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As much as Tess didn't want to think about it, the other day in Brown's class had left Tess confused. She really just wanted to brush aside the possible implications of Mitchie's actions and pretend like it never happened. But how could she pretend like she didn't notice how incredibly soft Mitchie's hand was when it gently slid up her thigh? Or the somewhat coy look playing in her deep brown eyes?

Tess clenched her eyes shut and tried to think of anything else but Mitchie Torres. But when she opened her eyes, she spotted said brunette sauntering over to the table with a tray of food in her hands. Tess meant to appear indifferent to Mitchie's presence, but when Mitchie smiled that annoyingly cute grin, Tess' resolve faded and she felt herself smiling back slightly. Ella and Peggy were too engrossed in their own conversation to notice the odd exchange between the other two and only mumbled a "Hi Mitchie" when Mitchie took the empty seat next to Tess.

"Mitchie," Tess said, managing to wipe the smile off her face to acknowledge the brunette.

"Tess," Mitchie mimicked in reply.

Mitchie began eating her lunch and Tess forced herself to become engaged in the conversation Ella and Peggy were having about a "get together" Sander and Barron were having in their cabin that night. Tess was never really one to attend their "get togethers." It was mostly just a bunch of drunk and/or high teenagers and Tess had had her share of Hollywood parties in L.A. She did wonder how Brown and the other staff members never seemed to find out about these "get togethers" though.

"I heard Shane is going," Peggy whispered and Ella let out a squeal of excitement.

Tess rolled her eyes. One of Sander and Barron's "get togethers" would definitely be a Shane Grey scene. She knew he was only at Camp Rock to change his "Bad Boy" image or as Tess liked to call it, rehab, but she knew the boy wouldn't be able to resist a party.

"Are you going?" Mitchie nonchalantly inquired as she slightly turned to look at the blonde.

Tess was opening her mouth to reply, but Ella was faster and spoke before Tess could get a word in. "Tess never goes! She says they're "lame Hollywood party wannabe's." I mean...they kinda are, but they're still fun!" Ella said and Peggy nodded in agreement.

"I've been to my share of Hollywood parties," Mitchie stated with a rather smug look on her face. "A little get together in someone's cabin sounds pretty innocent."

Tess couldn't believe the naïvety of the new girl. Any kind of get together involving teenagers is far from innocent.

"Why don't you go and see for yourself just how innocent it is?" Tess suggested and returned back to eating the salad on her plate.

"Well, I'm not going by myself!" Mitchie exclaimed shaking her head frantically.

"I thought you said it sounded innocent?" Tess replied and shot a suspicious look at the brunette.

Mitchie seemed uncomfortable and dropped her eyes to the plate infront of her. "Well uh-"

"Don't worry, Mitchie. Me and Ella will go with you," Peggy cut in and offered a reassuring smile towards the new girl.

Mitchie smiled and tossed a hopeful look in Tess' direction.

Tess merely scoffed at all of the expectant faces. "Count me out."

Ella and Peggy looked at one another and shrugged while Mitchie frowned and turned back to her lunch.

Tess tried to inconspicuously take rather large gulps from her Voss water bottle; she didn't want to appear as tired as she was. After the people in his class begged, Shane had given them a mere 5 minute break before they would return to practicing "We Rock" for Final Jam. The dance steps were rather simple for Tess but there was more simultaneous dancing and singing than she was used to.

While Tess was casually leaning against the wall sipping her water, she spotted Mitchie and Shane standing rather closely in a corner. She could only catch snippets of what they were talking about, but she caught the unmistakable words that were "Sander and Barron" and "small get together." Tess wasn't standing close, but she was standing close enough to see how Shane's eyes roamed the body of Mitchie Torres when she had looked away from him for a brief second. Tess shuddered with disgust. Boys were so...boys. She saw Mitchie give that half shrug-nod maneuver and Shane grinned an almost predator-like grin. Tess decided to draw her own conclusion and guessed that Mitchie had agreed to meet up with him at the party.

