Epilogue – Ten Years Later


"AHHH! Paul I fucking hate you for doing this to me!" I screamed my lungs off as the doctor told me to push again. Paul's white face looked down at me and he squeezed my hand lightly, but didn't say anything as I continued to scream at him.

I, a thirty-nine year old woman, am giving birth for the third time to my fourth child. Probably confused as to how that's possible? Well apparently my twin genes came into play with Paul's and my second time getting pregnant.

Twins Kevin Paul Black and Kyle Rupert Black were born on December 15, 2019 at four o'clock in the morning, delivered via c-section because Kyle decided he'd just flip around and not let Kevin out.

Both Paul and I had been worried out of our minds during this time, afraid that one of them would die. We took extra precaution, not taking one chance. We were relieved when our two babies were born completely healthy and happy. Marie was ecstatic to gain new siblings, albeit a bit disappointed that both of them were boys.

They were now almost nine years old, and complete trouble makers, just like Paul who they seemed to be all about in personality. They were opposite of Marie in the sense that she was all my personality and all Paul in looks. Really, Kyle and Kev looked like male copies of Rebecca and I when we were kids.

And now, because of a broken condemn and a missed birth control pill, little Sue/Billy was coming along, about to be born and putting me through the birth process which I hadn't gone through in seventeen fucking years.

"PAUL, you will go to hell- AHH AH AAAH!" I screamed, squeezing his hand so tightly he gave a little squeak. It felt like my insides were turning out, moving and pushing through me to get to another place…

"Okay Mrs. Walker! One more push should do it…give it all you've got!" the doctor urged, his head just visible over my splayed out legs.

"I am giving it all I got!" I said through my teeth, but leaned up, Paul supporting my back as I gave one final push, making a weird, squealing noise as I did so… and then, I could feel the baby come out, and fell back onto the bed with a ragged breath of relief.

A wailing sound filled the air, the cry of a newborn baby, and Paul gripped my hand as the doctor lifted her up, showing us our slime covered, crying, beautiful baby. She had a few brown hairs on her head, all Paul's, and tears stung my eyes as he excitedly cut her cord.

"Congratulations, you have a baby girl!" the doctor grinned as the nurse took her, starting to clean her up. A swell of happiness made me beam in surprise, and Paul grinned at me as we both peered over the nurse's shoulder to see our beautiful daughter.

"Sue Rachel Walker! We have another baby girl!" Paul choked, burying his head in my hair and taking a deep breath. I gave a shaky little laugh, still kind of in shock.

"Yeah, we do…" I whispered, trailing off as Sue was placed in my arms. Tears stirred in my eyes as I kissed her forehead. She stirred slightly, but didn't open her eyes. She was making little whimpering noises now, her wailing cries having been quelled.

"Can you believe it? Us having to do it all over again," I sniffled as I gazed down at her, thinking of preschool and lunch money and boyfriends and smoking and the fact that she would graduate when we'd be over fifty-five.

"I won't mind," Paul whispered, not wanting to wake her. I leaned into him, smiling.

"You can call the kids and Jesse in… but no un-imprinted wolves are allowed to see her until she's at least a month old!" I warned, and Paul laughed, but agreed with a grin. He left, and I was alone with the newest addition to the family…

"Hey, Sue. I'm your mama. I am going to make some mistakes, but I don't want you to take after me… I will help you make the best decisions in your life, I promise. I and your daddy already love you so much… but you are our last! You're the baby of the family! And daddy is gonna get a vasectomy to make sure of that!" I said to her, and there was a burst of laughter.

"Mother, what are you saying to my dearest new little sister?" Marie demanded sarcastically as she strode into the room, her hands resting across her large, pregnant belly.

Marie, despite Jesse's presence, was quite a hard-ass in her teenage years, taking after me I suppose…though I was not as bad. She did drugs and smoked, Paul could tell when she got home…and we tried everything we could to get her to stop, but she would only scream at us and ignore us.

And finally, Jesse got her to stop… by getting together with her. I almost killed him, Paul at my side, but we finally calmed down enough to just let them be together. We wanted them to wait until she was eighteen, but of course they couldn't keep apart from each other for two fucking years.

