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"We are the vision in your dreams. We do not exist, yet we have been here since the beginning. We are Pai Zhuq- the Order of the Claw. We train only the best, both physically and mentally, swearing them to secrecy, all masters of their skills, never knowing their true purpose… until now."

"Theo. What is going on?" Lily asked her long time friend Theo as she and five other people sat down, meditating, like they had been doing for the past few hours. Theo turned to Lily and sighed.

"Lily, no talking."

"Lighten up. We've been sitting here since last night!" Lily whined as her leg started to bounce from all the energy she had been keeping in.

"Just try and enjoy the silence," Theo smiled before closing his eyes and going back to his meditation.

"I hate silence..."

There was a small rustle in the bushes a few meters away from the six students meditating as two Ninjas sat and watched.

"The hell is poking my butt?" Kaylee asked, turning to look for a branch or whatever had been poking her since the night before.

"Sorry," Dustin laughed softly, moving his hand away.

"Nope... not that," Kaylee frowned, still looking around.

Master Mao, the headmaster of the Pai Zhuq Academy, quickly glanced at the couple in the bush, silently telling them to shut up, before allowing his students to stand.

"Hey Theo," Lily frowned as she stood, looking down at her butt as she did. "Did my butt get up with me?"

Theo turned to his friend, again, and gave her an irritable and confused look.

"I can't tell!" Lily smiled. "I'm numb!"

She and the others then faced forward and bowed to the old master. Master Mao took a step forward and began speaking.

"You are the six finalists," he said. "But I'm looking for three."

"Dustin!" Kaylee smiled, pointing to the students. "It's starting!"

"Finally! If they took any longer we were going to be late!" Dustin said as he looked down at his watch.

"Eh, we're going to be late anyway," Kaylee laughed. "I forgot my wedding dress at Kira's house."

Dustin frowned at his soon-to-be bride, then smiled and kissed her.

"Dustin!" Kaylee laughed between kisses, "We're going to miss it!"

"Why are we here anyway?" Dustin asked.

"Well, it's not to do this," Kaylee laughed. "Cam sent us here to help Master Mao in his decision for the Pai Zhuq guardians."

"And how does sitting in a bush help?" Dustin frowned. "I'm too distracted."

"Well, I was supposed to be here alone, but I asked for you to come along. If this turns up to be a Power Ranger thing again, I want you there with me!" Kaylee smiled.

"Jarrod. Lily. Theo. Join us in the Great Hall this evening," Master Mao called. Dustin and Kaylee quickly turned back to the training ground and realized they missed the fight.

"Oops," Kaylee laughed.

The two were about to join Master Mao in private, when Jarrod, one of the finalist, started yelling at one of the younger students.

"Where's my towel? Cub! Go get me a towel!" Jarrod yelled. The cub was frozen in fear as the older, more experienced student yelled at him. "Move it!"

Jarrod knocked over a basket of dry towel as he continued to yell at the cub. Suddenly, another older cub, ran up to Jarrod.

"Here's a towel!" the cub said, offering Jarrod a towel. Jarrod turned to him, glaring, and took the towel it. "Look, I don't want any problems."

"Too bad," Jarrod smirked as he shoved the cub to the ground. The cub fell on his butt and looked up at Jarrod. "Oh! Is the little cub gonna do something?"

From in the bushes, Dustin was about to jump out and help the cub, when Kaylee held him back.

"Wait... let's see where this goes?" Kaylee smiled.

Suddenly, the cub let out a roar, and at the same time, unleashed his tiger spirit at Jarrod.

"What did I just do?" the cub asked, looking at his hands. When he realized what happened, he ran over to Jarrod and offered to help him up. "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened!"

Before Jarrod had the time to do anything else, Master Mao clapped his hands.


"Master Mao!" Kaylee smiled as she and her fiancé joined the master once the training grounds had been cleared.

"Dude, we like, totally saw what happened out there. You can't let that Jarrod dude be a guardian!" Dustin frowned, giving his honest opinion.

"Don't call me 'dude' Sensei Brooks, and I believe you know what I'm going to do," Master Mao frowned.

