Waz up everyone?! My apologies to any Sasuke and Hidan fans. For there will be some things in the story (not sure what chapter) where they're probably gonna be the butt of my jokes. I'll also probably be bad-mouthing Karin, but I really don't like her so don't expect any apology about that.

Miyuki stared blankly at the doll her friend held. "Okay." She stated with a strait face as she stood up. "Might as well put these back in my room. It'll only take a few minutes."

Hirata stood up as well.

"Sure." She shrugged. Hirata followed Miyuki out of the room and down the hall in silence. Wondering why Miyuki seemed cold all of the sudden, Hirata looked down at the doll she held in her hand. "Maybe it's because of him…" she thought. She examined the doll. He seemed so fragile, almost like porcelain, but still seemed strong and brave too. Hirata felt stupid for seeing these characteristics in a mere doll, and yet couldn't get the thought out of her mind. Coming back into reality, Hirata broke the silence between her and Miyuki, determined to find out what was up. "So, Yuki-chan…" Hirata started. She stopped when Miyuki cocked her head back to face her, only the stare she saw didn't seem as though it was coming from Miyuki. It still looked like her, only her face was strait as it was before, and more angelic. Not to be offensive to Miyuki, but Hirata knew her as more of a spastic, random, never going to let herself look like a doll type. In fact, Miyuki looked so much like a doll now that it was inhuman and frightening even for Hirata.

"Yes, sempai?" Miyuki asked in a cold whisper. Hirata stopped walking and Miyuki followed suit, turning directly around and facing her this time. Hirata stared horrified at her friend, who was now pale as snow and whose eyes had just lost their pupils. "Is something…wrong?" Hirata started running as fast as she could away from her friend. She didn't look back, just held the doll tightly and ran right into the middle of the ballroom. The people there looked like Miyuki; the once lively crowd was now at a slow pace, no dancing or chatting. Everyone simply was walking around; all looking as though they had seen a ghost. Hirata ran right through all of them and outside where a chill ran down her spine. Looking around in the dead of night Hirata saw from the light radiating from inside that it was snowing.

"Snow in July?" Hirata asked the world. Completely scared out of her wits, she picked up her pace trying to get as far away from the building as possible.

"Sempai wait!" She heard Miyuki yell from behind her. Hirata turned and slipped on a puddle of ice (how it got the so quickly the world will never know) and fell backwards. The last thing she saw before turning and hitting her head was Miyuki chasing after her. It could have been her imagination, but Miyuki looked as though she were wearing a poofy, frilly, pink dress. Then, Hirata shut her eyes and everything went black.

"Seeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmmppppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…" Hirata heard Miyuki hum.

"Get away from me!" Hirata yelled sitting up and backing away into a wall. "Ow. Hey when did that get there?!" Hirata said turning her head to see the wall, and then scanning the room to realize that she was back in Miyuki's bedroom. She looked around until her eyes landed on Miyuki, who had tears running down her face. "Yu…Yu…Yuki-chan?"

"Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Miyuki started pouring all over her carpet. "My sempai HATES me!" Hirata looked at her. Her hair was messy and her skin was back to her normal color. And judging by the tears, Miyuki was her bipolar self again. Hirata sighed with relief and Miyuki stopped crying and shot her an angry look. "So I go downstairs to get us popsicles, then I come back and find you playing dead on the floor, then you go ahead and say something like that?! And to top that all off, you're all happy when you see me upset! Hirata I'm going to KILL YOU!" Miyuki screeched as she grabbed Hirata by the collar of her shirt and picked her off of the ground. Hirata padded her friend on the head.

"No, I'm sorry Yuki-chan! I thought something else was happening; my eternal apologies." Hirata smiled as she pulled her friend's hands off of her.

"Oh, ok then! Here's your popsicle!" Miyuki handed Hirata a red popsicle. Just then Hirata recalled everything from that night, particularly all of the red-heads she saw.

"The festival!" She said out loud.

"No, sempai that's not for another two hours. I wish it would just hurry up and happen too but time takes forever to get stuff done." Miyuki sighed. Hirata looked up at her strangely.

"What dress are you wearing?" Hirata asked, seeing if anything she saw was some kind of vision of the future.

"Dress? As if! C'mon sempai, you know me better than that! Dresses are for girly-girls!" Miyuki started laughing.

"Then what are you doing with your hair and make-up and what shoes are you wearing?" Hirata asked worriedly.

"They said I had to dress up, and I know most people are gonna be in ball-gowns, but I'm just gonna throw my hair in a pony-tail, but on some slippers, a nice shirt, and regular ol' pants and be done with it." Miyuki said as she sucked on her yellow popsicle.

"Yellow?" Hirata thought out loud.

Miyuki looked down at her popsicle. "Yeah, I love yellow candies and stuff. Go lemon. If you want one too I can go get you a different one."

"No, no." Hirata thought for a second. "Do you by any chance know a blonde that comes to the parties your family has? Ah, he's um about 5'5', long hair with a pony-tail, not related to you, says this hmmm sound?" Hirata asked.

"Sorry, no. No one outside the family is supposed to come. The only reason you're coming is because I'm part of the main branch and I wanted you to come." Miyuki said as she pushed three-fourths of the popsicle into her mouth.

"Do you have a great-uncle or something like that that makes these awesome puppets?" Hirata licked her popsicle.

"Yeah I do but I don't see what that has to do with any of this and, hey wait. How did you know about that? And why are you asking me all of these questions?" Miyuki got very concerned.

