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Chapter Eight

Here with you

Belphegor smiled softly, rather than his usual insane smile as he watched Fran sleep. His kouhai's injuries were healing quickly, and he was so adorable while sleeping. Kneeling on the ground, he leaned over the bed and kissed Fran's forehead. The sea foam green haired boy moved in his sleep under the touch, and Belphegor continued to sit and watch until he fell asleep sitting on the floor with his head on the bed.

Fran woke a few hours later, seeing his Senpai sleeping quietly-- he thought. Because of the fringe, he was unable to see Belphegor's eyes. It was mysterious, and made him want to see the eyes that were always hidden. His memory was still gone, though his feelings were slightly there. He was in denial of those feelings, though.

"Fran..." Bel looked up lazily, his hair a mess as usual. "Kiss the prince."

"What?" Fran raised an eyebrow slightly, staring down at Belphegor as he sat up. "Why would I..."

"Forgive me." Bel stood up, climbed onto the bed and pinned Fran down. Kissing Fran on the lips softly, he then trailed kisses down his jawline, and to his neck and shoulder. "I'm sorry." he muttered in between kisses. "I want you." he held Fran's wrists tightly in attempts to restrain him from movement.

Fran flailed, or at least tried. He was overpowered by Bel in his rather weak condition, and couldn't do anything to stop him-- or the moans that were escaping his own lips from the things Belphegor was doing. The soft lips that pressed against his skin drove him mad, and it was sickening. Part of him begged for it, as if he had wanted it for a long time. And another, couldn't remember anything of the sort and just wanted him to stop. He payed attention to that side, for he had no reason to want this as far as he could remember. "S-Stop!" he begged.

"I love you." Bel whispered, nipping at Fran's neck. The younger boy moaned, and yelled at the prince to stop once more but louder. Bel let go of Fran's wrists, and sat up on Fran. Tears streamed down his face again, familiar. Images flashed through Fran's mind of a dark room covered in blood, where Bel was crying and screaming sitting on top of someone also familiar. He couldn't place a finger on what it was, but it was something.

"Why do you love me?" Fran raised a hand to Belphegor's face cautiously, attempting to brush away the bangs. He was not stopped. Rather sad, Ice cold blue eyes stared into Fran's own. They reminded him of an ice cold winter, they were captivating. In addition they were glassy from the tears.

"Because I'm a prince, and I need you." Belphegor frowned, biting his bottom lip in attempts to stop crying. Since when did princes cry-- since when, he thought to himself did a prince like himself love someone? This wasn't who he was before, what was this useless little frog doing to him? "All I want is you. I couldn't save you from my own brother, I couldn't stop him from raping you-- I couldn't do anything, I was useless until the very end all I could do was what I always do-- kill."

The young sea foam green haired boy stared up at the prince, his eyes locked in the ice blue orbs. "I think I might need you too, Bel-senpai." he blushed slightly, admitting to himself this fact. His memory was slowly being colored back in.

The tears stopped streaming down the princes pale cheeks, and he pressed his lips to Fran's as his fringe went back over his ice blue eyes. His hands began to remove the articles of clothing Fran was wearing, fingers roaming lightly over the delicate skin in the process. As a result, the younger boy gasped and moaned, arching into the touch ever so slightly. His nipples were played with and sucked, everything to drive him into ecstasy. The kouhai was so hard.

"Oh, look at you~" The blonde prince observed, a hand rubbing against the certain place in his boxers, soon he slipped them right off and began pumping Fran's member. He was back to himself, his playful and sadistic self. The younger boy beneath him was gasping, obviously enjoying every touch to his fragile body. Belphegor was rather impatient, a need he had ever since Fran had joined their psychotic Mafia, he was determined to satisfy. Fran's eyes were tightly shut, lips pressed tightly closed with determination as to not make much noise. He opened one eye, face tinted a brighter crimson as Belphegor had stopped his actions, pressing two fingers against his lips that were in a thin line. He parted his lips, leaning upward a little to take the two fingers into his mouth and suck them. He didn't have to be told what to do with the fingers, he had learned about sex obviously. Even homosexual intercourse. But that wasn't the point. His tongue trailed lightly over the royal skin in his mouth, coating the two fingers in his own saliva.

Belphegor tilted his head at the sensation of Fran's mouth enclosed over his fingers, tongue trailing over them. After a moment, he pulled them out and in the process Fran's teeth gently ran over them, making the prince smirk. Before the younger of the two could expect it, Belphegor had already inserted one finger, moving it in and nearly out repeatedly. The uncomfortable expression on his lover made his smirk turn into a grin, as he leaned downward and bit down on Fran's neck lightly and playfully. He trailed his tongue lightly over the area he had just bitten, biting slowly up the sea foam green haired boys neck, biting down harder on every bite. The harder he bit, the more Fran couldn't hold in the moans that threatened-- more so, did escape.

A second finger entered Fran, and he shifted in discomfort. It didn't hurt so much as feel odd. Belphegor's bites stopped as he reached Fran's jawline, grinning wickedly before he leaned down a little, biting down on Fran's collar bone which made him let out a gasp. He sucked and licked at it, giving Fran unimaginable pleasure. After a moment, Belphegor took out the two fingers and leaned up by Fran's ear, breathing heavily which made him shudder in delight.

At this point in time, the two of them had completely been undressed. The prince whispered "This will hurt, a lot. Ushishishi~" before biting down on Fran's ear, tongue trailing over it with his hot breath reaching down Fran's ear and neck, the younger boy beginning to moan quietly, clearly turned on by it. Then the pain struck him, and before he could scream Belphegor's lips hungrily slammed over his, the poor kouhai's body tensing extremely. He had been penetrated, and it hurt like hell, but felt slightly good. For a moment they sat in silence, and Belphegor began to move. The pain was lessening, and becoming pleasure so intense it felt like the only way he could describe, the feeling of ecstasy overwhelming him was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. It was something he could go for again someday (Obviously, he's having sex with a prince. How much better could it get?).

Faster and harder, deeper inside of Fran Belphegor went hitting that oh so special place inside of him repeatedly, making him moan in his ecstasy. So soon he could feel it, his pleasure getting to that extent where he was almost ready to release. And moments later, Belphegor went so deep inside of him, so hard, that he couldn't hold it anymore and he came. Shortly after, Belphegor did as well, collapsing on Fran nearly, but using his elbows on the bed on either side of Fran, propping himself up as he had just pulled out of Fran. The two laid like that, panting. Until Fran pulled Bel down, arms wrapped around him.

"You know what, Bel-senpai?" Fran mellifluously spoke.

"Hnn..?" Belphegor looked up through his messy bangs, from where his head was resting on his kouhai's chest.

"It's all come back to me." Fran whispered, nearly inaudible. "And I love you, extremely." he squeezed Belphegor, hoping they could lay like this a lot longer. He never wanted to part with him.

Belphegor was insanely happy at this moment, and spoke quietly as well. "I will always love you. Never forget that, or me again."

"I wont, my sadistic prince." Fran let out a held breath. "I wont ever again."


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