I don't own Digimon. This is based on the fact that Izzy from Adventure 01 and 02 and Lucemon from the Frontier season 4 have the same voices.


I'm using English names.

This is a crossover with Digimon Adventure 02 and Frontier season 4.

This takes place after the Digimon Emperor falls and when Lucemon just awakened and Koichi is still in the Digital World.

(^_^) (-_-) will be used for switching view points between places/worlds.

Chapter 1

Izzy was watching his screen. The newer Digidestined had gone in to destroy the last of the Control Spires. Another black square turned white, another group of Control Spires went down. At the rate they're at, they'll be able to destroy all of them in the next few hours, he thought.

A sudden message appeared on his screen. "Huh? What's this?" he wondered, clicking on the message. A window popped up and the email appeared on his screen.

"'Ready to play?'" he read. "Play? Play what?" The message was an anonymous email. Two buttons appeared underneath of the question: Yes or No. Something didn't feel right but the mouse seemed to move on it's own over the yes hover.

"No," Izzy said, clicking no the button.

A new message appeared. "Too late," it said. "Welcome to a little game I call 'Switch The Voices'." Izzy felt suddenly tired. Can't fall asleep now, he thought but it was too late. He lost consciousness twenty seconds later.

(^_^) (-_-)

Lucemon grinned. He was finally free and he had all the power he needed to take care of giving a new birth to the place he had destroyed. First, he had to take care of the meddling humans and their ten Spirits.

A sudden 2-D screen appeared before him. It read, "Ready to play a game?"

"A game?" Lucemon said, annoyed. "What game? I don't have time for this. I have a world to restore!" He touched the No. A second message appeared over the first one.

"Too late," it said. "Welcome to a little game I call 'Switch the Voices'." Lucemon looked at it oddly. "This is pathetic!" he said. Lucemon flew off to take care of the humans. Lucemon became dizzy and tired, but he paid it no mind.

The Digidestined noticed that Lucemon was coming. They stood ready and prepared for battle.

"Wind into Flame!"

"Ice into Flame!"

"Thunder into Light!"

"Darkness into Light!"

"Fusion Spirit Evolution!"

In the blinding light that was caused by the two turning into Digimon, Lucemon saw a red head human boy falling his way in a silent cry. What? Before Lucemon realized he was suddenly forced away, falling somewhere unknown to him.

(^_^) (-_-)

Lucemon fell into a world that seemed different from the world that he was forced out of. "What?" he said. "I've entered the human world?" Lucemon grinned. "I could start working here."

He fell through a roof of a building and awoke in front of some sort of screen. "What's this?" Lucemon asked. The screen had a table with disappearing black squares and appearing white ones. Lucemon got up and looked around. In the reflection of the window, he saw that he didn't have his body.

It was a human body with black eyes and red hair. The boy's clothes were green. "Interesting," he said to himself. The message had brought him to the human world. From the Human World, he could take control of it.

Suddenly, a group of human kids and several Digimon appeared out of the glass windowed box. He turned and froze.

"Hey, Izzy!" called one of the boys with maroon hair and goggles. "We're done!"

"Izzy? I'm not named Izzy!" Lucemon shouted. "I'm Lucemon!"

"Okay," two of the boys said in a weird way.

"Is a role for a play?" one of the two girls asked.

"Maybe for a DigiPlay dealing with the Great Demon Lords," the Gatomon said.

"And we'd be the Digidestined heroes!" cried the Veemon. The Patamon giggled.

The shortest of them looked at him oddly. "Are you sure your okay, Izzy?" he asked.

"Izzy's just been sitting in front of the computer too long," the goggled boy joked, grinning.

Lucemon decided that it would be no use to try to get these humans to make him believe him. If I pretend to be this 'Izzy' I'll be able to win their trust and conquer this world. "Yes," Lucemon said, playing along. "I have been sitting in front of the computer screen too long."

(^_^) (-_-)

Izzy opened his eyes. "Huh?" he said, studying the area around him. He was what appeared to be space. "Is this a dream?" he said.

"Some dream this is!" yelled a voice. Izzy looked up to see two towering Digimon. One was a cross between a blue wolf and a military airplane. The other was a red armor clad Digimon. Both of them wore hostile looks.

"Who are you?" Izzy asked.

"The one's who'll defeat you!" answered the wolf Digimon.

"And take back the Digital World!" called the red Digimon. The two began sending attacks.

Izzy was bewildered. "I don't know what you're talking about!" he cried, trying his best to dodge the attacks. He dove behind a floating rock. How'd I end up in the Digital World? Why are they attacking me anyways? Izzy thought. I hope this is just a bad dream!

The roar of an engine caught Izzy's attention. The two were coming back around for a second attack. The rock behind him was suddenly sliced in half.

"Got you know, Lucemon!" cried the red Digimon.

"Lucemon? Who's that?" Izzy asked.

"Don't play dumb!" the wolf Digimon yelled. "Don't toy with us! You're the one who destroyed the Digital World!"

"What?" Izzy asked in horror. "The Digital World is destroyed? How can that be? Davis and the others took care of the Control Spires and there was no-"

"Control Spires?" the two asked. They snapped out of it. "Stop spouting stuff and battle us, already!"

Izzy paid them no mind, dodging the attacks to the best of his ability. Then it occurred to him: How am able to control where I'm floating in space? He looked at himself. Izzy wasn't wearing his green uniform, more like a toga that the Romans and Greeks wore. "When was I wearing this?" he wondered.

"Something's up with that guy," the red Digimon said to the other. "I don't think that is Lucemon, or -"

"That's Lucemon alright," growled the wolf one.

Izzy turned to them. "I'm not this Digimon named Lucemon!" he shouted. "My name is Izzy! I'm a human, not a Digimon!"

This annoyed the wolf. He growled in frustration. "You're no human!"

"No, really! I -" he shouted but his eyes fell on a set of tracks in a sphere where a planet should have been. "What happened?" Izzy asked. The message had transported him to the Digital World, but how? And where were Davis, Kari, Cody, Yolei, Ken, and TK? What about the others?

"That's it!" the grey one shouted in frustration, leaping forward. "Magna Rockets!" He fired homing rockets at Izzy.

"I'm right with you! Dragon Fire Crossbow!" the red Digimon cried, following suit. He aimed his sword blade, which began to glow. Then he fired a red energy surge towards him.

"Yahh!" Izzy ducked for cover the best he could, but felt the shock of the rock shatter behind him. What now?

Chapter 1: End

Another Digimon fanfic!! This is just based on the fact that Izzy and Lucemon have the same voices, so I think you guys know what is going down. ^^ I made this before The Golden Digitama For Peace and I've been working on it on and off. This is my first crossover with 02, so it may not be the greatest.