"Actually, Dustin distracted me in the bushes, so I have no idea what went on," Kaylee smiled nervously.

"I will keep the cheetah and the jaguar, Lily and Theo, but Jarrod..."


"Why are we here?" Theo asked Lily as the two, and Casey, sat on benches outside the temple. "Where's Jarrod? Why is that recruit here?"

Lily looked over at Casey and smiled softly at him before turning back to Theo, "Why do you always have to know what's going on?" she asked. "You have control issues!"

Before Theo could answer, Master Mao walked out from the door of the temple and led the others inside. They walked down a dark flight of stairs, following their master closely.

"This... is so cool!" Lily smiled as she and the other two students were lead to an underground room where a box was placed in the middle. "Where are we?"

"It's called the forbidden room," Master Mao answered.

"Forbidden? That doesn't sound good..." Casey gulped as he looked around.

"Jarrod has been dismissed," Master Mao started. "In your hearts, you know why."

The Master then turned to Casey and let out a ghost of a smile before continuing, "You have the heart to stand up for others. You also have the potential to be a tiger master. I have decided to choose you in Jarrod's place."

Casey smiled awkwardly, unsure what his Master meant. Of course he knew he had been chosen for something special, but he wasn't sure the Master was right in choosing him.

"Listen closely," Master Mao continued after he approached the box, "over 10,000 years ago, there was a great evil named Dai Shi. He believed that animals should rule the planet and that humans were to be erased. Brave warriors channelled their animal spirits, and after a great battle, they were able to capture the Dai Shi in this box."

Master Mao picked up the box and turned to the student. Then, he showed them the master tattoo on his arm.

"The Pai Zhuq, the Order of the Claw, was formed to train students in Kung Fu, and to serve as protectors if the Dai Shi were ever to escape. You three have been selected to take on that task."

"Yeah, well, the evil hasn't escaped, so all's good. And look, I've just been here a week, and there must be someone better..." Casey began, voicing his concerns, until Jarrod stormed into the room, anger written all over his face as he approached the Master.

"I've spent ten years in training! You just can't kick me out for no reason!"

"Agreed," Master Mao said, "But I have a reason."

Jarrod merely glared as Master Mao turned to set the box down, before he suddenly attacked. However, he was no match at all for Master Mao, who was easily able to hold him off one-handed, the other still holding the box, blocking or dodging out of the way of his blows. Casey, Lily and Theo watched, dumbfounded, as Mao kicked Jarrod in the chest and did a back flip away from him. He then struck a pressure point in Jarrod's chest, sending the younger man flying backward, yelling with pain. Mao glared at him.

"Now, go."

Jarrod began to walk away, but then suddenly turned back and unleashed his black lion spirit at Master Mao's back.

"NO!" Lily yelled as her Master dropped the box, holding the Dai Shi.

"At last!" Dai Shi said as he was released from the box.


"Not good!" Kaylee yelled as she and Dustin teleported into the room, between the students and the Dai Shi. Casey, Theo and Jarrod were surprised at their sudden appearance. They had never seen the two heroes at the Academy before, Casey for obvious reasons. Lily, however, was surprised to see one of her idols, standing right in front of her, protecting her from the evil Dai Shi. She was a huge fan of Kaylee and Kira, and had met the two girls on the night of Kaylee's concert to say goodbye to Samantha. She had also met Kaylee with the Overdrive Rangers, when the blonde and Ronny had come to check up on her after she was attacked by Lava Lizards. Now… Kaylee was here? In the secret Academy? That no one from the outside world should know about.

Dai Shi attacked the four students with his power, but Dustin used his earth powers to bring up a rock and used it as a shield. Dai Shi turned to Master Mao.

"Mao... my old friend," he said. "I've thought about no one else for centuries. But before I destroy you, you will be witness to the destruction of those dear to you!"

"Who's he talking about?" Theo asked, turning to Lily.

"That would be us!" Lily yelled.

"One problem Dai Shi!" Dustin smiled, still protecting the students. "He can't be witness if he's dead. Make your choice, witness, or dead!"

"Dustin!" Kaylee yelled.

