hardness of his set jaw and the darkness of his eyes had me backing into the wall, away from my Alpha. He took a predatory step towards Tanya as he raked his eyes over her pathetic excuse for a dress. I quickly saw where this was headed as the nervousness settled deeper into the room. I made a step towards the exit when Jacob's stern orders rooted me to the spot.

"Stay. You all wanted it, now you will get it."

He quickly grabbed Tanya, pulling her tight to his body as his hand went around her neck, callously shoving her head to the side, his mouth sucked on her neck. Although wolves mate for life they are not always monogamous, especially when the wolf can sense that the female carries the gene needed for the next Alpha of the pack, something Bella might not be able to give him even if she can change. Seth really tested Jacob by bringing Tanya in while his beast was so close to the surface.

Tanya moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jacob's hands came to her top and savagely pulled it down letting her ample breasts bounce as they were released. He forcefully grabbed her breasts, massaging them till her pert nipples pebbled beneath his fingers. The scent of arousal was thick in the air but not just from Jacob and Tanya. The other males in the room were all turned on by Jacob's display of dominance and primal need. While they enjoy having normal sex with women, the urge to let their beast take over like Jacob, is a hard urge to control.

Wasting no time with pleasantries, he spun Tanya around till she was facing the couch, then forcefully pushed her over the arm. Shredding her flimsy panties with a flick of his wrist, the scent of her arousal made it hard to breath. I could see her dripping down her legs as she was laid out before Jacob, still standing in her strappy heels, her dress bunched around her middle, bare ass in the air begging for him to take her. Grabbing a fistful of her hair he pulled back hard, till she made eye contact with him over her back.

"Is this what you wanted you little slut? You came here for Daddy to fuck me while my mate was away?"

Tanya didn't bother answering as she moaned wiggling her ass on Jacob's still clothed crotch. Shoving his pants to his ankles he grabbed his erect cock, sliding it over her moistened core.

"Do you have anything to do with Bella going missing?"

She answered with a soft breathless no since it was hard for her to breathe comfortably with her head still being forced back. Jacob let go of her hair, sending her head flinging forward. Without any warning, he brutally thrust into her, causing her to cry out loudly. The only sounds heard in the small room were Jacob's grunts, Tanya's whimpers of pleasure, and skin smacking roughly together. He took her viciously, relentless pounding into her as she came over and over again. Her cum ran down both their legs creating a sticky sound as Jacob venomously fucked her without any care. Tanya's enthusiasm for Jacob was evidently satisfied after several orgasms as she begged Jacob to stop. This seemed to egg Jacob on as he plunged himself faster and deeper into her dripping core.

"Isn't this what you came for? Don't you want me to cum inside you?"


She barely managed to get out the simple word as Jacob's beast became more and more in control as he lost himself in her folds. His forceful pounding became harder as he came closer to his release.

"Beg for it."


"Would that make Daddy happy? To have my seed inside you, making him a grandpa?"

She didn't even bother to answer him. We all knew why she was here and what she wants. I don't think she cared as long as he would stop his dominance of her. I didn't know how much longer I could keep my beast away with all the male arousal. Jacob finally pulled back pumping himself once before blowing his load all over Tanya's ass.

"Tell Daddy I send my regards. The only woman who will carry my child will be my mate."

Tanya didn't bother cleaning herself up as she covered herself up with her dress and stumbled out the house. I wanted to feel bad for her but couldn't bring myself to do it. She knew what she was getting into when she came here. Her intentions were obvious as she came into the house, ready to mate, in that scrape she called a dress.

"Sam and Seth you can take the next two shifts back to back for your disrespect."

As Sam tried to stealthily fix himself so no one could see his arousal, he made his way to the door.

"The next time any of you pull that shit, no one will be getting any till Bella is home."