Just An Ordinary Day

She tells herself that it's just another day. It's just another ordinary day. The pounding of her heart conflicts with that notion however and try as she might, she can't get it to slow. It drums out its beat in a steady mantra, thrumming and pulsing and twisting through her veins and making her feel alive. It taunts her. Nothing is ordinary about this day.

The crisp morning air fills her lungs as her feet hit the pavement. Chilling her to her core, the feeling only dissipates when she drowns it in coffee, strong and black and scorching hot. The warmth spreads from her mouth to her oesophagus to her stomach and travels to the tips of her fingers and her toes. Her eyes flutter shut at the sensation.

Before she knows it, the coffee is gone. The cigarette lined path has led her to the front steps of a building and there's an entirely different emotion broiling inside of her. She reminds herself again – whispers it – that it's just another ordinary day. And then she takes that sentiment back.

This day is anything but ordinary. This day is new and exciting. This day marks the first day of the rest of her life. Juggling the cardboard box of stationery and paper carefully under one arm, she allows her lips to curl up and takes the final steps into her future.