Dai Shi began to streak towards the students. Jarrod didn't take the risk, and ran for his life. Kaylee saw this form the corner of her eye, and tried to move after him, but Dai Shi's sudden movement stopped her.

"Dustin," Kaylee whispered, turning to her fiancé, "think you can go after Jarrod? I'll deal with big, bad, and ugly."

Dustin nodded before Ninja streaking out of the temple.

"NO!" Master Mao yelled, making Dai Shi return his attention to him.

"Yes Mao!" Dai Shi smiled as he lifted the Master in the air with a yellow glow. He threw Mao to the stone table, where the box had rested for centuries. Kaylee shut her eyes and lifted her hands, pulling water out from the air and the dirt above them, before aiming the blast at Dai Shi. The evil ghost figure turned to her, just in time to deflect the water back at the former Ranger.

Dai Shi laughed menacingly as he turned to Mao, watching as the Cat Master's breathing grew weak. He smiled to himself as he turned to the cubs.

"Mao is defeated. You are not worth my time," he said before running out.

"Master!" Theo yelled as he and the other students joined Kaylee. They stood around the table where their master rested. Mao looked up at all of them with a small smile.

"My time in this form has ended," he told them." Shed no tears. There are important things to do. The evil that is Dai Shi will return to where he was captured. You must destroy him," He then pulled out a letter from his pocket and handed it to Kaylee.

"Take the three to this address in Ocean Bluff. There, you'll meet your new master."

"But we don't want a new Master!" Lily cried, holding back her tears.

Master Mao smiled at the girl, "Remember the first rule I taught you. Don't be attached to the Master, but to the lesson. Now go!"

"Whoa! Wait! I'm not your guy! I can't destroy evil!" Casey frowned, finally getting the chance to express himself without interruption, "I haven't even master handing out towels!"

"Listen to me! All of you! You four are the world's only chance!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Master Mao's body left the world. Kaylee stood there, wondering what he had meant. Surely he wasn't asking her to be a Ranger once more? He knew she had other commitments, such as getting married to Dustin and being there when her sister gave birth.

As Kaylee thought of Dustin, she wondered how he was taking care of things with Jarrod.


"Whoa, whoa!" Dustin called, finally catching up to Jarrod in the middle of the woods.

"Let go of me!" Jarrod yelled, pulling his arm free from Dustin's grasp, hoping to run, until he sensed a presence. "H-he's... he's here."

"Who?" Dustin frowned, dropping into a fighting stance as he looked around.

Suddenly, a blast knocked him and Jarrod off their feet as Dai Shi's ghostly figure emerged from the trees.

"What's this?" the figure taunted, laughing as Dustin and Jarrod pulled themselves to their feet, "Two lion cubs? This should be interesting."

"I'm not a cub!" Jarrod yelled, but a blast from Dai Shi silenced him.

"Jarrod, be my vessel!" Dai Shi started as his spirit approached the black lion cub. "Together, you and I can rule this world, and rid it of humans!"

"One problem," Dustin smiled, pulling Jarrod away and standing before him. "To get to Jarrod, you have to get passed me."

"Only a fool would stand up to me," Dai Shi smirked. "What makes you think you can defeat me, Lion?"

"Um, no offence, ghost-dude, but you're just a bunch of hot air," Dustin laughed, passing his hand through Dai Shi's spirit. "A good, cool wind could tame this beast."

As Dustin's hand passed through him, Dai Shi could sense the power that the Earth Sensei held; not only as a Sensei at the Wind Ninja Academy, but as a Lion "master" and as a former Power Ranger. Taking him would mean much more power than the other lion cub.

With a roar, Dai Shi's spirit grabbed onto Dustin's arm and sucked himself into his body. Dustin cried out in pain as he held his head in his hands.

When the pain died, he stood up, his eyes flashing black for a second as he turned to Jarrod.

"Run," he smirked, lifting his hand in the air, "Run, before I change my mind."


"A pizza parlour?" Theo asked as he and the other three stood outside a parlour called Jungle Karma Pizza. "This can't be the place."

Kaylee looked down at the address on the paper and nodded, "Yep, it says right here, Jungle Karma Pizza."