A feeling of worry washed over Tess and although she didn't want to admit it, she felt concerned for Mitchie's well-being. It was apparent that he wanted the new girl and Shane Grey being Shane Grey, meant he'd do whatever he could to get what he wants.

Tess chose to not point out that similarity between herself and the popstar at that moment.

While Mitchie tried to seem all smug and experienced, Tess felt that the new girl was simply putting up a front. Others appeared to be eating up everything Mitchie said; Tess on the other hand, was far from convinced. While Sander and Barron's parties weren't nearly as dangerous as the Hollywood parties Tess had been to, alcohol and other drugs would still be present. And judging by the way Shane was looking at Mitchie a few moments ago, Tess concluded that he was probably plotting to use any drugs to his advantage.

"You may not want to hear this," Ella began as she and Peggy joined Tess against the wall, "But I think Shane has a thing for Mitchie."

Tess thought about ignoring her friend's comment and continuing to observe the pair, but she knew that she would need a Tess-like response.

"Don't be stupid. Why would he be interested in her?"

"I don't know. They do look kinda cozy over there talking though," Ella replied.

"Oh please. Shane is just obviously trying to score some brownies points with the whole shedding the bad boy image by being nice to the new girl," Tess scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Ella's mouth formed an "O" and she nodded in understanding.

Once Shane had shouted that their break was over and they would be starting from the top, Tess shook off the protective feeling she had for the new girl. Mitchie was just a girl, a naïve girl that meant nothing to her. She didn't care what happened to her at the party. If Mitchie was as experienced as she claimed she was, then she could handle herself.

"I don't know what to wear!" Mitchie sound exasperated as she tore through her duffle bag.

Tess forced a laugh and flipped a page in her CosmoGirl magazine. "If Shane manages to accomplish getting you messed up tonight, then you won't need to worry about what you're wearing..." Tess mumbled with a frown.

"Did you say something?" Mitchie questioned as she briefly looked up from her pile of clothes.


Mitchie flashed the blonde a weird look before continuing her search for something to wear.

Tess sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed and her foot began tapping the hardwood floor in an impatient manner. She wanted the other girl out of the room so it would be easier for her to read through the magazine. Tess sighed and tried to focus on the page her eyes were looking at.

About five minutes later, Tess realized she had been reading the same paragraph over and over again. She flipped the page irritatedly and cringed when she heard the paper making a ripping sound at the harsh manner. She glanced up at Mitchie and noticed she had finally found something to wear. Tess went wide-eyed at the sight before her and the magazine fell from her hands. Mitchie was wearing a tight black dress that barely fell past mid-thigh and she had on a pair of matching black heels. The only word that came to Tess' mind to describe Mitchie standing before her would be 'delectable.'

"What?" Mitchie asked.

Unless Tess' ears were playing tricks on her, she could've sworn she heard a hint of slyness in the girl's voice. Tess' voice caught in her throat when she noticed Mitchie walking (with a sexily unnecessary sway of her hips) towards her. Mitchie stood close to the blonde, practically between the girl's legs and a coy smile formed on her lips. The magazine that was in Tess' lap slid unceremoniously to the floor and before Tess could even react, Mitchie was bending over (not at all in the proper way) to retrieve the fallen magazine. Tess could barely contain herself (from doing what, she wasn't sure) when she noticed Mitchie's cleavage being displayed right in front of her face. After picking up the magazine (much slower than necessary), Mitchie stood straight and could barely contain her laughter at the blonde's reddened cheeks.

"Does this look...decent?" The brunette questioned and toss the magazine unto Tess' lap.

Tess couldn't find her voice, so all she did was nod dumbly in response. Mitchie smirked and took a few steps back before slowly spinning herself around.

"Are you sure? I don't look under-dressed, do I?" Mitchie asked and doubtfully looked down at herself.

"No you look...amazing." Tess breathed out. Mitchie looked back up and into the blonde's eyes with a surprised expression. Tess mentally slapped herself and cleared her throat. "Er...I mean it'll do."