"Do you mind if we go to the place your family is going to have this party?" Hirata suddenly changed topic.

"Yeah, sure sempai. We need to rehearse what to do anyway. And you never answered my question." Miyuki informed Hirata as they exited the door.

"Never mind that Yuki-chan." Hirata muttered as the exited Miyuki's house. Hirata picked up her pace as she saw the house, then sprinted to it.

"Sempai! I'm not going to run after you and get a workout if that's what you're trying to do!" Miyuki called after her.

"Fair enough! Just meet me inside!" Hirata called back. She then reached the doors and pushed them open. If what she had seen had been a dream, then this would be her first time in the building. What scared her was that it looked exactly the same as from her "vision", only this time in was empty. She started running at the alter on the far side, for it seemed as though it were the only thing in the huge space that had something on it. Hirata kept running, but soon realized she wasn't getting much closer to the alter. Looking around at her surroundings, she realized that they were getting bigger. Much bigger. Or was she getting smaller? Hirata stopped when her eyes met the now huge alter with what she could make out to be small offerings. Well, not so small to her. It was then that Hirata's eyes met those of a red-headed doll. The doll looked just like the one from her dream-like incident, only he was probably her size now.

Hirata started to panic. "I really am small!" She whispered.

"No, you seem like the right size to me. Kukukuku…" A hoarse voice said from behind her. Terrified, Hirata slowly turned her head to see that of a rat's. She screamed and ran forward until she was under the alter and looked at the rat who was laughing at her. "Don't worry dear. Be a good little girl and we won't have to hurt ya. Now come with me back to Hanabusa and I promise I won't hurt ya." The rat smiled and Hirata could see deformed, yellow teeth. The rat himself looked like he was wearing the armor of a soldier, including that of a huge sword. The rat drew it and started walking at Hirata who backed up into the wall. The rat reached out his hand and Hirata slapped it. "Oh, so you've got a little fight left in ya? I like that."

"Then you're going to love me." A jaded voice said. Both Hirata and the rat turned to look at the red-headed doll that had just jumped off the side of the table and landed next to the rat. The red-head pulled his fist back and flung it straight at the rat who went flying. "Picking on ladies and wasting my time. The nerve of you rats." He hissed at the rodent. He then turned to Hirata and cocked his head to the side. "And who are you?" He asked.

Hirata frowned as she examined his face. "Hey! You really are my doll!"

"Excuse me?" The red-head asked as he inched a little bit away from Hirata.

"Sir!" Hirata heard another man yell as he too dropped from the table above. Landing right next to the red-head, Hirata saw a blonde man with a bony-tail.

"Ha! I knew it!" Hirata roared triumphantly as she pointed to both men, pleased with herself that she didn't imagine anything. Both gave her weird looks then the blonde returned to his conversation.

"We've got at least a hundred rats on our tail. And we're only at ten guys, including us un." The blonde then glanced at Hirata. "Ah, who is that un?"

"I really have no idea." The read-head shook his head. Several screams and jumps were heard on the other side of the table as eight more men jumped off the alter. In the distance, dozens of rats started coming at them from a crack in the far wall. "Oh for the love of God! Do you rodents WANT to get killed!? Gah! You're all so annoying!" The red-head raised a fist at the army of rats.

"What do we do sir?" One of the men asked.

"Go for that hole! It's our best bet." The red-head told his men as he pointed at crack the rats were coming from. The blonde looked at him oddly.

"We want to run at the huge army that's trying to kill us un?!" He asked.

"If it means Hanabusa, yes we do." The red-head said. He then turned to Hirata. "Miss, if you would like to live then come with us."

Hirata looked at the rampaging army then at the red-head. "Completely fine with me."

The red-head nodded. "Deidara! Fly her and the rest of the men across. I'll make a path."

"Yes sir!" The blonde said as he threw a small bird onto the ground. There was a puff of smoke and then the small bird turned into at huge owl.

"It's probably normal size now…" Hirata thought. The men started to climb on the back of the owl and the blonde gave her a look.

"Don't wait for the grass to grow un! We're in a war!" He ran over and grabbed Hirata's arm and led her over to the bird. "Well climb up!" He ordered as he shoved Hirata up and two of the men pulled her the rest of the way. "Here we go un!" The blond said as he jumped onto the head of the owl and it lifted off of the ground.

"Holy ****! We're flying!" Hirata exclaimed.

"Well what else do birds do?" One of the soldiers asked Hirata sarcastically. Hirata shot him a look. He had silvery hair, pinkish-purplish eyes, and a dim-witted stare. Looking down from the side Hirata saw the red-head fight his way through the rats below.

"Is he going to be ok?" Hirata asked.

"Most likely not." A man with long black hair in a pony-tail stated blankly.

"Shouldn't someone help him?!" Hirata cried.

"Sure! Just find someone who can take on an army and not die and we'll be good!" Another man smirked.

"Wait if he can't do that than why is he down there?!" Hirata panicked.

"You haven't heard of him? How can she not of heard of him?" The silver-haired one asked his comrades. "So you've never heard of the Sasori of the Red-Sand? He took down an entire nation with a single jutsu! He can't die because he's a puppet! Well, not as immortal as me, of course." The man said proudly. Hirata rolled her eyes as the blonde turned his head back to all of them.

"Prepare yourselves un." He said.

"Prepare, for what?" Hirata asked.

"Duck!" She heard the red-head call as he jumped up and landed on the owl. He grabbed Hirata's head and forced it down so that her cheek was touching the bird. The owl spiraled, turned diagonal, and slipped into the crack.