I own neither Gundam Wing nor Harry Potter, much as I wish it were so.

This is a story of family and what makes people strong and what makes them human. The updates will be slow since I'm mainly focusing on my What Makes the Difference story, but I wanted to start this anyway.

Prologue: Cry Tears, Be Afraid

Freak was trembling in terrified, nervous anticipation; each sound from outside the cupboard causing him to twitch. Silence permeated the air, like the calm before the storm.

When the cupboard door was yanked violently open the boy flinched and tried to huddle back into the farthest corner. The cupboard wasn't big enough to hide him though and Vernon's meaty hand grabbed him by the arm jerking him out.

"Boy," Vernon hissed lowly, indicating just how angry the big man was, "you broke that vase. It was very special to Petunia and you broke it you wretched freak." He hadn't. Freak had watched Dudley pick up the vase and drop it. Dudley had grinned at Freak and winked as though they were sharing some great secret.

But the boy didn't say anything as the painful Punishment began. He would not be believed. A rushing sound filled his ears and his vision went white.

When Freak came to he was in the back seat of the car and they were pulling up into an empty alleyway. The buildings did not look familiar at all to Freak. Though he had only been out of the house three times in his life he still knew what Surrey looked like and this wasn't it.

He cringed when Vernon got out of the car and opened the back door. Something bad was going to happen, he knew it.

Vernon dragged him out of the car and threw him to the ground, checking around for people. There was no one. Freak stumbled to his feet as Vernon turned to him with a vicious sneer on his face. "You've been nothing but a burden Freak," he hissed as he backhanded him, sending him careening to the ground again. This time he landed in a muddy puddle, hands out to stay his fall. The loud crack of a snapping bone caused him to whimper in pain. He knew better then to cry out.

"Seven years we've put up with your disgusting presence, seven god-forsaken years," Vernon continued, picking the boy up and shaking him viciously. "You will never darken our doorstep again; you stay away from my family boy!" Once more the boy was thrown, this time against the wall, before Vernon climbed in his car and sped away.

Wet, confused, and hurt Freak looked for shelter.

"Look what we got ourselves here." Freak ran; breath ragged and painful. Too long spent on the streets of London. Too long doing as he was told as he had once done for the Dursley's. Only they had never touched him.

"Boy, I'm gonna teach you how to please a man." The Dursley's had never done the bad stuff.

"No!" The men went flying backwards crashing into the wall. He'd done something funny again; the funny things that he had been punished for by the Dursley's. So he ran as fast as he could. He just needed to escape, to not be found, to be far from London and the bad stuff.

After running though several back alleys, Freak tripped and went sprawling. There was a roaring sound and a crackle in the air followed by a short scream as Freak felt an intense pain. He blacked out and a loud crack split through the air.

Freak was gone.

And so the story begins. Actually, though the story will be sporadic in updates the next chapter should be out soon. I'm just working out a few kinks in it.

Please tell me what you think.