Where am I ? Bill what did you do now where am I ? Who am I ? I look in the mirror of our school bus and saw the face of one of my students Tony Villicana but that wasn't what was suppose to happen , we knew the super suit was suppose to have unlimited powers and we tried most of them , but one night the little green guys wanted me and Bill to try interchange being able to become somebody else and learn what they did .And how they are . Learn how the criminal mind actually work in becoming one literally .

But a freak thunderstorm happen as me and Bill were trying to become the other Tony was on his way to talk to Ralph as suddenly lightning struck and Tony became Ralph .

Where am I ? Tony was more confused then Ralph was but suddenly Tony felt uneasy as he look at Bill and was talking too Bill but as Ralph .Then Bill was mentioning something about an assignment they had everything he Ralph had done this was or would be the most important assignment ever and Tony began putting it together as he remembered hearing about these sightings around the city of a flying guy , it was Ralph but now it was Tony , if he were Ralph then he must be me .

They say you walk in someone else's shoes long enough you know how that other person feels .He wondered how Ralph was handling being Tony as the bus pulled away but with Pam Davidson driving .

He always had a secret crush on Pam but never told anyone not even Rhonda his girlfriend . Ralph arrived at Tony's home and he realized now why Tony was late for school sometimes ,his house was in fact in not the best of neighborhoods as it were and he wonder how Bill was handling the situation better then he was no doubt , there was yelling coming from the house next door but Ralph ignored it and quietly opened the door to the house Tony lived in .Suddenly as he enter the house he heard a tv playing loud and a man sitting in a chair in front of the tv and apparently been drinking .Ralph did not know how to react at least Tony was telling the truth about his father and now what , what does Ralph do now .