And about nine months after they got together, Marie came home one night smelling like sex. Paul went berserk, beat Jesse until Embry, our then current alpha, had to intervene and order Paul to calm down.

They used condemns but of course Mar wasn't on birth control. So now, here she is six months pregnant and having my grandchild three months after I have a daughter.

Now, Jesse stood behind her, smiling at Sue and rubbing Marie's stomach with excitement. "Just think, baby, that'll be us in a few months," he whispered, kissing her neck, making her shiver and me give him a sharp glare of annoyance. He pulled away immediately, but still had an arm around her waist.

"Mama, she's so wrinkled!" Kevin exclaimed, scrunching his nose as he stared at Sue. Kyle nodded in agreement and I rolled my eyes with a laugh.

"Boys, you looked exactly like this when you were born! Everyone does!"I sighed, and Paul wrapped his knuckles on their heads goofily.

"Yes, Sue. Always listen to our almighty mom, because if you don't dad will yell at you!" Marie cooed in baby talk at Sue, making her stir again and whack her hands up, touching my skin. She started making little cries, and I guessed what that meant.

"Kev, Kyle, and Jesse, cover your eyes up right now," I ordered as I lifted my gown down, latching Sue on expertly. After having three kids, I was now great at this. Kyle suckled for a year, the mama's boy he is, while Kev went nine months and Marie seven months.

"Mom, do you think that my baby will be a girl?" Marie said dreamily, a fixated expression on her face. She seemed to already know that it would be a girl, and I raised my eyebrows at her. "Not that I care if the baby is a boy or girl… but wouldn't it be cool if aunt and niece could be best friends? They'll be in the same grade and everything…" she trailed off, her eyes somewhere else as Jesse kissed her cheek.

"Yes, it would be amazing," he breathed, and Paul made a gagging noise.

"Stop it. Right now; I am warning you!" Paul growled. Well, it wasn't so much of a growl as a sneer.

Paul stopped phasing shortly after Kyle and Kevin were born, it was really bugging me how old I was getting while he was staying at eighteen. It made me feel like a cougar, which I am fucking not.

He slipped a lot in the beginning, but got really good and didn't phase for six years… until Marie had…sex, shudder, with Jesse. Though he still hasn't done it in the months since then!

The doctor knocked gently on the door then, entering as Sue finished up her feeding. "Hello Mrs. Walker, Mr. Walker. We just need your baby; Sue I thought you called her, to be taken in, you know, to make sure everything is going well." He smiled, and I begrudgingly let him take Sue out of the room.

Marie squeezed my arm as I longingly looked after my newborn, and the twins climbed onto my bed, cuddling against my side with grins on their small faces.

"Auntie Emily was disappointed when dad told her Sue was a girl. She said she lost twenty bucks to Uncle Embry," Kyle giggled and I rolled my eyes. The pack was so obsessed with bets of any kind, still! It was surprising how much Emily took to them; she was one of the only Wolf girls, besides Claire who was a bitch when it came to that type of thing, who got involved in bets.

I personally thought that bets were stupid, but that was just me…I also frowned at Paul whenever he got involved in one. Marie scoffed at me slightly, but I chose to ignore it.

Marie was… against some of my…opinions. She accused me of being judgmental, which is one of the reasons we don't particularly get along, though I still love the girl like crazy.

The pack had stayed pretty much the same, though countless additions had arrived. Sam and Emily had their four children: Jack, Jenny, John and Janie. Jack was now a member of the pack at age sixteen.

Jared and Kim had their hands full with two daughters, Nicole and Anna, and a five year old son named Jamie.

Embry and Cassie also had a brood of their own with three kids, Adam, Brian, and Margaret.

Jake and Nessie didn't have any kids of their own, even though Nessie reached full maturity a decade ago. Fuck, he didn't even propose until she was fourteen years old. The poor girl had been waiting on him for eight years.

They got married around three years ago, after a fricken four year engagement, might I add. (Jake insisted on taking their relationship painfully slow.) They had started trying for kids about a year ago, but so far nothing has happened. I felt kinda sorry for my sister-in-law, knowing that she had waited on Jake and now she'd have to wait on the joy of having children.