Mitchie smiled that annoyingly cute smile of hers and Tess tried to tear her eyes away from the brunette's contagious smile, but it was too late. Tess found herself smiling back at the girl and Mitchie looked triumphant as she backed away from the blonde.

"Guess I better be going," Mitchie finally said after a few moments of staring at each other. She checked her reflection in the floor length mirror before catching Tess' eyes looking at her from the mirror. "You sure you don't wanna come?" Mitchie inquired, with a slight smirk playing at her lips.

Tess shook her head. "I'd rather not. You go ahead," Tess replied and picked up the magazine in her lap.

Mitchie offered a sad smile and shrugged before exiting the cabin.

"Be careful," Tess said once the brunette had shut the door behind her. Relieved that she was finally left alone, Tess opened up the magazine to a random page and she groaned with annoyance at the title of the article: "I think I'm attracted to girls. Is this normal?" Tess chucked the magazine across the room and lied back against the mattress. She glanced at the clock that read 9:17PM and decided she was just going to sleep early. She didn't want to wait up for her sure to be intoxicated friends when they returned from the party. She changed into some shorts and a tank top before crawling under the covers and snuggling into the pillow. She sighed with content and her eyes slipped shut.

Tess immediately shot straight up in her bed, drenched in sweat and gasping for air. She blinked a few times and tried to calm herself down once she realized her nightmare was over. She lied back down against the pillow and groaned as she wiped at her sweaty face with a trembling hand. Her heart was still pounding and the images from her nightmare wouldn't stop playing in her mind. She looked over at the clock and groaned at the time. It was only 10:13PM and she knew she wouldn't be able to go right back to sleep after having a dream that had shaken her up so bad. She kicked the covers from her body and pulled herself out of bed.

As much as she didn't want to acknowledge it, her dream had made her worried about Mitchie. But she pushed those thoughts aside and told herself that she could use the distraction of a party to clear her mind. She flipped on the light and opened her drawer and pulled out a simple black strapless dress. She threw the dress on quickly and slid into some cute comfortable black flats and applied light make-up. She ran a brush through her hair a few times before quickly leaving the cabin. On her way towards Sander and Barron's cabin, she kept reminding herself that she was going to the party because she needed the distraction, not because Mitchie would be there, no doubt getting violated by Shane's hands.

She shook the image out of her head and felt her body humming with anticipation. She hadn't been to a party in awhile and she really did need to let loose. But she really didn't want to get drunk out of her mind around Mitchie either because she knew she would make a fool out of herself in front of her and possibly do something she'd regret later. Tess literally shook her head in attempt to force more inappropriate images out of her head. She finally reached the cabin and noticed the curtains on the windows were pulled tight, and yet she could hear the bass from their sound system from where she was outside.

Tess hesitatingly made her way up the stairs and lifted her hand to knock. Just as she was about to knock, the door opened and out came three girls Tess didn't recognize. Two of them were supporting their obviously trashed friend, who looked like she could throw up at any given moment. Tess stepped aside and tossed the girls an icy girl before quickly entering the cabin. A wave of heat greeted her, along with the smell of beer and marijuana as she shut the door behind her. She almost regretted entering the smoldering hot room as she noticed the amount of people in the cabin. There was a makeshift dance floor in the middle of the cabin where teens were grinding up against one another. The beds were stacked off to the side in order to make more room and there was one couch on the other side. Her eyes roamed over to a corner where there was a table being used for beerpong and Tess shuddered with disgust at the sight. They were playing the unsanitary way (with actual beer in the cups instead of water) and that grossed Tess out. Her eyes continued scanning throughout the room and she saw some people standing around talking and drinking. Others were smoking near the back door and she noticed Barron in a circle of mostly guys passing around a joint. But still no sign of-

"Well well well. Look who showed up." Tess rolled her eyes and turned to face the light-skinned boy making his way towards her with a red cup in his hand. "Look everyone! Tess Tyler decided to grace us with her presence," Sander announced and the attention of the entire room averted to Tess.