They all walked into the parlour and started looking around before spotting an older Asian man sitting at a table.

"That must be him," Theo said, nudging Lily. The two walked up to the man and bowed.

"We're here, Master. I'm Theo, this is Lily, and this is…" Theo turned to Casey who was looking round the parlour in wonder. "This is someone who is in way over his head."

"Umm, guys!" Kaylee laughed as she looked down at the paper again, reading the name "RJ". "I don't think..."

"We're from the Pai Zhuq School and we're ready to take on evil and defeat it," Lily smiled unaware that they had the wrong man. Surely this man wouldn't be named RJ. "You have our total obedience. We're eager to learn everything you have to teach us, Master."

"Yes, treat us to your words of wisdom," Theo added.

"Umm, guys!" Kaylee called again.

The three students bowed, but the old man looked right past them as he raise him hand in the air.


"Okay, wrong guy," Theo frowned.

Kaylee giggled as she patted the jaguar cub on the shoulder, "Ya think?"

The four walked up to the front counter, with Theo glaring at Kaylee, before they noticed a young woman struggling with the cheese on her pizza.

"Probably not her either," she laughed.

The three turned their attention to the kitchen doors as they opened suddenly and smoke escaped along with a man with pizza dough on his head. He pulled it off and frowned.

"Whoa, tense..." he said. "So much for my Mount Kilimanjaro Pizza experiment."

The man turned around and spotted the group of teens in the room.

"Whoa... new customers!" he grabbed four menu cards and smiled. "Welcome to JKP, the name's RJ."

"RJ?" Kaylee asked, looking down at her paper again.

"No, no. We're not customers!" Theo frowned before Kaylee could say anything about the man they met.

"We're looking for our Master!" Lily whispered.

"Aren't we all?" RJ whispered back.

"I say we go," Theo said, turning to leave. Casey, Lily and Kaylee didn't follow him.

"I'm hungry," Casey announced, looking over to Lily with a soft smile.

Lily nodded her head, "Me too."

"Let's eat!" Kaylee smiled as she sat at a table, using any excuse she could to keep the students in the parlour. If she had learned anything from Sensei and Leanne, it was that students should learn to figure things out on their own. When the time was ready, they would find out if this RJ was really their master, but only when the time came.

As she sat, she pulled Ducky out from her pocket and inflated him. Then she put him on her head, earning glares from RJ, Theo, Lily and Casey, "Meet Ducky."


"Well, how's the pizza?" RJ asked once the four, and Ducky, were done with their slice of pizza.

"Yeah, yeah, it was amazing," Theo said. "But that's not why we came here!"

"Right, you were looking for your Master," RJ whispered. "Well, if you're supposed to meet him here, I suggest you wait. You can work here until he shows up!"

"Work here?" Theo asked in disgust. "No, we don't work for anyone!"

Kaylee turned to Theo and sighed, "Theo right?"she asked, hoping she got his name right. "We're in the real world now. There are things you need to get and things you need to have. You need money to do that. And you're not using mine! Right Ducky!"

Kaylee squeezed the duck's head, making it quack.

"Alright fine, I'll be a manager or something reasonable," Theo frowned, "but only until our master arrives, not a day more."

Casey, Lily and Kaylee smiled, before screams came from outside.

"Come on, let's go check it out..." Lily sighed.


"What are those things?" Casey asked, seeing a bunch of foot soldiers hopping around the city.

"My guess: friends of Dai Shi!" Lily answered.

"Let's do it!" Theo smiled as he and the other two began fighting. Kaylee turned back to the parlour, where they had left RJ, and sighed. When she turned back to the students, they were already defeated.

"Now to finish you little pests!" Mantis, the monster that was leading the Rinshi laughed as he approached the fallen students.

"Whoa!" RJ yelled, jumping in front of the cub before Kaylee could. "Step back!"

RJ turned to the three on the ground and smiled, "Time for your first lesson. You can't judge a book by its cover."

He pulled up his sleeve, revealing the same tattoo Master Mao had. As the cubs, and Kaylee, recovered from the shock, RJ managed to get Mantis to retreat.

