After an interesting discussion sprang up on the livejournal Dramacon community, I wanted to analyse Greta more. She's a really sweet supporting character.
Prompt: Earth.

Down to Earth

Greta had worked in Sandra's shop since her high school days. She loved the clothes and the customers, loved Sandra. She couldn't think of a better job.

Her hair tied up in two cute bunches made her look younger, childish. But Greta's gentle eyes were full of a warm compassion that seemed to come from years of worldly experience.

She was like a mother, long before her time. The apron that protected her clothes apparently helped with that image, as Sandra often commented that she looked like a housewife. Greta felt that she would make a good mother one day. Almost instinctively she knew how to look after people.

Toes attached to feet clad in sensible shoes wiggled appreciatively, as Sandra moaned of the pains of high heals. Greta never wore the costumes she worked so hard to make and sell. She couldn't find the confidence to slip into another person's outfit, another character's skin. She didn't wish to leave behind Greta, in her worn trainers and trusted jeans. She liked her comfortable world of sensible garments in natural shades. Woollen jumpers for winter in greens and browns. Greta liked earthy colours.

People often asked why Greta, boring, simple Greta, would work for someone as wild as Sandra in a business for which she obviously didn't care to partake in. Greta would smile knowingly and shuffle her feet. "I might be down to earth," she'd reply, "but everyone else around here is full of air, and nearly flying. If I wasn't here to tie them down, who knows what could happen."

And so Greta, who could only dream of flying, kept her feet fixed firmly to the ground, and everyone knew where to find her, especially when flying became just a little too impractical for everyday life.