"Thanks for the introduction, Sander," Tess sarcastically snapped and flashed her cockiest smile towards the onlookers. Before she knew it, different guys were racing up to talk to her and offer her drinks. She politely declined the offered drinks from the males around her but enjoyed soaking up their attention. She felt all too smug with the attention from nearly every guy in the room and almost made up her mind that drinking wouldn't be necessary at all. The conversations she was engaged in (but not really) were starting to bore her and her eyes began wandering around the room. A few seconds later, her eyes landed on who she'd been telling herself she wasn't looking for since she got there. And said person was making their way over towards her with a small smile.

"Hey," Mitchie said, pushing herself inside the circle of boys that had formed around Tess.

Tess looked impressed at the actions of the girl and then wondered if she'd already been drinking. Then she wondered why Shane wasn't there ravishing that sexy body. Tess didn't realize that her eyes had raked across the girl's frame and once her eyes returned to Mitchie's face, there was an unmistakable smirk attached to her lips.

"Throwing yourself into a circle of guys now? There's an easier way to meet boys, Mitchie." Tess' tone was playful and Mitchie chuckled and did that half-shrug maneuver.

Tess took her eyes off Mitchie when she noticed the attention had shifted from her to the brunette that had joined the circle. She grabbed the new girl's hand and yanked her out of the circle. I'm only irritated because the boys were looking at Mitchie and not at me. Tess told herself. Her grip on Mitchie's hand tightened when she heard a guy make some inappropriate comment about Mitchie's ass. Certainly not because I don't want anyone looking at her the way I do...even though I don't look at her a certain way...ugh. Tess released Mitchie's hand once she found Ella and Peggy. They withdrew themselves from the conversation they were in with some other people to greet Tess.

"I can't believe you're here! Especially after you said-" Ella was sharply cut off by Tess.

"I know what I said, Ella! I was just bored in the cabin so I decided I'd check this lame-fest out." Tess looked around uninterestedly and missed the exchange of "Yeah whatever" looks between the other three girls. "Peggy, I'm surprised you're not playing beerpong. You always brag about how good at it you are," Tess commented as she turned her attention back to her friends.

Peggy shrugged. "I don't have anyone to play on my team. I know you hate it and Ella has no aim-"

"Why don't you ask Mitchie to play? I'm sure she's played before," Tess eyed the brunette with a secret smile and Tess noticed the flush of her cheeks.

"T-that's okay. I'm actually pretty terrible at it. I-uh like flip cup instead. Much more sanitary," Mitchie said with a nervous laugh.

Tess raised a perfectly arched brow at the girl and was about to open her mouth to speak when Peggy had announced that she found someone to play with and dragged Ella off with her. Tess glared after her two friends for leaving her alone with the new girl.

Mitchie cleared her throat and the smugness Tess was starting to see more often returned.

"So you decided to come," Mitchie stated.

Tess rolled her eyes. "Duh. It's not like I had anything better to do in the cabin by myself."

Mitchie stepped closer and Tess stumbled back a little. She cursed herself for the unusual spaz-ness and noticed the amused look in Mitchie's eyes.

"So where's Shane?" Tess asked nonchalantly.

"He's not here yet. Look I hope you're not thinking that I like Shane or anything! We're just friends, I swear." Mitchie almost looked frantic and Tess scoffed.

"I think being friends is the last thing on his mind, Mitchie."

Mitchie looked confused. "Why would you say that?"

"Oh no reason at all," Tess sarcastically drawled. "Anyway, next topic..."

"You look very...pretty, Tess," Mitchie said and raked her eyes over the blonde's body.

A blush began to paint Tess' cheeks and she couldn't put her finger on the feeling she felt while Mitchie looked at her almost...hungrily.

"I do, don't I?" Tess said with a smile.

"I guess you're kinda use to being surrounded by a lot of guys." Mitchie looked over at the group of guys that were unashamedly checking both of them out. "I mean, I can't blame them." The brunette looked all too innocent and Tess, again, raised an eyebrow at the girl.

