A/N: Just a quick note to thank RhodaJ for letting me bombard her with fics on a daily basis. This fic is based on a Star Trek Voyager season 5 episode entitled "Latent Image"; it is available on YouTube if you'd like to check it out. As with my other TMNT fics, this is based on the 2003 cartoon series (not including FF or BTTS) and does hint upon the 2007 CGI movie.

DISCLAIMER - TMNT and its characters are creations of Laird, Eastman, and Mirage Studios. ST Voyager is a product of CBS studios, in relation with the core series, which is owned by Gene Roddenberry. Scientific things were found in part to Google and Wikipedia.

Total Recall


"Hold still, Mikey!"

It was that time again; the time of year that everyone in the Hamato household loathed with as much contempt as they did their arch enemy, The Shredder.

"Michelangelo, I'm not going to tell you again."

There was something dangerous, unnerving even, to be in such a position. Powerless, helpless, and truly unable to do anything about it. Most of all, it was the fear that was so strongly felt, so high on the list of unwanted things, undesired, it was hard not to scream out in agony.

"Don't think I don't know what you're doing," continued the villain. "You're such a drama queen. Stop inner monologuing about your doom. We do this every year. You never hear Master Splinter complain."

The vile villain! How dare he bring his beloved master and father into this? That wasn't right, not at all. And drama queen? How dare he? It's not as if he has to go through this horror, this…this…

Annual checkup.

His brother, the ever so evil, yet brilliant Hamato Donatello made the entire family go through this torture on a yearly basis, usually at the beginning of each year and then again towards the summer months. And it wasn't as if he, the most handsome Michelangelo didn't think this was important. If they had been normal turtles, they'd see a vet; normal humans went to a doctor for their ailments. Unfortunately, being teenage mutant ninja turtles required a bit more…alternative means. They couldn't go to a vet because their structure was most like that of a human, but they couldn't go to a human doctor, as their structure was also closely related to their former form of average pet red-eared sliders.

So they needed to go to an alternate source.

In stepped Donatello – well, he was pushed really, seeing as he was the only one patient and smart enough to handle anything medical. Oh, they all had training – Donnie made sure of that once a year, too – but they just preferred letting their brainy brother handle it. Just like going to Leonardo when they needed someone in charge and going to Raphael when they needed someone beaten up. Mikey, of course, was the comic relief. A role he excelled in, thank you very much.

So, on a yearly basis like they would with a family practitioner, they went in – either voluntarily or by force – to see good ole Doctor Don, as Mikey called him. And usually every year was the same – Master Splinter went in like a good boy, Raphael had to be tackled, Mikey whined and complained, and Leo was the last as he always managed to duck his younger brother. And Donnie always changed the rotation (except for Leo) – it was always best to get Raph when he was in a good mood or when he was semi-awake. Don once even tried it while he was asleep, a lesson he obviously forgotten about their more temperamental brother and one he'd forgotten about living in a house full of ninjas.

The brainy turtle forgave his brother for the black eye, he knew better than to sneak up on Raph in his sleep, and Raph was a bit more…reserved for his annual. Mikey, on the other hand, usually went willingly, but like any baby, cried and moaned about it as soon as he walked in the lab. Then proceeded to cry and moan about being there, before he tuned Donnie out and began a tale of the hero (Mikey) being captured and tortured by the villain (Donnie). Lucky for him that Donnie had always thought his 'creative imaginings' were funny and inventive, so he never got mad when he knew Mikey was doing another one of his 'Mikey Adventure Serials'.

This year, Donnie switched the line up again, quickly getting his most irksome patients out of the way first. Unfortunately, he would still need to hit his older brother Leo last, but as long as Mikey and Raph got through with as little of trouble as possible, it wasn't all bad. And this year was a bit of triumph for the scientist/doctor. This year he had come up with a unique way of analyzing their physiology and anatomy in order to get a better understanding of their health needs. That was always the problem he faced as the pseudo doctor – with a hybrid mix as they were, some things that should have applied to them didn't.

