Chapter 16

"Are you comfortable, Mr. Bradley?" The flight attendant asked as Joe settled into the large leather seat.
"Yes, thank you." He said. "I'll let you know if I need anything."

The flight attendant smiled. "We should be in New York on schedule."
"I can hardly wait to get back to the US of A." Joe said.

"Have you been in Rome long, Mr. Bradley?" the flight attendant asked.
"Long enough to have the most memorable experience ever." Joe said.

The plane taxied down the runway, and before long, they were airborne. Joe looked out the window as the city of Rome became smaller and smaller. When it was no longer visible, he leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes.

Suddenly, he remembered the envelope from Giovanni. He sat up and removed his coat, pulling the letter from his pocket. It had no return address, but was postmarked from Germany. Baffled, he carefully tore open the envelope.

Inside was a thousand lire and a note:

My dearest Mr. Bradley
It has been weeks since I left Rome and yet I've only now had the chance to write. As promised, I'm returning the money you so graciously loaned me. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for your thoughtfulness in Rome.
I had the best day of my life, and sadly, it will be years, perhaps never that I will have those experiences again.
As much as I wanted to stay in Rome, my duty is to my country and I must fulfill that duty; at whatever cost it may have.
I will never forget you, Mr. Bradley and you will always hold a special place in my heart.
Sincerely and with love,

Joe smiled, remembering Anya. He knew he would never forget his Roman Holiday, and how his life was forever changed by a Princess.