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The clicking of heels echoed throughout the floors of Malfoy Manor. The young mistress was huffing angrily as the young master grabbed and dragged her into the nearest empty room, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Hermione . . ." Draco growled out.

"I'm pregnant, ferret, not incapacitated."

"Why must you make everything so difficult, you screeching gorgon? I love you and I'm merely watching after your health."

"Well, I love you as well, fossilized Velociraptor. And I insist you ravish me this instant."

Draco Malfoy let out the equivalent of a low roar and clenched his fists, he hated when she insulted him in Muggle terms. In a deceptively sweet voice, he attempted to reason with the irritating love of his life. "Sweet, the Healer said you need to rest. For Merlin's sake, I just fucked you not even two bloody hours ago."

Pouting prettily, a six-month pregnant Hermione stomped her foot. "And I want another go, Draco!"

"Hermione, you need to rest." He gritted out. She didn't say a word, only stared at him with those big, brown eyes that drove him insane. "Stop looking at me like that, you little vixen. The answer is no!"

Smirking, she only shrugged her delicate shoulders and slowly unbuttoned her robes.

"NO, Hermione! NO." Draco closed his eyes the minute her fingers reached for the first button, steeling his resolve to not allow the damn siren to seduce him yet again.

Breathing deeply, he opened them only to find her standing in front of him wearing a black sheer tie top with a wide plunging neckline and her full breasts nearly spilling out. His breathing sped up as he traveled down her body and eyed her rounded belly, swollen with their child.

He nearly whimpered as his gaze dropped!

MERLIN – she was wearing his favorite knickers. A sexy low slung thong with over-sized tie side bows in pure silk satin rested on her hips, the long ends of the bows cascading down her creamy thighs. His mouth watered at the though of pulling them apart with his teeth.

She was beautiful. He was doomed. And she knew it as she strutted over to him with a lascivious little grin.

"Noooo, you're supposed to rest . . ." Rolling his eyes towards the heavens, he knew he was beaten. His cock hardening at the sight of her, he allowed her delightful fingers to shrug his robes off, tug his shirt out and unbuckle his trousers. "Gods, you are going to be the death of me."

Grinning sinfully, she slid to her knees in reply. "I can't help it if pregnancy puts my libido in overdrive."

He groaned when he felt her wet, warm mouth envelope him.


The morning after that fateful night many months ago, when their magic joined, Hermione and Draco had awoken refreshed and in harmony with one another.

Ever the brilliant witch, Hermione surmised their powers had been displaced because they hadn't completed the bonding ritual tied to the modified ancient spell used to match their magical signatures. It was part of the Marriage Law fine print that couples needed to spend as much time together as possible into order to have their magic attune itself to each other. With Draco gone, it made their magical core volatile, peaking their emotional states, hence the bouts of accidental magic.

Their initial lure to each other was their magic speaking to them, trying to bring them together. Inevitably, lure led to lust, lust morphed into like, like blossomed into love and love expressed itself through many nights of sexual exploration and pleasure.

Oh, their relationship was still volatile but arguments would quickly turn to passion and disagreements were quickly muffled by languid kisses until the only screams uttered were one another's names.

And with their eventual joining, Hermione and Draco stopped having magical accidents. No more cracking walls, crashed ceilings, wilting shrubbery, flying books, ripped up floorboards, shattering glass, shredding of furniture or invisible wind storms.

Malfoy Manor seemed, literally, to sigh in relief.