Two can play this game Mitchie Torres. Tess thought and stepped closer to the other girl. They stood at about equal heights since Mitchie was wearing heels. Mitchie mimicked the girl and raised her own eyebrow at the action. "I'm sure you can relate. I'm surprised there wasn't a group of guys chasing you when I saw you."

"I'm kinda surprised, too. After all I do look amazing, right?" Mitchie smirked and Tess immediately remembered what she had told the brunette before she left the cabin. Tess chuckled and before she could reply, Mitchie grabbed her hand was pulling her in the direction of one of the closets. "Whoa there! You could atleast try to get me drunk before dragging me into a closet."

Mitchie laughed and dropped Tess' hand. She opened the door and began rummaging through what looked like a miniature refrigerator. Tess stood patiently behind the brunette and couldn't hide the fact that she was checking Mitchie out as she was bending over to get something from the refrigerator. She turned around and Tess immediately snapped her eyes up to Mitchie's face to not appear guilty of looking at her nice butt. Mitchie smirked and in each hand, she held two bottles of Absolut Vodka.

"And what do you plan on doing with all that vodka, Torres?" Tess asked.

Mitchie giggled. "Well, I'm gonna get you drunk so I can drag you into a closet, silly."

Tess laughed and stepped as close to the brunette as possible. Her eyes landed on Mitchie's slightly parted lips and the unmistakable hint of a blush appeared on Mitchie's face. Tess' tongue darted out to slowly wet her own lips and Mitchie's blush grew deeper. Tess brought her hand up and brushed past Mitchie's face and she sharply inhaled. I'm definitely winning this game. A sly smile graced Tess' mouth and she continued extending her arm in order to reach the shot glasses behind Mitchie's head. She slowly withdrew her arm and stepped back, holding a shot glass in each hand.

"I'm ready when you are," Tess said, still slyly smiling at the other girl.

They walked back over to where they had previously been standing and Mitchie sat one of the bottles down on the nightstand beside them. She opened the other bottle, all while keeping her eyes locked on the blonde and Tess held out the glasses for her to pour the vodka into.

"Ready?" Mitchie asked, now holding her own shot glass.

Tess nodded and both the girls raised their glasses to their mouths, tilted their heads back, and downed the vodka. Both girls grimaced at the taste and the feeling it left in their throats. Tess sat her shot glass down on the table beside the bottles and Mitchie looked at her challengingly.

"Too much?" This caused Tess to laugh. This girl is kidding, right? "No? Well let's take another."

Mitchie filled their glasses again and they took a second shot. The boys that had been watching them earlier, had seen the display from across the room and decided to make their way over to the two girls.

"So ladies," One of the boys in the group said. His posture was screaming arrogance to the two girls and they looked at one another and rolled their eyes. "We thought we'd be friendly and come over to socialize with you pretty girls."

Tess mentally gagged. Yeah more like watch us get drunk so you can try and take advantage of us.

"How nice of you." Tess' voice was dripping with sarcasm, but only Mitchie seemed to notice. Tess feigned a sweet smile towards the boys and turned her attention back to Mitchie. "Another?" Mitchie nodded and poured more vodka into their glasses. They quickly downed the third shot and they allowed themselves to converse with the boys around them.

Tess wasn't nearly as interested in what the boys around her were saying; she was more interested in looking around the room at what else was going on. She could see Peggy and her beerpong partner playing what looked like to be a losing game for the other team. Even over the loud rap music playing, she could her Peggy shout an "Oh yeah!" when she made the last cup on her opponent's side. Ella gave her friend a high five from the chair she was sitting on next to the table. Her attention was drawn to Mitchie, who was a couple of feet away as she had attracted more boys. The new girl had probably taken atleast 5 more shots in the last 15 minutes. Tess had only taken a couple more and felt content with the tipsy feeling. Mitchie on the other hand, was obviously drunk. Tess felt that she had left Mitchie's side long enough (only because she seemed to be getting a tad more attention, of course) and made her way towards the brunette.

