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Chapter 7: A Hike and a Portal

"Oh, wow, it sure is nice out here," Sighed Aelita. "Sooo much prettier then Kadic in the morning." She smiled to her new friend, who smiled back.

"This way," Bella told Aelita, pointing to the left of where they were. "We're almost there; can you hear the river?"

Aelita shook her head. Then, as the two girls were walking in silence, a faint rushing sound could be heard.

"I can hear it now!" Aelita gasped, keeping her voice low, as if had she had spoken any louder, it would have broken the spell that seemed to have fallen of the two girls.

Bella grinned at her, not letting the mass of swirling chaos in her head show through onto her facial expressions. She was still really confused about the whole thing.

Several moments later, they came to the cottage.

Bella shifted her bag, which contained a lunch…snack…thing…as well as her River Rock.

The two girls settled down at the edge of the stream. Bella placed the rock between them. They chatted aimlessly for a couple minutes before Bella decided to prepare their snack.

She'd only taken her eyes of Aelita for a second…but when she looked back…she was gone.


It was weird. That was Aelita first thought.

She'd literally been sitting beside Bella next to the stream. The next thing she knew…blackness…then the Kadic forest once again surrounding her.

That's it? She wondered as she picked herself up. A night and a morning? Seriously? I hope Bella's okay. Wish I'd gotten a phone number or something. Well, this officially sucks.

When Aelita arrived back on the campus, the first thing she saw was Sissy. What a nice way to be welcomed back. Aelita thought bitterly. It would have been even more bitter had she heard the conversation Sissy was having on the phone. And angry conversation.

But luckily, Aelita hadn't heard it. She continued quickly back to her dorm to console her friends, who she had no doubt, were worrying their minds out about her right then.

Sissy was not having a good day.

It was just last night she'd heard them talking about The Incident. The rock thing. Whatever it was. And now, today, AKA one night later, she tried to tell her friends (well, lackeys really.) and her father (who's the headmaster, remember?) and neither listened to her.

"Goodbye sweetie," her father said on the other end, before hanging up.

Sissy slammed her phone shut angrily. She would get revenge on one of them…somehow…one day….

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