You make it better

Sometimes Allen wished he wasn't this so called "Destroyer of Time". He wished he hadn't lost his "father".

"Lost…" - thought the white-haired boy- "I didn't lose him, I killed him. No… actually, my Innocence killed him!"

Allen just wanted to be a normal boy with a normal life with some normal friends…Maybe that wasn't really the truth. He loved his friends, they were more than simple friends, they were his family!

He loved Lenalee like the older sister that always sticks up to you, he loved Komui like the crazy uncle that comes by every month or so. He loved Miranda like the clumsy cousin that always manages to break something, but that deep down was one of the most caring and considerate people you know. He loved Crowley like the teenage love-struck bipolar cousin who was in love with an unreachable person. He even loved Kanda like the older brother with whom anything suffices for an argument (even if "loved" is stretching it a bit). But the one he definitely loved the most… was Lavi.

He loved his flaming red hair, his cute headband, his emerald eye, his soft hands, his kissable lips; everything about him was just perfect in Allen's eyes. And he loved knowing those feelings were reciprocated. The younger exorcist yearned to touch his crazy bunny's hair when the sun hit in that exact way, the wind blew with that exact strength, making it look like a sea of swaying flames, almost like a danger -a burn- Allen wanted to suffer. He wanted to cuddle with his beloved in bed when the weather turn a little colder, to kiss his cherry lips in random places of the Black Order, to make up an excuse so they could leave their coats at the Order and run off to some park where they could walk side-by-side, hand in hand or sit under a tree eating ice-cream (Allen would always want vanilla and Lavi, as the hyper bunny he was, would just randomly mix up the most strange flavours he could get his hands on) and just relax, each enjoying the presence of the other.

Alas, that wasn't always possible. At most times, they stayed together in missions, supporting and helping each other, but the majority of times, those same missions weren't for only two. When there weren't any Exorcists, there would be Finders and when the Order believed there was only a need for two combatants, the situation would always get worse and reinforcements were called.

Hiding their relationship was definitely not easy. Exorcists, Finders and the members of the clergy were always around. But even so, Allen would not give up on Lavi, on their love, on his safe haven. When the darkness of the past got the best of him, when the nightmares would strike, when uncertainty called Allen's heart its home, Lavi was who kept him walking, feeling, living. He couldn't possibly let his lover, his savior, his reason to live, his everything go. Allen would be happy hiding their love until either the Church's way of thinking changed or they were discovered. And then he would fight, fight for what he believes is his true meaning in life, fight for Lavi and the peace they share between them.

The Church could have him striped of his position as Exorcist and take away his Innocence even, for all he cared. That cursed holy thing had done only wrong when it came to closeness to another in Allen's eyes. The only thing that mattered to him was keeping Lavi by his side, any way possible and always, in true love's bliss because the red-head was and would forever be the one for Allen and his one and only necessity.