"Oh! Tess! Hey!" Mitchie said excitingly as she focused her eyes on the blonde. "Dude! I love this girl right here! She's totally awesome!" Mitchie said to the boys, placing her arm around Tess' shoulders. "And she's too cool for you." Mitchie sang and placed a sloppy kiss on the blonde's cheek and Tess laughed at the girl.

The boys that were surrounding them looked on with interest at the display. "So how about a game of truth or dare?" The cocky bastard from earlier asked and tossed his friends a look in which they grinned.

Mitchie nodded her head eagerly, and probably would've fallen over if she wasn't holding onto the blonde girl. Tess laughed at Mitchie, but agreed to play the game with those guys and a couple more girls.

They all stood in a circle and when one of the guys had offered to support Mitchie, as she was having some trouble standing, Tess reluctantly let her go to the other side of the circle. A boy tried to put his arm around Tess' shoulder but she shrugged him off and told him "Not a chance."

Tess usually found truth or dare boring because people were usually too scared to pick dare but Tess found herself rather engrossed in the ridiculous dares people were given. One of the guys was dared to streak past Brown's cabin and without hesitation, the boy stripped and took off out the door. His friends and a few other people followed him out to watch and of course take pictures and Tess remained in the circle, but laughed nonetheless. The game resumed with the only a few of the other people missing and it was Mitchie's turn.

"Truth or dare new girl?"

Tess chuckled at the girl's face. Mitchie was still leaning against that guy and it seemed she was having trouble even keeping her eyes open. Nobody could really understand what Mitchie had said, but everyone could make out the word 'dare' somewhere along in Mitchie's slurred response.

"I dare you to make out with Tess."

"Excuse me?" Tess asked, looking at the boy with a bewildered expression.

"Either she does the dare or she takes another shot...and we both know she'd be done if she had another one," the boy said to Tess, who could only glare.

Mitchie was smirking at Tess and Tess swallowed hard as the intoxicated brunette unsteadily made her way to the other side of the circle. Mitchie managed to make it to the blonde and Tess held the girl by her hips, simply to keep her steady.

"Mitchie, you don't have to do this. It's just a stupid dare." Tess voice was just above a whisper and Mitchie only continued to get closer to her. "I mean I know you don't need another-"

Mitchie placed her index finger over Tess' lips and the blonde immediately stopped babbling. With a drunken smile, Mitchie cupped Tess' face in her hands and inched their faces closer together. Tess felt her heart pounding in her chest and the boys around them, the music, the heat, and the party itself faded away and her attention was solely focused on the girl about to kiss her. Mitchie lips slightly brushed over Tess' and Tess couldn't stop herself from moaning at the small contact. Mitchie seemed to be dragging this out as she wouldn't completely press her lips to the other girl's, but appeared to be enjoying torturing Tess.

The sounds of people chanting "kiss" around her, barely registered in her mind, but just as she slipped her eyes close, an obnoxious voice echoed in her ears.

"Has anyone seen Mitchie?"


The voice belonged to none other than Shane Grey. And she could hear his voice growing closer to the girl that was now standing still in her arms.

"Mitchie! Hey I was looking all-"

"Dude!" A group of guys chorused.

Tess reluctantly pulled away from the girl and Mitchie flashed Shane an aggravated look.

Shane looked confused at the guys around him that were now yelling profanities directed towards him and his bad timing.

Tess silently cursed the boy as well before looking at Mitchie, who took a step towards the blonde again. She brought her lips to the blonde's ear and the feel of Mitchie's warm breath tickling her skin made Tess nearly whimper.

"We'll pick this up later," Mitchie whispered before pulling away and walking, well stumbling, towards Shane.

Tess observed the two with a grimace and she could see the pleased look on Shane's face. He obviously knew the girl was already trashed and that she would be putty in his hands now. Tess made her way over towards the bottle of vodka and poured herself a couple of shots. She downed them both, one after another and decided she would watch the game of beerpong with Ella, while keeping an eye on Mitchie.

Even from across the room, Tess could see how Shane's hands were practically all over Mitchie, who just giggled at the boy whispering in her ear. Tess frowned. It's not like she was jealous (because of course she wasn't), but she was just worried about Shane taking advantage of the girl. Deciding she couldn't watch the PDA anymore, she made her way over to the other side of the room where Shane and Mitchie were.

