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The first part of the chapter is in Rachel's POV! (And yeah, I realize that I made Paul one of the jerkiest boys out there but I did it on purpose, so ya.) AND one more thing, it's during BD.

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Chapter One – Arriving Home

Oh my God, I still cannot believe I am doing this! Arg, right now I want to go up to Jake and smack his head several times so his brain sloshes around and he is permanently disabled. It was the Jacob excuse that got me here. Thinking back to the Fatal Phone Call, I gritted my teeth.


"Rachel, God I'm so proud of you, I can't believe you graduated early!" Came my Dad's earnest voice and I smiled to myself, good old Dad.

"Thanks Dad! And now I'm off school early!" I said cheerfully. My friend Morgan flipped me off; she was a little pissed because she didn't get to graduate early.

"Really? Well that's great! You know, what with all that extra time, maybe you could come home for a bit…" He trailed off hearing my sharp intake of breath. It wasn't that I hated my dad or brother, but after living there for eighteen years, you can get really depressed about the weather, and the fact that there are hardly any people there.

"Dad, you know it would be really hard for me. Tickets are expensive. Plus, I want to make a living here! You know that there's an opening at a local high school for an English teacher! And I have all my friends, and a possible beau!" Aw crap, had I really just told Dad that I would have a possible BEAU? He sighed.

"Rach, I miss you like hell. Jake… I haven't told you this, but Jake isn't around hardly any, in fact he ran away from home for a long time just a couple of months ago." My heart shattered for my Dad, and my head exploded with anger towards Jacob. Dad continued, "I'm getting really sad and lonely here, a visit from you would really cheer me up." He said, sounding like an old man in need of help. Well, I knew my old man better than that, yet I still answered, "Fine, when should I leave?" whilst heaving a dramatic sigh.

End of Flashback

Hence my anger at Jacob. Not only do I have to go to La Push, but he fucking ran away from home! How could he do that to Dad? The plane started to descend and I took a deep breath.

Port Angeles is the closest big city near La Push, about an hour away. As I looked through the crowds of people, trying to spot who would be driving me home. Dad said it was going to be Jake and one of his friends, Sam I think. My eyes swept the area, my attention caught on two HUGE guys. And I mean HUGE. They looked like they were on steroids, their muscles rippled as they walked and they hulked over everyone as they made their way through the airport. I rolled my eyes. "Stupid steroid-taking jerks." I muttered under my breath, a guy a few feet away from me glanced where I was looking and nodded in agreement.

"I agree. Those guys will never succeed if they succumb to drugs." He nodded once and left. I scanned the area once again, looking for Jake. He's an average teenage boy with a round face, long silky black hair, and an exuberant smile. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the two guys coming towards me and I started to panic. Were they going to do something to me? Or were they just asking for directions. They come closer and closer until they were only mere inches in front of me. Identical scowls were planted on there faces.

"Hey Rachel, great to see you." The smaller of the two said. (Though he was in no means small.) I squinted at him.

"Um, sorry, do I know you?" I asked turning red, who the hell were they? The smaller one's ace turned into a smirk.

"Dad's gonna be surprised when he finds out you didn't recognize your own brother." He said, clearly in a teasing voice, but the hint of a scowl was still there. I gasped as I realized what he meant.

"Holy shit! Jacob! Is that seriously you?" I screeched, but as I looked closer I realized that it was definitely Jake. "Oh my God, what have you grown ten inches?" I laughed as I hugged him, anger forgotten. He grinned.

"Yeah, it was weird. I just had this really big growth spurt." He said, then I thought about it more.

"Ah crap, Jake. Please tell me that you aren't on drugs!" I hissed, suddenly livid. He shook it off, as if my anger couldn't affect him. Ha buddy, yeah right.

"No, Rachel. I am not on drugs, nor am I taking steroids." He said sounding irritated. I shrugged and smiled at the man next to him, who was concentrating on Jake for some reason.

"Hey, I'm Rachel! You must be um, Sam, I think?" I asked him. He nodded at me, but didn't say anything. We went to get my bags and hurried out of the airport. We didn't really have a problem. Everyone parted like Jake and Sam were freaking terrorists. I got quickly into the back as they stuffed my bags in the car like they were pillows. They were f-ing strong! I looked out the window as Sam started to drive. I was on the way to two weeks of boring.

Paul POV

I watched Quil as he started to chase Claire around the yard, going really slow so that she had the impression she was going at the speed of light. Shaking my head, I turned away from them and went into Sam and Emily's. I know he didn't really care, but I felt kind of sorry for him. He was always making an utter fool out of himself for an almost-three-year old. Claire was a cute kid; I had to admit, but still. I hoped to God that I would never imprint; if I did I would be really glad about it, but I would be brainwashed by whoever the damn girl was. Shaking my head, I caught a whiff of something good. I wandered into the kitchen and saw Emily. Seriously, the poor girl lived here.

"Hey, Paul! Don't you dare try to eat it all, I'm saving it for Sam for when he gets home from the airport." She warned. I looked at her questionably.

"Airport?" I asked, but I had a handful of cookies in my mouth so it came out sounding more like "Ar-porf?" She smiled sadly and nodded.

"Yeah, Jake has to go get his sister and Sam and Billy wanted to make sure he didn't run away again." She sighed.

"Oh, yeah. What was Jake's sister's name again?" I asked, suddenly remembering the picture of her in Jake's living room. She looked really, really-

"Don't even think about it Paul! Jake would probably find out if you fucked up his sister." Embry said entering the room. I glared at his and he grinned back. "Sorry dude, but he would kill you. He knows what a jerk you are." Embry shrugged and my anger reached a high. I shot up from the table and started to shake.

