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The headmaster noticed almost right away. He called me in a week after it "started". We spoke and while he tried to dissuade me with small casual words, my burning passion won out in the end. At my "discretion" I was allowed to continue if I chose to proceed, but only if I took "Harry's" friends into consideration.

Of course I chose to proceed!

How could I not? It is his grin that usually sparks a fire in me. It kindles and lights and only his laugh can add more fuel and ignite it full force. I am burning. The feeling is an insatiable burn that spreads through my veins from the tips of my toes to the roots of my hair. It escalates to an ache which I can not resist.

I do not think anybody notices the change in me. I am discreet and never let it be known what or when I am planning my next encounter. It happens so often that the fear of discovery is greater. I would stop, but there is little next to nothing I can do to prevent him from baiting me so.

I think he does it on purpose. Sometimes it feels like he is waiting for me to show. I have asked myself if he can sense me, but I can never know for sure. I could ask, but I would not stoop so low. It is enough that he makes me want to put my hands on him. He teases me until I am shaking with anticipation.

He is itching to make my fingers tingle. He toys with me until my mouth is in pain from holding back my eager tongue. I pace with my hands behind me and sometimes occupy myself with my wand. My fingers can not stay still forever, so I must fight back.

With a well a few placed words I manage to light a fire under Potter. His green eyes look down as his fists clench. He knows that only I can get those feelings out of him, those reactions from his body. He knows full well that if he responds to my attentions I will retaliate. I have the upper hand in our relationship and of that I am quite proud.

I attempt some restraint, but even I know that I give in most frequently when he is in my class. The urge is all the fiercer when there is an audience to watch. When I see him in front of a cauldron his face surrounded by clouds of smoke, he looks so innocent and pure with that unmistakable look of confusion on his face and it is probably that –more than the grin-- that does it.

An explosion of color before my eyes and a rush of magic spreads through my hands to my fingertips and I am swooping down on him in seconds. My desperate mouth that has been counting the minutes opens and reaps its reward.

"10 points from Gryffindor, Potter for not following instructions!" His face falls and the fists unclench. He knows I will take more if he pushes yet again.

I smirk and feel sated for the time being, but not completely satisfied. Oh well, there is always curfew, which I know the brat can not hope adhere to.

Snape chuckled, but no one dared to look up from their work.