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Strange Smells and Paranoid Sisters


It's on days like these that I detest the formalities of acting like a Human Teenager. I can't even count how many times I've sat through these same classes hearing the same things over and over again, listening to the same trivial thoughts in these people's heads… but here I sit again. A junior in high school for the umpteenth time.

Instead of focusing on the math formulas I could do in my sleep (that is if I slept) I tried to figure out what that strange scent roaming through the halls was. I supposed it had something to do with that new student everyone's thinking about. Police Chief Swan's daughter: Isabella…or Bella as she likes to be called.

Finally lunch came. I sat at my usual table with my brothers and sisters. Each of us sat there with a tray of food we wouldn't touch trying to look normal. Rosalie poked at a pile of Ketchup with a fry. My sister Alice chewed her thumb looking at me. She stared at me. Something was on her mind.

"What is it Alice. ?" she wouldn't answer me out loud so I read her mind

"Something is coming Edward. Maybe you should go…."

I raised my eyebrow at her and at that moment the cafeteria doors swung open and in walked the Swan girl. The swinging of the door blew a breeze of her scent our way. Immediately we five sat erect. She smelled… good…

"Oh" Rosalie said out loud.

I squared my eyes at Alice- "This? Is this the something"

"yea.. maybe you should go…"

I chuckled and raised my hand in her direction. This girl was hardly a problem. She noticed us staring at her. He face flushed red and I inconspicuously gripped the edge of the table… What was with this girl. She put her head down and walked into what might as well have been the Lions Den. Mike Newton was thinking the most vulgar thoughts about her. Come to think of it… most of the guys who has seen her had some kind of perverse thought about her.. I felt kind of bad.

She was sitting next to Jessica Stanley and asking Questions about us.

"The new girls asking questions."

Emmett looked at me for the first time since the lunch hour began… "And.. what's on her mind? What weird theory has she concocted about the Cullen clan?"

I tried to listen in and got…. nothing….I've never had a problem listening to someone's thought. What the Fuck was going on?

I stared at her listening through Jessica's mind as she re-told her the façade we had been living in Forks. She must have felt me staring at her because I eyes flicked in my direction and then she stared down at the table. Alice looked at me worried.

" Are you alright Edward? You're not breathing."

I shook my head and looked at her "Yea I'm fine Alice. I left my biology book in the car. I'm gonna go it. "

Emmett shrugged "Later."

I got up to leave the table and Alice grabbed my hand stopping me in my tracks. I forget how strong she is sometimes

Edward…go home.

I shook her off and smiled. You couldn't get anything past Alice being that she could see the future. She knew that I was only leaving so I could walk past this girl. I figured if I were closer to her I could hear what she was thinking. I wonder what she saw that had her so worried. She let go of my hand and sat back in the chair as I walked away.

I walked slowly towards the doors. Walking at human pace was such a chore. I still couldn't hear anything as I dumped my tray in the garbage. Fuck! I was only about 20 feet away. Not paying attention I dumped the whole damn tray in the garbage. I looked down…

Oh well… I wasn't reaching in there to get it.

I continued to walk and the closer I got the more my throat started to burn. This was unexpected; I'd been around humans for years and haven't felt this way in who knows how long. It was the Bella girls' scent. It was like in those cartoons where the food smell turns into a finger and beckons what ever stupid cat or dog or mouse is it in.

I stared at Bella and she looked up at me. Her face flushed red again and the muscles in my stomached tightened it stopped me from walking. Kill her! My mouth pooled with venom and my foot unconsciously took a step in her direction.

EDWARD NO!!!!!! Alice was screaming in my head.

I turned and looked back at my family. Only she as looking at me. I shook my head and walked out of there. In one second it all could have been over. I would have ruined the lives of my family not to mention the lives of everyone around me. I walked outside to breathe in the fresh air. I would just stay away from her.

No big deal.