(This is just a quick one-shot story my fiancé demanded I do this morning. Any continuity errors I attribute to being half awake at the time… Funny Fact: In the time it's taken me to write this little author's note, she's already read the whole story and wants me to write more…)

Bella shivered in her bed, looking pitiful as she tried to cocoon herself in her covers. "Why is it so cold?!" She wailed to no one as she pouted.

"Because you hang out with a freezing bloodsucker all day. Oh and because they're called colds for a reason." A voice teased by Bella's window.

Bella jumped as she abruptly looked over to where the voice was coming from, though she already recognized it. "Jake, what are you doing here?" She asked with genuine curiosity.

"Well, your leech is out doing his 'thing' while you're sick so I figured I'd pay you a visit to make sure you were alright." Jake made an exaggerated biting motion as he said the word 'thing' with an obvious tone of annoyance.

"I'm doing just fine, thank you." Bella crossed her arms under the covers. She hated being sick. Especially colds. Sure she was okay with Edward being cold because he was perfect but being cold for no reason just irked the hell out of her.

"Funny. You look terrible to me.." Jake said, trying to hide the concern in his voice.

Bella rolled her eyes. "Finally! One of you has finally started seeing me for what I am! Nothing special." She teased.

Getting her meaning Jake turned sour. "You know what I meant. You look like you're in agony." Jacob got closer as he put his hand on her head. To his surprise she practically clasped her hands on his to leave it there.

"Mmmm warm." Bella said contently, as she kept Jacob's hand on her head.

"Anywhere else you want me to put my hands?" Jacob asked with a grin.

Bella froze and gave him a glare. He always had to ruin good moments. "Sure, and then when Edward comes back he'll kick your ass."

Jacob rolled his eyes. "I wish he'd try." Then seeing Bella's face get angrier he decided to change the subject. "You're freezing."

"I knoooooooow!" Bella wailed again, clutching Jacob's hand. Her head now felt fine but the rest of her was still cold. She was just doing her best to focus on the warm part.

Another sly grin crossed Jacob's face as he could see the problem. "Scoot over, you bed hog." He said, climbing into her bed.

"Hey!" Bella protested as she was getting pushed to the edge of the bed by Jacob's massive form. "What are you doing!?" She'd have hit him if she hadn't already learned the futility of such action.

"I'm helping, what's it look like? You're not naked under there are you? Not that I'd mind…" Jacob teased.

"Would you get out of my bed!?" Bella protested. She'd have gotten out herself but…the bed was getting so warm now. She sighed in defeat as she moved closer to Jacob, warming herself.

"Wow. That's not contradicting…" Jacob said in a mocking tone, with a huge smile on his face.

"Shut up. I hate you." Bella grumbled petulantly, wrapping her arms around her personal 'space heater'.

"I know you do. I know." Jacob replied contently, his smile only getting wider.