I don't own Digimon. This is based on the fact that Izzy from Adventure 01 and 02 and Lucemon from the Frontier season 4 have the same voices.


I'm using English names.

This is a crossover with Digimon Adventure 02 and Frontier season 4.

This takes place (02) between the Digimon Emperor falls and before Episode 40 and when Lucemon just awakened and Koichi is still in the Digital World.

(^_^) (-_-) will be used for switching view points between places/worlds.

Chapter 9

Izzy woke up wide-eyed, staring up at bright lights. The ceiling above him was white. He also heard the BEEP BEEP of a monitor. Izzy turned his head to see wires connected to a heart monitor. It then hit him that he was in the hospital. He tried forcing himself up, but it took a little work.

The door opened and in came a doctor and his parents came into the room. "-he hasn't awakened yet but-," the doctor stopped short looking wide eyed at Izzy. Izzy's mother eyes were wide and weepy. She rushed towards him and hugged him tightly. She heaved heavy sobs as she cradled her son.

"Mom, why am I in the hospital?" he asked.

She drew away from him. "Don't you remember?" she asked, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

Izzy thought for a moment then shook his head slowly. "It's kind of fuzzy," he replied.

"Well, young man, you're friends found you and brought you here when you were passed out. They've visited you for the last week," he said.

"A week?" he repeated. An entire week had passed since the events? Then what had happened rushed back to him, everything since he and Lucemon had switched bodies . . . He then snapped his head up and jumped out of the bed and rushed towards the bathroom and looked at his reflection. He expected to see the blond haired boy with blue eyes that was Lucemon but instead was the face of a red head and black-eyed Izzy.

He saw his mother's reflection in the mirror. Her expression was a mixture of worry, concern and surprise. What's wrong, Izzy?" she asked.

Izzy relaxed and turned to her. "No, everything's back to normal," he replied. She sighed a sigh of relief and went over to him. After a couple of days, everything was normal. Izzy returned to school and got caught up on his homework and tests from not only a week but during the time when Izzy was Lucemon (an entire month).

One day, after school, Izzy met with the others. "So what exactly happened?" Davis asked.

Yolei glared at him. "Don't you think that it would be a-!" she nearly shouted.

"It wouldn't hurt to tell you," he said. The ten of them: Davis, Yolei, Cody, Ken, Kari, TK, Tai, Sora, Matt, and Joe (who was told what had happened during that time while he was busy doing the study session), turned to look at Izzy. He began telling them what had happened up to the point where time began to slow down to a freeze.

His attack froze mid flight. Was this something that Lucemon was able to do? Lucemon seemed frozen, too, so that couldn't have been it. Izzy tried to move his arm but found it frozen in place. His heartbeat had slowed down as well, the beating long, slow, and loud.

Two figures stood on the other side of the room. One was a dark blue-cloaked man wearing a diamond mask and the other was a pale blue small female with purple amethysts for eyes. "Now, Astronamon" commanded the blue-cloaked man.

"Fine, fine, fine, Chronomon!" said the girl in a voice that a child would use when they didn't want to do something. So they're Digimon, Izzy thought. Like a drop into calm water, the ground beneath them rippled and faded into an empty filled with nothing but color changing background.

Izzy's arm moved and his heart sped up back to a normal rate. The blue Digimon named Chronomon turned to Izzy. "Human, you had been chosen by my counter part for a game," he said.

Izzy looked at Lucemon, ready to attack whenever. The girl giggled. "Don't worry, Izzy," she said. "He's frozen in both time and space. He can't even hurt a fly."

Izzy looked at her. "How do you know my name?" he asked. The girl giggled again.

"I know a lot about you and your friends from both world," she walked over to Lucemon and waved her hand in front of his face and made faces at him. He didn't move an inch. She turned to look back at him.

"So . . . you were the one who sent me that e-mail?" he asked.

Astronamon giggled again and tapped on the frozen attack playfully. "Yep!"

Izzy frowned, confused. "How are you able to do that? How were you able to switch our bodies? How do you know my name and why are you appearing now?" he asked. So many questions came to his mind. "Why me?"

Astronamon giggled again. "Well, silly, you and Lucemon have similar voice waves. I can't tell you how I'm able to do it though!" She put a finger to her lips and then pretended to zip her lip. "It's a secret!"

