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Chapter 1: Magic and Wishes

It was a warm and sunny day, and it was summer. Bella was visiting Charlie in Forks, and the usually rainy town was surprisingly cheery.

"Daddy, can I go for a walk in the woods?" Bella was thirteen, and extremely happy.

"Okay, but don't go too far," Charlie told her. "Remember, there have been sightings of large wolfs in the area.

Charlie was on the police force in Forks. He was, however, yet to be promoted.

"Sure, Daddy!" Bella said. Bella usually didn't hike; however, she felt the need to spend time in the sunny air.

Bella pulled on her favorite blue jeans and a t-shirt. Then she grabbed a compass and headed out into the woods.

What a beautiful day, thought Bella as she trudged through the woods. Eventually she came to her favorite clearing.

The clearing was huge. In the center was an old shack that had once been inhabited by a couple, by now its only occupants were squirrels and spiders.

Bella smiled to herself, and pushed through the tall grass to get to the house. Once there, she opened the front door and went inside.

She coughed because of the dust that her feet kicked up. But she was getting used to it, seeing as she came here at every chance she could.

Bella stepped lightly through a large living room space, and tiny kitchen, and through a musty hallway. She went the arch that had once been a door and found her self in her favorite room in the cottage.

The space she was in was a bedroom, one of the seven in the cottage. Bella had only explored four of them. There was a rickety stair case leading upstairs to the rest of the bedrooms, but Bella was too cautious to try the stair way.

This one particular room was Bella's favorite because one wall was gone. The brick had crumbled and rotted on the wall facing north, and now ivy crawled up the few bricks that were left, creating a green wall. If Bella pushed away some of the greenery to make a window, she had the perfect view of the bubbling brook at the edge of the meadow. It was times like these when Bella could really imagine the happy family that had once inhabited the home, and why they'd chosen the meadow as the location.

This really is a magical place, Bella thought. I just wish I had someone my age to share it with…

Be careful what you wish for, Bella.

Your wish…

Just might…

Come true….