"Mitchie," Tess said loudly enough to get her attention.

Shane pulled his head away from the brunette's neck looking slightly irritated. Tess ignored him and gently took the girl's arm to pull her off to the side.

Mitchie immediately enveloped the blonde in a hug and sighed. Tess laughed and brought her mouth to Mitchie's ear (the one Shane hadn't been breathing his stupid boy breath in).

"I'm going back to the cabin." Mitchie whined in protest. "I'm really tired."

"Why don't you stay a little longer with me?" Mitchie speech was still slightly slurred.

"Because you're with Shane and I refuse to be third-wheel," Tess whispered rather harshly.

Mitchie chuckled. "You don't have to be jealous, Tess."

"Jealous of you?" Tess scoffed.

"No," Mitchie said and pressed her lips to Tess' cheek. "You don't have to be jealous of him."

Tess' body stiffened against the other girl's and she pulled back slightly. "I am not jealous of him, Mitchie. Why would you even-you know what...just walk back with me and you can come back to be with Shane." Tess pulled away from the brunette and took one of Mitchie's hands and laced their fingers together.

Mitchie seemed hesitant, but allowed Tess to lead her out of the cabin. As Tess opened the door with her free hand, they were met by a cool breeze and Tess relished in the feeling. It had been entirely too hot in that cabin. Mitchie was quiet as they walked towards their cabin, still hand in hand, and Tess glanced at her every once in awhile.

"Why are you so quiet?" Tess inquired as they turned down the path to take them to their cabin. "You were a chatter box in there."

Mitchie shrugged in response and kept her eyes downcast. Tess sighed defeatedly, but was happy as they ascended the stairs of the cabin. Tess didn't even bother flipping the light switch on and continued making her way over to the clothes she'd been wearing before she decided to leave.

"I guess you can go back now," Tess said, keeping her back facing the other girl.

Without waiting for a reply, Tess turned around and made her way to the bathroom to change into her tank and shorts. When she returned, she wasn't expecting to see Mitchie still standing in the same spot. Tess tossed her dress into a bin a dirty clothes and regarded the girl with a weird expression. She walked over to the brunette and since Mitchie had taken her heels off, she stood a couple of inches shorter than Tess.

"Aren't you going back? You shouldn't keep Shane waiting." Shane's name left a bad taste in her mouth and just as Tess walked past Mitchie, the girl grabbed her arm to stop her.

It was rather dark in the room, but Tess' eyes had adjusted and there was some moonlight shining through the slightly parted curtains that eerily illuminated part of Mitchie's face. Tess gulped and the look Mitchie was giving her made her nearly melt on the spot.

"Why are you being...sketch?" Tess couldn't think of a better word to use, but it was close enough since Mitchie still held onto the girl's arm in silence.

"We have some unfinished business," Mitchie finally replied and without hesitation pulled Tess' body against hers.

The smell of alcohol on Mitchie's breath was almost unbearable and it made Tess' head swim. But Tess knew exactly where this was going and she was in no mood to stop the other girl. She blamed it on the alcohol in her own system.

Their lips collided together and in no way, shape or form was this kiss hesitant or tender. Both girls moved their lips over one another's feverishly and when Tess moaned into the kiss, she could feel Mitchie smirk momentarily against her lips. Tess allowed herself to be walked back and when the backs of her knees hit the edge of the mattress, the two girls fell over unceremoniously onto the bed. They laughed between kisses as Mitchie straddled the blonde's hips. Tess usually didn't like not leading, but Mitchie's mouth was all too eager as she nipped and licked at Tess' lips.

