Bites and Kisses

Chapter 1- Field experience

Starts after she got Christian for the field experience. Twist is coming!!!


"I hate her." I moaned to Lissa. Unfortunately we were meeting Christian and Eddie in the library.

"Who?" She asked clueless.

"Alberta. I'm never gonna pass the bloody field experience, if I have to protect him." I paused. "I've spent most of my life doing the opposite." Lissa gave me a light nudge. She actually believed that anything more would hurt me.

"Come on, Rose. He's gonna spend so much time with me that you'll think that you have me anyway!"

"That's different. I won't be sleeping in the same room as you. I will be sharing a room with…" I shuddered. "Him."

"Hey, don't knock it before you try it." I shuddered again. Lissa's and Christian's "Intimate" moments were no longer secret to me. God, I missed those days.

We were turning into the library and decided to change the subject.

"So what are you two doing this weekend?" I asked not really bothered.

"Actually were not." She said glancing at my expression. "Don't look like that. Me and Adrian are gonna practice Spirit!"


"Look I'll invite Christian. Okay?"

"Fine." I said through gritted teeth, as Christian and Eddie approached. Eddie shot me a sorry look and I looked away. I knew that curfew was only twenty minutes away but I did wish that Christian would be attacked by a real strigoi. That would prove that I was fit to guard Lissa. And that Christian would probably have to spend a while in hospital with shock.

"Rose, we better get going." Christian interrupted my thoughts and I realised that Lissa and Christian had already said goodbye and Lissa and Eddie were heading back.

"Okay." I said reluctantly keeping very calm. I walked in silence for a long time. We hadn't spoken much since Spokane. We only ever said a few words to each other. It was awkward.

"So…" Christian tried desperately to make conversation. I stayed silent.

"Listen we need to talk." He spoke slowly. I looked at him nervously and turned my attention to looking out for fake attacks.

"Okay shoot." I said finally.

"In Spokane," I flinched but fortunately he didn't notice. "When I…" I had to look at him.

"When you what?" I asked dumbly. Looking out into the quad and turning into it. The rain fell heavily but as a dhampir that was the last thing on our minds.

"When I… went to bite you."

"It wasn't a bite." I stated. Refusing to look him in the eye.

"I know." He paused. "It was stupid but I had to know." I stopped and looked at him.


"If we were gonna die." I flinched and this time he noticed. "Sorry. It was weird but I needed to know how it felt."

"How what felt?" I said and started to walk again. I wasn't gonna stand here and get wet. I didn't get far before he grabbed my arm and span me around again.

"I needed to know how it felt to kiss you."