Operation: TNDD

Disclaimer: I don't own KND, CN does!Chapter 1: Numbuh 311's POV (another prologue of some sort…)

Hello, yet again. I fear that even though my alliance to the KND (will always be like that). I fear that at worse I will change myself. For you see, I am a teenager.

According to psychologists the teen years is something called, "the confusing years," only because as a teenager, you want to see that you are an adult when really it's like you are not a kid anymore and not yet an adult. So what are you really? Hence, the confusing years, as well as anger or loss of oneself (see you are trying to re-find yourself). Decommissioning does not even help at all.

I know these things because my mom is a psychologist and she's always telling me the warning signs. Like, for example, one of my best friends, who are also a teenage spy for the KND, has an eating disorder, which actually started when she was ten (so not because of "imbalance of hormones.") My other best friend becomes anti-social. And lastly my other best friend begins to cut herself. Why? I am not sure.

As for me, someone, although I'm not sure why decided to push me off the roof of my school. Some people decided that I am suicidal, which is so not true.

So here is how the tales really begins…and watch out for the warning signs that I was talking about.

Chapter 2: Father's New School

"Father is building a new school to merge high school, middle school, and elementary school" reported Nigel Uno.

Somewhere else, a similar meeting was being taken place.