Barry walked along the Imperial city streets. He suddenly stopped in his tracks, looking down he noticed a dead body on the floor.

"HELP! MURDER!" He screamed to the skies.

He looked around but there was no one near him. The streets were empty.

He started to run "There's a murderer on the loose!" He screamed as he ran.

He ran everywhere but still he could find no-one.

He stood still and scratched his nose "Where the douche is everyone?" He said to himself.

He looked around but still no-one was around.

Barry decided to shout once more, just in case.

"HELP! MURDER!" Barry screamed to the skies.

A Dunmer came out of a door and walked towards him.

They both looked at each other for a while and the Dunmer started to speak.

"Any news from the other provinces?" The Dunmer asked him.

Barry looked around and decided on screaming to the skies once again "HELP! MURDER!"

The Dunmer sneered at him "Get away from meee!"

The Dunmer then raised his arms above his head and brought the down upon Barry's head "Hurah!" He bellowed.

Barry staggered but then gained his balance and screamed to the skies before running "By the nine divines! Assault!"

Far, far away, a man walked past a Guard.

The Guard turned to the man "You have my ear citizen,"

The man shrugged "Yeah sorry," He took the Guard's ear from out of his pocket and gave it to him.

The end

Thank you for allowing me to waste your time