RJ turned to the four and smiled. The three on the ground stood up, then they all ran to RJ.

"I knew it!" Kaylee smiled.

"You're him!" Casey said, "You're our new Master!"


As the five walked into JKP, the young woman, who the others had seen before struggling with pizza, walked up to them, panicked.

"Where was everyone? The door was open and people were waiting and so I ended up taking orders and making pizzas and stuff and then I took money and I put it in the register and I cleaned and I turned off the oven and-"

"Remember to breathe, Fran," RJ laughed. "Fran, this is Theo, Kaylee, Lily, and Casey. Fran is our best customer, she's here every day."

"Well, it's not like I have nothing else to do, I do, it's… just… I love pizza. All the toppings, and the smell, and the taste, I like spaghetti as well you know, the sauce, and the meatballs, and the-"

"Breathe! Fran, we'll… see you tomorrow." RJ laughed again before Fran walked off.

"I like her," Kaylee laughed as she and the other three were lead up to a loft.

"Look at the size of this place!" Theo smiled as he looked around. There was a mat placed in the middle of the open room that was to be used for training. There was also a basket ball net and soccer net on one side of the room, to be used for recreational activities. On the other side of the room was a couch, a green chair and a television set.

Casey picked up a basketball and began shooting hoops.

"This place is great!" he said.

"Check it out!" Lily exclaimed as she turned on a stereo and started dancing.

As the others looked around the loft, Kaylee looked at her watch, "Where is he..." she muttered nervously.

"Mi casa es su casa. This is where you'll be living, training, playing and working. Everything is yours, EXCEPT- that chair," RJ said, pointing to a green which Lily was about to sit in. "My chair, it's mine, it's off-limits… got it?"

All four teens smiled, "Got it!"

"Alright then, our next order of business is to get you three out of those pyjamas," RJ frowned, looking over the three Pai Zhuq students. He then reached down onto a table where there were four sets of clothes. He picked up the red one first and handed it to Casey.

"Hey, new training gear; gotta love that!" Casey smiled, looking over his black pants and red jacket.

Lily and Theo were next to get their uniforms. Theo's was the same as Casey's, except in blue, and Lily wore the same jacket as Casey, but in yellow, and she had a skirt and a leotard instead of pants.

"Look at all those TVs!" Lily smiled, holding her uniform.

"TV? No, no, these are much, much more," RJ smiled as he turned to the screens in the loft. "It's a state of the art citywide monitoring system... plus one thousand two hundred and fifty three cables channels. Pretty sweet huh?"

"One thousand two hundred and fifty three?" Kaylee asked as RJ put a green training suit in her hands. "Odd... wait... I can't get one! I have to meet Dustin, Kira and Conner for..."

"I have two men's and two women's. Master Mao told me you were trained with the snow leopard spirit. Pretty quick learner if you ask me!" RJ smiled.

"Yeah, but I was only supposed to help Master Mao choose the guardians..."

"Then why would you have an animal spirit?" RJ asked.

Theo heard the monitors beeped. He turned and sighed.

"Looks like our friends are up to no good again... Let's get 'em!" he said, pointing to the Rinshi and Camille.

Kaylee looked at her watch and sighed before following the others to the door. Then, they suddenly stopped and turned to RJ.

"C'mon RJ!" Theo called.

"Ah, no, no. I have a pizza store to run. Fighting evil is your job," RJ said. "But, I did notice you were a little overpowered last time. So... I've got a gift for you to even out the odds."

He pulled open a drawer to reveal four pairs of sunglasses inside. They each had the same colors as the training suits, red, blue, yellow and green.

"Sunglasses?" Kaylee frowned.

"They're not just sunglasses," RJ smirked. "They're solar Morphers! You ever hear of the Power Rangers?"

"Oh boy," Kaylee groaned, putting her head in her hands, "here we go again! Look RJ, I really want to help but..."

"Who hasn't?" Casey asked, answering RJ's question. Kaylee huffed, crossing her arms over her chest as she felt ignored.

"Well, guess what? You. Be. Them." RJ smiled.

