The bedroom of the Hitachin Brothers was dark and quiet, excepting the tapping of raindrops on the windowpanes.

The snowstorm had started during the school day. As the temperature rose slightly over the course of the day, the gently falling snowflakes had melted into a cold, sheeting rain.

Kaoru rolled over to face the window. The room only had one, but it was magnificent. It was ten foot tall arc of glass with frost and elaborate etching around the edges. During the day, it spilled a healthy amount of sunshine onto the crimson plush carpet. The night time pushed it into a slightly more sinister form. With every streak of lightning, Kaoru shuddered involuntarily. The flashes of electricity seemed so close to them. It was more frightening when Kaoru thought of the barely-there shield of window glass for protection.

In his bed, Hikaru turned over in his sleep, a quiet snore rising from deep within him.

The grandfather clock between the twins' wardrobes chimed once, causing Kaoru to jump in fright. He wiped a bead of sweat off of his forehead. Despite the perspiration, he was freezing his ass off. Serves me right for picking the bed closest to the window, he thought morosely.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru's voice in the darkness brought waves of relief to Kaoru's mind. "Are you awake?"

"I can't sleep," Kaoru confessed. Lightning suddenly illuminated the bedroom. Kaoru flicked his eyes in his brother's direction just in time to see the outline of his bare torso in the brilliant flash. He gazed at him for a few moments.

Hikaru grinned easily. "I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no."

Kaoru sighed heavily and slid silently out of bed. A pair of black boxers was all that he was wearing, but the chill of the bedroom air was almost the same temperature of his sheets. He padded over to Hikaru's bed and lay down on the end of it. He winked at Hikaru. "Please?"

"Still no," Hikaru said teasingly. He seemed to be enjoying his power trip.

Kaoru cat crawled up next to his twin and licked Hikaru's lower lip playfully. "Please?"

"Nope," Hikaru said, a grin still playing jauntily across his mouth.

Kaoru quietly straddled his twin's hips and kissed him deeply, a faint blush staining his skin. "Pretty please?"

"You're going to have to try harder than that," Hikaru said with a careless shrug.

Kaoru knew that it was time to use his secret weapon. Kaoru splayed his body next to Hikaru's and locked eyes with his twin, pulling his most heart-shattering puppy face. "Please... master?"

Hikaru smirked and curled his arms around Kaoru, drawing him in tightly. Kaoru snuggled down under the blankets, his twin's body heat washing over him. He sighed contentedly.

Hikaru snickered again. "You're so manipulative," he murmured, his soft lips brushing Kaoru's ear.

Kaoru bit his lip. "I know," he said thoughtfully. "But I got what I wanted, right?"

"You owe me," Hikaru grumbled, his arms still tightly locked around Kaoru in a protective vice. "Big time."