Title: Slave of Shadows

Author: DMYamiyugi

Fic: 1/?

Summary: Date: Future. Status: Still battling. Mission: Save our race, save our people, and by any means necessary, kill and or destroy the Shadows that rule this land.

Pairing: YamixYugi, Anzu to Yugi, but only one sided.

Warning: Yaoi eventually. Darker fic, blood, violence etc

Genre: Action, Romance

DMYamiyugi: Well, hi there everyone…been awhile hasn't it? Hehe, yea, over a year or so, maybe two? God, I have been gone awhile. Anywho, I have a new story I'm planning on getting chugging along this summer. So far I don't have a beta, so I am just reading these over myself. If you see any mistakes, just tell me and I will change and upload a fresh one. Or, I am open for a beta if you want :]

Sorry for short chapter! Chapters are going to be short for the first three until I get the plot rolling.


Chapter 1- To Revenge

He reached through the rubble, slowly drawing a large leather book from its depths. His brows rose in curiosity, gently flipping the book open, only to find it was a diary. He sighed, closing it and brushing ash from the leather cover.

"Hey, I found something!" He yelled, waving the diary in the air. Another man jogged over to him, taking the diary and placing it in a thick back bag.

"Thanks Yugi."

Yugi nodded, standing and brushing his dark pants off with his gloved hands. He adjusted his armored vest, making sure all was where it was supposed to be. Gun, one explosive…small first aid kit…

"All in order?" the other asked, lifting the visor on his helmet to gaze worriedly at Yugi. Yugi nodded, picking up his own helmet and forcing it over his outrageous tri-colored hair.

"Yea yea, I was just checking. Make sure everything is here." He paused, looking to the dark sky. Yugi's eyes traveled in a circle, taking in all the black skyscrapers that surrounded them. They were burned, yet did not fall. The tops of each were burned off, but the buildings would just not fall. Yugi kicked the ash-covered ground with his boot, watching as the soot floated into the air, only to settle again a few seconds later. "Jounochi…we should head back. We're deep into the city already. We can't go too far." He reached towards the wall of the nearest standing building. He pressed his hands into the cement, watching in slight fascination, but mostly in anger, as the black color of the building around his fingers seemed to seep away, revealing gray cement.

Jounochi swallowed, the hand around the bag tightening. "I saw…de colar move…" he chocked, the accent in his voice becoming stronger in fear.

Yugi nodded. "Yea…we're that close to the center. The Shadows probably already know we're here. Common Jou, lets get out of here." He checked his watch. "It's 5 already. It'll be dark in an hour or so."

Jounochi yelped, "Shit!" he yelled, grapping Yugi and all but dragging him down the road. "We gota get out'a here man! Why didn't you tell me the time!" Yugi sighed; looking to the twilight colored sky…the sky that was always twilight colored this deep in the city. Once they got back home, the sun should be out.

Yugi pulled his hand from Jounochi's, running along side him. As they ran, the buildings shrunk, and the color began to seep from black to grey and hopefully soon, to white.


"WAA~!!" Yugi yelped as petite fingers roughly grabbed his ear. He could feel his body being, yet again, dragged. Except now he was surrounded by furniture and warm carpet.

"What WERE you thinking!?" Anzu yelled, throwing Yugi on the couch. Yugi rubbed his ear, wincing.

"Jeez Anzu, sorry," he almost pouted, curling his jean-clad legs into his chest, and he crossed his arms. Yugi sighed, itching his chest, now changed from his gear into a basic T-shirt. Anzu glared down at him, her arms crossed tensely across her chest.

"Yugi, you don't know HOW worried we were!" She yelled. "Y-you were not back till seven! SEVEN Yugi!" She threw her hands into the air, groaning. She then spun and flopped down next to Yugi. "We were scared…"

Yugi shrugged, placing his head in the palm of his hand. "Anzu, I was fine."

"Yea, but your Grandfather and I were so worried! And...people have not come back Yugi...I mean, Yugi, after what happened to your…" she trailed off, catching Yugi's icy glare. She clasped her fingers together, staring down at them, blue eyes shinning. "I…I'm sorry Yugi. I didn't mean to."

"You better have not fucking meant to," Yugi muttered into his palm, glaring at the wall. Anzu swallowed, peaking through her bangs up at Yugi. Slowly, she undid her fingers and gently placed her right hand on Yugi's shoulder.

His head shot up, glaring. Anzu slowly took her hand away, bowing her head in apology. "I…better go home." She muttered, slowly standing. She made her way out of the room and not too long after, Yugi heard the iron from door ease shut. He sighed, rising to glance out the window. Anzu made her way around the very well lit street, down one house and went inside. Though the street looked normal, and the houses as well, they were so different on the inside. Each front door was iron, and had a spinning lock to seal it. People had windows, but they all had iron curtains on the inside, which had to be sealed off by midnight at the latest. Though the shadows had long left them along in their little, well lit neighborhood, there were days when they would venture this far out from the city. Lurking around the shadowy places between street lamps. The street was well light however, so the shadows could not get close to any of the houses. But…street lamps go out. And then the shadows can play all they want.

Yugi slammed the iron curtains shut, locking them. He heaved in a large breath, before slowly letting it out.

One night the shadows came down his street. One night his sister was late from the base…and that one night, a street lamp went out.

If it was just one minute, no, one second earlier she would…god damnit WHY!? Yugi screamed in his head, slamming his forehead into the iron. "Why WHY!"

His fingers curled around the iron, his ears hearing those damn shadows laughing at his pain. They loved to play. Play with life, play with love, and play with any human emotion they could get. But…what they loved most was to play with pain. And anger. And hatred.

"Why you got it, didn't you?" Yugi sneered. "Play with my anger all you want, shadows. It'll just give me more incentive to find your weak point, find what keeps your sinful being here on this earth. Whatever it takes, I will make sure you are GONE from this world!" He screamed, banging his fist against the iron. A smirk wound it's way across his lips. "Hear that…I'm the one to do it. And you can't catch me either shadows…you can't. Catch. Me."


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