Chapter 2 ~ Hermione's Thoughts

I am so aware of him.

I've come back here, years later. I've returned to Hogwarts, to the halls that show me destiny. Loyalty,struggle, power and death.

So much death.

I see him in the halls. He passes too close, his robes brushing against me, like a subtle caress. It's so intimate. I look after him but he never seems aware. He doesn't know how confused he makes me feel.

Is there something wrong with me? This attraction can't be healthy.

Possibly, it isn't.

I could have been anyplace other than Hogwarts. There were better paying jobs, the Ministry Law Department for example. I didn't have to replace Flitwick. But I did.

Sometimes I see him and want to skitter away. I can barely look at him, and sometimes—sometimes I do run, even though he's not pursuing me.

What is it I'm feeling?

I don't understand it. What is it I want from him? What can he give me?

He's no saint.

I can barely meet those cold, dark eyes when they do connect.

What is it about the man I find so attractive? What is it?

I don't know what to do.

I don't know how to handle this.

It's like I want to pull his darkness over me and be lost in it.

I feel like such a silly witch.

A/N: I thought I'd try and write something from Hermione that offset Snape's thoughts. Thanks for reading.