Okay, it's 1:04 in the morning and I just had a sudden Idea for my first NCIS story while packing for basketball camp, random time for a story Idea, but hey when duty calls. I hope you enjoy this, it is my first NCIS story and it is Gabby!!! Please review and enjoy!!!

"Shh…its okay, Daddy's going to be home soon." I leaned against the door frame and watched as my wife paced across the floor as she made the now soft cries of our daughter slowly disappear. I decided to surprise her as I slowly came up behind her like I do in the Lab.

"Hey Abbs." I said making her jumped slightly; making Kate look up at me with wide tear filled eyes

"GIBBS! Seriously do you have to surprise me everywhere?"

"Yes." I said as I leaned my chin on her shoulder to smile at our daughter who was now smiling up at us seeing the confrontation

"See Kate, told you daddy was coming home soon." She looked up at her with wide eyes and her cute dimple smile

"Katie." He said as he leaned forward and back again making her reach out for him. He took her happily and raised her up in the air where she stuck her arms out and laughed. She was so much like Kate, free willed and fun. She was her daddy's girl.

"Oh Abbs, everyone's coming over for dinner, thought we'd order pizza or something?" he looked at me as he put Kate down and they followed me out the door and to the kitchen

"Okay, pizza it is" she said as she got out the number and called it in.

As she was calling in our food and I sat in the floor playing a very intense game of peek-a-boo with Kate when the majority of my team arrived.

"You know Boss, I never guessed you for the peek-a-boo kind?" DiNozzo said as he sat on the coach facing me, I silently looked at McGee and he did me the honor of an infamous DiNozzo head slap.

"You'd think you'd eventually learn to shut up Tony." Ziva said after she finished laughing her head off.

"You'd think" he replied as he stuck his tongue out at her like a 3 year old; classic DiNozzo

Kate got up off the floor and walked up to Ducky who had taken to holding up the door frame that leads from the kitchen to the living room. "Duck?" she asked as she reached for him giving him the invite to pick her up, which he greatly accepted

"Yes my dear?" he asked as she looked up at him with happy eye's

"Hi" she said as she started giggling

"Hello darling how have mommy and daddy been today?" he asked and she turned to look at me and Abby, who had taken the spot beside me on the floor. She started giggling again as he sat her down and she ran over to us.

As Abby sat with our daughter in her lap, I looked around at my team; as usual McGee, Tony, and Ziva were arguing about something, Palmer who had just arrived and Ducky were in a great discussion which would only lead to one of Duck's famous stories, and I sat back and enjoyed it all. Once again I felt like everything was back in place; everything was perfect. The doorbell announced that our pizza was here. I got up and paid the deliver and sat down the three pizzas' we all usually devoured together.

Now Everything was perfect.

Well??? Did you like it??? It was my first shot at an NCIS story and it just had to be Gabby I hope you all liked it; please review. They mean the world to me.

One more question; should I continue to write NCIS???