"What? Did you just call me a jerk? You bastard! I'm gonna-" I said, moving forward to punch him.

"Don't even THINK about having a fight in this room, and Paul, if you so much as make a scratch on this table I will make Sam tell you to jump off a cliff!" She said, her words were said in an angry but not livid voice, but in truth Emily was probably the most dangerous person in the Pack. I took a step back and calmed down. Trying to do what Sam always tells me to do, thinking about things that made me happy, and things that calm me. Taking a deep breath, I sat back down. Embry just kept grinning that stupid smirk. Emily gave us both a brief, stern look. I warily looked at the fifth batch of cookies she was taking and the seventh she was putting (The sixth in the other oven) and willed time to move faster. I wanted Bella and Edward to get home so we could have a war finally. I had been waiting for one for quite some time, that was for sure. And if I died, who cared? There wasn't really anything exciting to live for.

Rachel POV

Sam parked in front of the familiar, little red house and I sighed as Jake got my bags out of the trunk. "Okay guys, I gotta run back to my house, remember, I'm only a short phone call away." The last part seemed to be a warning directed towards Jake, and he shifted his feet sheepishly. Which reminded me… After Sam drove away and the last shred of happiness of seeing Jake again evaporated I rounded on him.

"And what is this running away from home business?" I hissed, jabbing my finger into his chest. He didn't say anything. "You know how pissed I was when I heard? Dad was probably worried SICK! And you know what kind of trouble you could have gotten into? What were you doing anyway? Giving girls blow-jobs?" I finished, he still said nothing. He averted his eyes from mine and I groaned. "Whatever, help me carry in my stuff." I ordered him and picked up one of my three suitcases, the lightest one, I might add. He got the two heavy ones like they were cakes and followed me. "You can just carry them to my room." I told him before plastering a smile on my face and entering the house. The T.V. was blaring and as I looked around I wrinkled my nose.

"Dad! I'm home!" I exclaimed coming into the living room. Dad's face whipped around to see me and a smile stretched across his lined face. He looked absolutely exhausted.

"Rachel! Welcome home!" He said, I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, the hug was kind of awkward on account of his wheelchair. I smiled at him, pondering his comment. I mean, home had people and things that you loved in it. So, was this really my home?

Paul POV

I shoved my hands into my pocket and avoided Jake's gaze as he came into the kitchen, Sam had come in only fifteen minutes earlier. But, the whole time I had been thinking about that picture of Rachel and now I kind of felt… Well, I felt guilty. Yep, that's right. Paul Wilson is actually guilty about something, I'm not happy about it but it is what it is. I wasn't actually going to do anything, I was just thinking about getting her in bed. It's a really good thing that I don't have patrol with Jacob. Sam changed it after Jake got back. Him and Jake, me and Jared, Collin and Brady, Leah and Quil, (You can imagine Quil's joy) and Embry and Seth.

"Hey, guys." Jake said coming in and sitting down in the only open chair left. We all stared at him. "What?" He asked, looking slightly bemused. Only slightly, ever since Bella married the leech he hasn't been the same. It's like the life had been sucked out of him.

"How'd it go?" Quil probed. He rolled his eyes.

"We started World War lll." We all glared at him. "Fine, she yelled and told me she was really mad, Dad was probably worried sick, blah blah blah." Sam looked at him carefully for a moment.

"He was worried sick." He finally said. Jake's jaw tightened and his hands balled into fists. His face hardened and he ground his teeth together. That sent everyone looking the other way as he sent a glare around the room.

"You guys know I didn't do it for fun. It was something that I had to do." He growled. His eyes went black as he pushed up from the table and suddenly turned to me. "And Paul, if you try to get my sister in bed I will kill you. Dead, murdered, stabbed." He told me in a voice that would have sent shivers over anybody's spine. Except for a fellow werewolf's. My nostril's flared as I flew up from the table, knocking my chair under me.

"And WHY do you just assume that I'll get her in bed?" I snarled. He laughed, unaffected by my anger.

"Because you're Paul." He said each word slowly as if talking to a little kid. That's it! I flew across the room and gave him a punch in the gut. We heard Emily scream in frustration and a little fear as Jake gave me a good grind in the gut and I'm pretty sure I broke his nose in return. Suddenly, two people were pulling me back and Seth and Quil were pulling Jake back. We fought against them, trying to charge on another. I glanced behind me and saw Jared and Embry.

"Guys, let the fuck go of me!" I seethed. Sam's booming voice filled the room.

"Paul. Jacob. Stop, now!" He yelled in full alpha mode. We stopped struggling and glared at one another. I glanced over at Sam, he was looking like a full out werewolf, Emily was tucked beneath his arm and he had a protective stance so there wasn't a chance she would get hurt. Slowly, Embry, Quil, Seth, and Jared let go of us and went to sit where they had before. Jake sat down too. I looked around the room once before flying out the door. I barely managed to get my clothes off before I exploded. Collin and Brady weren't really all that surprised by my appearance, it happened on a regular basis.

See, even you admit it.

Shut up Collin. I can give you a black eye within two seconds. I growled before focusing on phasing back, I'm standing nude again and I quickly pull on my clothes. It's then that I realize I have no where to go, I can't go back to Sam and Emily's. Talk about awkward. And I certainly don't want to go home. To face my fucking Mom, and even worse, my Dad? Yeah right. Mmh, whatever. I sat down and arranged myself so I was leaning against the tree. Might as well get some rest, we all needed it.

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