Not the best of my works, just something that occurred to me…and that I couldn't quite portray effectively.
Part of the failed Fanfiction 100 attempt.
Prompt: Enemies


Love was described as a wonderful adventure, a fairytale idealism, a warm fuzzy feeling that filled a person up from head to toe.

Love was compared to a blazing fire, a burning passion, a heat that overwhelmed someone and spurred them to do daring deeds.

No one had ever warned Christie that love could be a constant battle.

"I am not walking around with you wearing that!"

"Well I'm not walking around with you wearing that!"

"Well I guess we won't be walking around together then!"

All they ever seemed to do was fight.

Of course, she'd fought with Derek. But she was fairly certain…no, she was one hundred percent positive that she was totally in love with Matt. And what's more, he was in love with her. So why did they fight? Why was it that they had to be pitted against one another as enemies?

Bethany had laughed when Christie spilled her heart to her best friend. "All the greatest lovers in literature were bad for each other," Bethany suggested. "Maybe you're the new Romeo and Juliet."

"So we're doomed?" Chriss had asked solemnly.

Bethany was reminded that using metaphors from literature was probably not a good idea when talking to a writer.

"Do you believe in soul mates?"

"Yes. The tooth fairy, too."


"…okay, that sounded bad, but what I really meant was…"


Except that they weren't doomed. The more they fought, the more the young couple learned to apologize. It was a delicate balance, a tightrope walk that could go terribly wrong at any moment, yet the two always managed to solve their differences somehow. Not that their differences were ever over anything vitally important; but, Sandra argued, if they could make up over the small things, the big things would be a much more achievable obstacle.

For that was how Matt loved: by fighting with people. He showed affection with sarcastic barbs. One just had to look at the way he treated Sandra for proof that enemies could truly care for each other. It seemed to be the only emotion he knew how to express. He either ignored you or fought with you, and Christie would rather fight with him than not have him there at all.

And so it seemed that love could be a war: not with an unseen enemy, but with the one you loved; where the two strongest sides won only by continuous fighting against one another. Here every ground gained, every battle won, no matter which side it was by, was a victory for both.

Christie and Matt loved as enemies, as only enemies could.