Theo's jaw dropped in shock as he started bouncing like a little kid.

"NO WAY! Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to be a..." Theo caught the look his three friends were giving him and his excitement died. "If that's what it takes, as long as I meet the repeating Green Ranger. It's just a myth, but I heard that the past few female green Rangers have all been the same person. She moved from town to town to help the teams fight evil..."

"You don't have a little crush, do you?" Kaylee laughed. Obviously the interview she and the other Overdrive Rangers had done was only shown to the San Angeles residents because Theo would have remembered her if he was such a big fan.

Theo blushed as he looked away, "No..."

"Yes you do!" Lily laughed. RJ cleared his throat and pointed back to the screens.

"The Power Rangers aren't part of the Order of the Claw, but I figured we needed everything we could get to fight the Dai Shi. So I knew this guy, who knew this other guy, who has an uncle who had a connection..."

"Mr. Hartford?" Kaylee asked, cutting off the master.

"Yeah, how did you know?" RJ frowned before shaking it off. "Anyways, he tapped into the Morphing Grid and voila: your morphers. Once you activate them, all the knowledge that comes with them will be instantaneously entered into you cellular makeup. Gnarly huh? Now go out there and beat down evil. And now you'll look good doing it!"

The four nodded before running off, out of the loft and into the city.


Camille, Dai Shi's right hand woman, was leading a bunch of Rinshi as they cause destruction in the city.

"Go Rinshi! Feed on the fear of the people!" Camille laughed, watching as the people ran. She caught sight of four unmorphed Power Rangers and sighed. "Look... humans!"

"I don't know about you three," Theo smiled. "But I think it's time to show them what we got!"

"Just, one problem T," Lily frowned, looking at her sunglasses. "How does this work?"

"Step aside newbies," Kaylee smirked as she put on her solar Morphed. "JUNGLE BEAST, SPIRIT UNLEASED!"

"With the skill of a snow leopard! Jungle Fury Green Ranger!" Kaylee smiled. "Great, green again. Don't they come up with... ohh pretty kitty!" Kaylee laughed when she noticed her uniform was spotted like a leopard.

"Nice!" Lily smiled before she and Theo morphed.

"With the speed of a cheetah! Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!"

"With the stealth of a Jaguar! Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!"

Camille frowned at the colourful superheroes before turning to her Rinshi, "Attack!"

Casey watched as his friend fought, before reaching down and pulling out his Solar morpher, "Guess it's my turn now!"

"Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"

Casey stood there as nothing happened. He tried punching the air a few times, but still nothing.

"Come ON!" he yelled.

Meanwhile, Theo and Lily were putting their new powers to the test. Lily was punching, kicking and jumping.

"Come on!" she smiled, taunting the foot soldiers. She then easily knocked several Rinshi around. "Too fast for you!"

She knocked back a few more Rinshi, before pressing down on one of the devices attached to her knuckles. "Call to the beast inside, bring out the Cheetah!"

She projected the yellow energy surrounding her body into the manifestation of her Cheetah spirit, which easily and swiftly ripped through a bunch of Rinshi, making them dissolve into clouds of purple smoke and dirt. Meanwhile, Theo was more than holding his own, even though the Rinshi he was fighting were armed with staves.

"Whoa, too slow! Missed… and again! Down low… too slow!" Theo smiled as he dodged every attacked aimed at him.

He gripped two Rinshi while beating up on a third using kicks, flying back and then forward again, sending the monsters scattering.

"Call to the beast inside, unleash the Jaguar!"

Blue energy swirled around him before he projected the image of his Jaguar spirit, which rolled across a bunch of Rinshi, also making them dissolve. The Jaguar roared.

Casey was still trying to figure out how to work his Solar Morpher. He then heard a scream and turned to see Fran, the girl he met at the pizza parlour under the loft, being menaced by the Mantis monster.

"Fran!" Casey yelled.

Fran didn't hear him as she fell back and fainted.

"Yes!" Mantis laughed. 'Give me your fear!"

The giant bug pulled Fran up and laughed harder. "Give me all of it!"

Casey tried to run to help her, but a bunch of Rinshi saw him and held him back.