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"I am NOT wearing this Yuki-chan!" Hirata yelled as her friend Miyuki tightened the back of her elaborate ball-gown. Miyuki looked up from her work.

"Sempai, if you didn't want to go to my clan's moon festival, then you should have said something." Miyuki sighed as she adjusted the length of the bow.

"It's not like I don't want to go, it's just I'm not a dress person." Hirata shrugged.

"Hold still or it's going to rip." Miyuki told Hirata. "Alright, that should do it." Miyuki turned Hirata so that she was facing the mirror behind them. Hirata examined herself thoroughly. Her dress was tight along the torso and frilled out on the end. It had short sleeves that stayed at her shoulders with tiny, silver jewels that came down it in a star-like pattern from them. The dress itself was made of a handsome midnight blue velvet fabric that extended to her ankles. "So what do you think sempai?"

"Um…" Hirata murmured as she turned herself to see what she looked like from all angles. Miyuki put her hands over her eyes.

"You don't like it!" She bawled into her hands. Hirata put on a terrified and shocked look.

"No, no, it's not like that, my bipolar friend. I was just glancing it over is all. I really like it! I do!" She said patting Miyuki on the back. Miyuki immediately smiled and hugged her squealing with joy. Hirata laughed nervously. "So what does your dress look like?" She asked.

"Well since I knew you were going to wear my old one I decided to go buy I knew one! Black of course. Wait here; I'll go put it on!" Miyuki giggled. Hirata groaned as she watched herself in the mirror. Sucking her (SKINNY) stomach in, she looked at herself again.

"Maybe it was the pizza… Yeah, definitely the pizza."

Miyuki came running back into the room. "Oy, sempai! Could you help tie this for me?" Miyuki asked. Hirata came over and tied the small string in the back. Then she turned Miyuki around by the shoulders and examined her friend. Her dress had a sweetheart neck and feel to her ankles as well. It was black silk, as she had specified, with small silver clouds that were scattered about her dress. "Dresses are done! Now for hair!" Miyuki clapped her hands. Hirata practically fell over. Since when was she into all of this girly stuff?

And so they fixed each other's hair into buns. Miyuki had pulled out small, curly pieces of her hair and let them lay sloppily over her head. "Are we done yet?" Hirata asked sarcastically.

"Nope!" Miyuki grinned. "Shoes." Miyuki led Hirata into her room and pulled out two brand-new pairs of slippers. They were both silver, and matched each dress perfectly. Both girls slipped them on and sprayed themselves with perfume. "Okay! Now we're ready!"

Miyuki and Hirata left Miyuki's house and headed down her clan's small street into the main house. It was a huge, three story building with huge windows. Although Miyuki's family was the main branch, they preferred to live in a separate, smaller house. It was nearing nine o'clock and was already dark out when they reached the building. Miyuki led Hirata up the stairs on the side of the building to the second level. Miyuki put her hand on the doorknob. "Just as we rehearsed, remember?" She asked Hirata. Hirata nodded. "On three. One, two…" Miyuki opened the door to the huge room. Both girls walked through onto the balcony the door led to. Inside on the level below them they could see a huge party going on below. As the doors shut loudly behind them, Hirata and Miyuki linked arms and walked down the stairs and around so that they were facing everyone. Hirata and Miyuki stopped several stairs before the floor and Hirata let go of Miyuki's arm and stood to the side. "Welcome everyone, to the Ningyo (Yes, I have changed my last name in the story) Clan's Moon festival." Everyone clapped. "As you all know, this celebration is to honor the moon spirit. But it is also a time to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and have a fun-filled night. Hope you all enjoy yourselves!" Everyone clapped louder again before returning to their festivities. Miyuki sighed with relief and Hirata and her joined arms again and walked down to join everyone else at the party.

They spent the next two hours dancing with each other, with people in the room, devouring the food, and laughing at any and everything. Time went by quickly and the two girls found themselves exhausted and sprawled on the couch by eleven. "So," Hirata laughed.

"So." Miyuki repeated. Both girls laughed until they had both hurt in the stomach and could laugh no more.

"So," Hirata scanned the room. "Do you know all of these people Yuki-chan?"

"Not everyone sempai." Miyuki put her finger over her lip as she looked from face to face. "Those parties over there are my mom's friends, no idea who they are." Miyuki pointed to a crowd of middle-aged women. "And everyone in the far-right corner." Miyuki pointed to a huge crowd of middle-aged and older men and women.

"What about," Hirata stopped as a small party, no more than nine, came walking through the back doors into room. They weaved their way through the crowd and took a spot parallel from Miyuki and Hirata. "Them."

"Oh them. Well they definitely aren't family or friends of any family I have. They come here to talk and what not. It's sort of like… a vacation from all the traveling they do. They're ninja's after all." Miyuki smiled at her friend.

"Ninja's?" Hirata questioned. "In these parts?"

"That's why they come here once a year. No troubles, lot's of parties, hot springs, site-seeing. It's perfect for relaxing." Miyuki beamed.

Hirata glanced at the crowd. "Do you know what the red-head's name is?"

"Which one."

"Average height, lazy eyes, black bottom with the grey top, looks like he doesn't want to be here." Hirata tool Miyuki's head and faced it at the man she specified.

Miyuki looked back from the red-head to Hirata. "His name's Sasori. He's a bit quite, so he's often refered to by people as a piece of furniture."

Hirata laughed. "Sexiest damn sofa I've ever seen!" Miyuki shot her hand at her sempai's mouth.

"HE'S A NINJA BAKA!" Miyuki hissed. But it was too late. The blond next to the red-head elbowed him and they both looked over at the two teenage girls. "Son of a batch of cookies."

"Well Miyuki-san, you said you weren't coming to this one." The blond said with a smirk as he approached the two girls."And you even brought a friend un."

Miyuki's eyebrow twitched. "I didn't think you would be coming to this one DeiDei." She growled. The blond held out his hand.

"Care to danse un?" He held it there for almost fifteen seconds during which Miyuki kept shaking her head 'no'. She stopped.

"You aren't going to go away, are you?"

"Never un." Miyuki sighed and grabbed his hand. He led her away and onto the dance floor, leaving the two others behind. The red-head sat where Miyuki had been making Hirata blush.

"So I'm a sofa?" The red-head asked amused. Hirata tried to hide her face from embarrassment.

"Well um…" She started tapping her fingers together. The red-head laughed.

"Care to dance?" He asked, still sniggering to himself.