Chronomon seemed displeased. "Get to it, Astronamon," he said in a hard voice. "I'll answer the humans questions." Astronamon glowered at him and then sat down and went into a meditative position. Chronomon turned to Izzy and began explaining. "We are from a inter-space between worlds. I am the one that watches over the timelines of all the worlds and make sure they continue going down the path of big events that was written for them. Astronamon is the caretaker of space, making sure that worlds and dimensions do not run into each other."

"So, there are other Digital Worlds and Human Worlds?" he asked.

Chronomon nodded. "As well as other places where humans and Digimon exist in one place or somewhere were none of them exist."

"Then why are you only Digimon?" Izzy asked.

"We are not just Digimon; we have many forms and names that go with them. We are more of entities. For the Human Worlds and Digital Worlds, we have these forms and names."

"What about the other DigiDestined? From the other world?" he asked. "What's going to happen to them?"

"For them, time is going to be rewind and their memories wiped of the incidents as well as the humans of this world," Chronomon explained. "Astronamon will patch up the hole and make sure that these dimensions don't cross over again."

Izzy began to feel light headed and dizzy. He began feeling for something to hold him up as his energy and vision faded. "Almost done," he heard Astronamon say. "We'll let him keep his memories though, after all, they're DigiDestined."

When Izzy opened his eyes, he could see the frozen body of a blond haired and blue-eyed child with many angel wings on his back. His vision began to fade again. His consciousness slipped.

"And then I woke up a week later," Izzy finished.

"Wow, this is the first time I've heard about Chronomon or Astronamon," Gatomon and the other Digimon said.

"Those sound like some powerful Digimon," Davis said.

"There would be," Kari said. "But you mentioned that they said that they had more forms and names. I wonder what other forms they have?"

"Who knows," Sora and Yolei said. "We may never see them."

"So those Digimon we saw earlier must have been those two," TK and Cody said.

"You also saw them?" Izzy asked.

The three nodded. "But for a brief moment. They were surrounded by a whole bunch of Digimon and they managed to neutralize them without firing an attack."

Izzy's mom opened the door. "Hey, kids," she said. "There's a call for Ken." Ken stood and went to take the phone.

"It's getting late anyway," Tai spoke up. "We should get going before mom freaks." He and Kari stood up.

"We should as well," Matt said.

"Yeah, Matt has to cook for Dad one of those delicious meals," TK added with a laughed. Matt looked at his little brother vengeance in his eyes.

"See ya all tomorrow then!" Davis shouted, leaving the room. They all left for their homes.

Izzy went to lie down on his bed. Tentomon sat on the computer chair across the room. "That was some crazy adventure, eh, Izzy?" asked Tentomon.

Izzy didn't mind Tentomon. His mind wondered what had happened to the DigiDestined from the other world, Takuya, Zoe, Koji, Koichi, JP, Tommy, Lopmon, Patamon, Salamon, Bokomon, and Neemon. Did they defeat Lucemon? That'd be one question that never would be answered.

"Izzy! You got mail!" Tentomon said. Izzy looked at Tentomon and then got up and checked his computer. He opened the e-mail and read it.

How'd you like the game? I think the original title for the game was kind of boring. I think 'Being the Enemy' sounds better, doesn't it? Well, the other 'DigiDestined' defeated Lucemon, just to let you know. You won't see them, ever again, since I patched up the hole that they created to get to the other (your) Digital World.

I'm bored again! I want to play another game! Want to play?

Izzy sighed and deleted the e-mail after reading it through twice. He smiled, knowing that Lucemon was now defeated. From what he knew from meeting him for the short amount of time, Lucemon was crazy, insane, and power hungry. It was good to know he wasn't going to be a danger to anyone anymore.

He lie back down on the bed and fell asleep. He was no longer playing the enemy but was himself again, hoping it would be all over.

Chapter 9: End.


It's finally over! And it only took me three months? Thank you to May Kat, kacsnaruhina, Sightbent, and aznbebot06 for reviewing and thank you to everyone else who read it! Thank you very much! This project was fun and a pain to work on since I was working on DFTV/DFET and Golden DigiTama For Peace at the same time. In the end, I liked how it turned out.

Just to explain something: Fernomon had pinned down Zephyrmon and Maledimon was about to do a final attack when time froze and they were sent back to their world. It's not known what happens to these two though, but it can be assumed that they were destroyed or returned to their DigiEgg form.

Please note that: Fernomon, Maledimon, Chronomon, and Astronamon are my creation. You may see more of Fernomon and Maledimon in future stories, but I'm not sure with the other two.