Tess opened her mouth some and Mitchie wasted no time in having her tongue slip into the blonde's warm mouth to explore. Mitchie's tongue coaxingly moved against Tess' and when Tess brushed their tongues together, Mitchie moaned in the back of her throat. After a few moments of their tongues battling for dominance, in which Mitchie won, Mitchie trailed hot kisses down Tess' jaw to her exposed neck. Tess tilted her head to the side to allow the girl better access and Tess' hands gripped Mitchie's waist. A hand made it's way from beside Tess' head to her stomach where it drifted up under the tank top and up to the underside of her left breast. The blonde gasped when she felt the warm hand touch her and she arched her back into the contact.

"Tess," Mitchie rasped against the skin of the girl's neck as her hand gently massaged the breast in her hand.

Tess could only "Hmm" in response and Mitchie brought their lips back together in a searing kiss. She felt Mitchie's thumb flick across her hardened nipple and Tess moaned and arched off the bed again. It wasn't long before Mitchie's hand switched it's attention to Tess' right breast, which resulted in Tess bucking her hips against Mitchie. The ache between her legs was unbearable and Tess was close to begging. Mitchie's lips attached themselves to a sensitive spot on Tess' neck and Tess gasped and her hips jerked upwards again. Mitchie's hand made a path downwards, as her nails teasingly scraped across Tess' tense abdomen.

At a painstakingly slow pace, Mitchie slipped her hand past the waistband of Tess' shorts and cupped her sex. Tess eagerly pushed herself against the hand and cried out Mitchie's name when the heel of Mitchie's hand came into contact with the bundle of nerves.

"Is this what you want?" Mitchie had pulled back from the girl's neck to look directly at Tess. When Tess didn't reply, Mitchie pressed the heel of her hand against the bundle of nerves again and Tess moaned loudly in response. "Tess? Tell me."

Tess shook her head. She was losing this battle and she knew Mitchie wanted her to beg, to actually admit how much she wanted her. She grabbed Mitchie's hand that was in her shorts and pushed it against herself again and she moved against it. Tess didn't even have to open her eyes to know that Mitchie was smirking down at her as Tess tried to ride her hand. The contact ended when Mitchie abruptly removed her hand from Tess' shorts and Tess eyes flew open at th loss of contact.

"What are you doing?" Tess questioned, glaring at the girl hovering over her.

"I need you to tell me."

Tess groaned. She wasn't in the mood for Mitchie's mind games. They'd been playing this cat and mouse game long enough. "Tell you what?"

"We both know you've wanted this for awhile now. Tell me how much you want it, how much you want me." Mitchie nipped at Tess' lips and the blonde voiced her frustration.

"I don't beg, Mitchie. And I refuse to start now." Tess tilted her head up some to connect their mouths and she sucked Mitchie's bottom lip between her own. Mitchie moaned and moved her hand to toy with the waistband of the shorts. Tess propped herself up on both elbows and pulled away from the kiss. "Mitchie, this is ridiculous. I want you and you're being difficult-" Tess was cut off mid-rant by Mitchie's lips and the brunette's hand once again made it's way past shorts.

Just as Mitchie was about to move her hand further, the sound of two laughing females and heels against the wood on the stairs outside of their cabin caused both girls to freeze. The two girls stared at one another with complete dread as they listened closer to make sure they weren't just paranoid. But the sound of the door handle being turned caused both girl's to immediately separate from their compromising position. Mitchie practically jumped into her own bed and pulled the covers over her body and Tess scrambled to get under her own sheets to appear to be sleeping. Tess was lying on her side facing opposite of Mitchie and the door that Ella and Peggy had just walked through.

"Shh! They're sleeping. And you know Tess will throw a tantrum if she doesn't get her beauty sleep," Peggy whispered to a giggling Ella.

I do not throw tantrums! Tess thought to herself and nearly spoke up to defend herself. But she decided against it and shut her eyes. She was still throbbing and she rubbed her thighs together to ease some of the tension. But it was no use. She wouldn't be satisfied until she and Mitchie finished what they had started. Once it was apparent that Ella and Peggy had both passed out in their beds, Tess turned over to face Mitchie's bed. Tess groaned with frustration when she saw that the brunette was sound asleep. That's just fantastic. Tess sarcastically thought to herself as she got out of the bed and quietly made her way towards the bathroom to take care of her problem.

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