First dream; broken night


She was flying through endless white.
It engulfed her, it choked her, it soothed her.
Then, one sound, one word, cut through the blissful calm.

And suddenly, her ability to fly, her invisible wings, disappeared, folded in gently, and she was falling.
Akane couldn't see the ground, but knew it was nearing, and fast. Her body picked up speed, her peach-pink hair whipping around her hair - though the strange thing was, she didn't feel a thing.
She prepared herself for the harsh landing, a scream building up in her throat.. and her feet planted themselves softly, flattening in seeming mid-air.

Tensed muscles relaxing in a flash, Akane sank to the floor, shaking slightly.
Her head faced the floor – or was it even that?
Questions clouded her mind; where was she? How did she get here? What was that voice? And how it had called her –it must've been her; she was sure there was no one else around-.. Miko. Something in her twitched at the title, sang a little, but why?

"Miko, look up." That same voice said, and she looked up at the sound.
Again, something in her moved. A young man was staring at her, his long hair –if she had to name its color, it would be something like faded emerald- bundled up at the right side of his head. It was swept across a pale face, half-covered by a grayish tint. He stared at her intently with bi-colored eyes, one that same emerald, but stronger, the other as gold as the string of beads around his neck.

"Who are you?" she stammered, struggling to get to her feet, trying to get a closer look at him.
"My name.. is Yasuaki."
The gate rattled, and Akane woke up.


Her head hurt. Did she fall out of bed again? Nope, she thought, feeling the soft comfort of her mattress under her, still in bed. Maybe I caught a cold?

Swinging her legs down to the floor, Akane slithered out of bed, shivering in the morning cold. Shooting to her closet, she tried to ignore the chilling floor, blindly snatched some clothes (meanwhile hoping she hadn't picked something thin) and sprinted to the bathroom to have a hot shower.

Her limbs pricked as the scalding water warmed her cold body. Sighing in delight, she forced herself not to take too long in the shower. Drying quickly, she slipped into her clothes (thankfully, a thick sweater instead of a summer top as she'd feared).
Relishing in the warm steam created by her shower, Akane was reluctant to step out of her warm sanctuary. Steeling herself, she shot through the door, intent on standing in the kitchen before the end of the minute (17 seconds left, gotta hurry), but staggered to a quick stop as her eyes slid over the digital clock in her room. She hadn't even checked the time yet before; now she found with a shock that she hadn't needed to hurry.
Its red numbers blinked lazily at her, presenting her the time.
3:47 AM
it read. Approximately three hours and thir—no, wait, the last number just shifted into an eight, so that meant three hours and twelve minutes before she was supposed to wake up.

With a groan, Akane sagged to the floor, ignoring the gust of wind that ruffled her still-wet hair from her slightly-opened window.

Well, she surmised, I should've known, after another night like that. That was something that had been bothering her for weeks on end. A stream of dreams plagued her almost every night, rousing her from sleep and triggering an uneasy feeling in her heart. It started with simple flashes; slideshows of scenes she had never seen before (even so, her heart did that weird little jump at every new image), but now… a man! And he had spoken to her!

She contemplated the young man as she dragged herself to the kitchen to make some tea. Tea always helped, she'd learned.
No doubt about it, he had been handsome, though not in a standard way. Actually, she supposed he was anything but standard, with exotically tinted hair and bi-colored eyes. And his skin! Make-up, maybe?
Easing the teabag into the pot, Akane added the boiling water as she sighed.
They were definitely connected. After all, those scenes were most certainly from the same period, some of them appearing in multiple dreams. A child-princess, looking at her worriedly. A sickly woman, calming down a brazen redhead. And still that headache. That was new; did it come with the dreams, or did she catch a cold?
In any case, it was nothing her tea couldn't fix.


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