Quil and Claire got married about four years ago when she was nineteen, and Quil Jr. was born about two years afterward.

Collin and his imprint, Angie (also Embry's sister) had had their triplets just last year: Charlotte, Kathleen, and Tyler.

Max had ended up getting with Amanda, and they had their twins Lana and Lily about six years ago.

Alex and his imprint Hanna, Claire's older sister, had had a fast-paced, scandalous relationship complete with three accidental pregnancies, elopement, and an affair that almost crushed their relationship and Alex himself. Their daughters were named Sydney, Yolanda, and Roxanne.

Jill had had a normal relationship and marriage, no imprint involved, and since she could not stop phasing and therefore couldn't bear children, she and her husband Will hired a surrogate to have their four year old son Declan.

Louis had imprinted on this snotty bitch named Lola a few years back, and they'd fallen in love and gotten married, all that crap. It wasn't long before Lola wanted a baby, and they tried for about two years before she left him.

Yeah, she fucking left him. It almost utterly destroyed him. Of course, she came back and he welcomed her with open arms. They actually had sex on the night she came back, effectively conceiving their first child, Peter.

That little episode did end any attempt at our friendship, though. They had one other child, a girl recently born named Jay-Ophelia.

Now, Jesse caressed Marie's belly, and Paul leaned against the bed pressing his lips to my cheek, nibbling my ear, which made the boys make gagging noises, slipping off the bed and standing next to their older sister.

"Can you believe we got this ending? I mean, after all we did to keep apart from each other, how happy we ended up?" I smiled at him through tears that were attempting to spill out of my eyes. He gave me a thin, happy smile.

"I told you from the beginning; we were meant for each other…destined for each other," he grinned, and I laughed a little, kissing him sweetly.

"We're a very odd couple to be destined for each other," I mused. He shrugged a little, caressing my cheek with a gentle touch.

"Yeah, well, it looks like we made up a new kind of 'destined'," he whispered, softly blowing in my ear which made me shiver, licking my lips.

"Guess we just defined our own destiny," I smirked, and he chuckled.

"I suppose we did, Tiger." He purred, and I growled back at him, pretending to claw at him with my hand. Marie moaned in agony over in the corner, slapping a hand over her eyes.

"Mother, please! I am fucking begging you to not do that with me, or your upcoming grandchild, in the room. I do not want my daughter- oh shit! I mean child, to um-" She faltered at the looks of excitement on our faces.

"Hey! I thought we were going to not going to know the gender until…she was born!" Jesse exclaimed, shocked. Marie blushed with embarrassment, something only Jesse could make her do.

"I'm sorry; the wait was getting to me. I called the doctor a week ago to find out… but yes, we're going to have little Katie!" she squealed, and Jesse threw his arms around her, the look on his face one of pure happiness.

"Oh! This means that Sue will have a niece!" I sang, grabbing Paul's hand.

I looked around, and felt more happiness and pride than I ever had before. I looked at the twins and Marie and Jesse, and Marie's stomach which was holding little Katie in it, and I thought of Sue, and I beamed at the family that Paul helped me create, at the love and hope I gained from him.

"I love you so much," I breathed to him, and he smirked a little, kissing my jaw line.

"Love you more!" he joked back, and I brought my hand up, grabbing the hair on the back of his neck and bringing his lips to mine, kissing him with all the passion I had in me.

"Tiger, I really think I need to get a vasectomy, because at the rate you kiss we're gonna be having kids into our fifties…"

I slapped him softly on the cheek, rolling my eyes and pecking him on the neck, and Marie groaned, tugging Jesse and the twins out of the room as Paul and I got into our kiss, his tongue finding mine and letting me enter complete bliss.

"I really do agree with you, maybe we should…" I murmured as he started to rip my hospital gown off, though it was refusing to. "Ah, sweetie, I don't really think we should be having sex thirty minutes after I gave birth," I added, and Paul shot me a disgruntled look, but climbed off me.

"Fine. But Tiger, I really wanna lay you..."

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