They couldn't exactly take the same type of medicines that normal humans could, but yet they couldn't take any type of animal medication either. Donnie had spent many a day and night since childhood going over the limitations and expectations of their unique species. It had been a lot harder when they were little, as technology was still in its smaller context and he couldn't expect Master Splinter to know on sight the things they may need in the future. It was a little better once they were older and they could go out by themselves. Coming across first aid kits wasn't terribly hard; it was the much larger things like medications and medical equipment that needed attention to detail. And certainly, Donnie always felt horrible about needing to steal things from medical supply buildings. He always had the notion that what he was about to take would be needed at that exact moment and while he treated his brothers or father, a patient would die because he had taken their much needed respirator.

Thankfully, they were able to meet April O'Neill and Casey Jones, two humans that had helped the family so many times, there would probably be no way to ever pay them back. But, as April once said, 'that's what families do' and after all the years of knowing the two, that's what they were. Two extra members of their family. In fact, it had been April who had given Donnie the help he needed in configuring his newest invention.

"Alright, Mikey," the scientist replied, patting his younger brother on the shoulder. "How you'd like to see my latest invention?"

"Is it a video game?" the younger turtle asked, excitedly. "Oh! Oh! Is it a TV that can feed you while you're playing video games? Oh! I know!"

"Not a video game, you goof," Donnie chuckled. "It's a 3-D X-Ray machine. Come here."

Standing, Donnie walked over to one of the lab's counters where his laptop sat. He picked up what looked like a check out scanner and began scanning his brother. "Donnie," the turtle murmured, nervously. "I hope I'm on sale."

The brainy turtle chuckled again. "Sorry," he replied. "I wanted to show you how this works. You remember a few months ago when April and I were looking for medical equipment?" Mikey nodded, slowly. "Well, we got to talking and I mentioned it would be great to get another X-Ray machine, as the one we have is kinda outdated. At the same time, of course, finding an X-Ray machine is like finding a needle in haystack. We couldn't exactly go and steal one from a hospital, so we had to think of the next best thing.

"I had this idea when I was watching this show on Animal Planet. Obviously, you can use an X-Ray machine on large animals, but it's a little tougher on smaller animals. The idea was to make a smaller, more portable X-Ray machine or device that would let them check bone fractures or heals in small pets, like mice or gerbils. That got me thinking if I could somehow get something that, it would make everything a bit better, especially if we get something a little more serious than a concussion."

"Donnie, this is all fascinating and all…"

"I'm coming to my point," Donnie sighed. No one understood the process of science anymore. "Anyway, with some brain storming and the internet, I came up with this." He held up the scanner and pointed to the laptop. "I'd recently been playing around with some CAD programs I downloaded and started making small scale models of us, just to see if I could."

"Oh," Mikey said. "So it's like the Sims only for medical stuff."

Don thought it over before nodding his head. "Kinda."


"In playing around with the CAD models," Donnie continued. "I thought it would be neat to use them to check out our body structures and the like. And well, low and behold, I came up with this."

"A medical check out counter?"

"No," the brainy turtle sighed. "It's like this. This scanner works like an X-Ray machine. You know how an X-Ray machine works, right?"

"No, but I'm sure you'll tell me."


"In normal English words, bro."

"Think of it as a fluorescent lamp met up with a camera and an X-Ray is their baby."

"Disturbing," Mikey said. "But makes sense. Continue."

"This scanner is an X-Ray machine," Donnie replied. "I had to toy with it to get it right and beta testing took a little longer than I wanted and unfortunately, I couldn't really test it on us immediately, which meant…"

"Donnie," the younger turtle interrupted. "You're monologuing."

"Right. Sorry," he apologized. "Anyway, long story short, I rigged this scanner to act as an X-Ray machine, then coded a program in which this and the CAD program could link and thereby making a three dimensional model of any patient." Mikey still looked a bit lost. Donnie couldn't help but smile; Mikey always was a visual learner. "Watch this."

Clicking on the icon for his program, Donnie's fingers moved over the keys to input what his scanner had just taken. After only a few minutes, a three dimensional picture of Michelangelo appeared, complete with side notes. "Whoa!" the younger turtle whispered.

"Cool, huh?" Donnie chuckled. "This is you, of course. These notes right here are everything I've taken about you over the years. Medical notes," he added, seeing the look on his brother's face. "Eventually, I'd like to include the entire medical files on all of us, with this being the primary access point. I'll still keep the old files just as a backup, but I think this will be a bit easier. Luckily I still had my PDA from the old lair. I only lost a few months of work, though all the paperwork was gone. Now watch."

Clicking on the 3-D Mikey's arm, a smaller screen popped up to show a small scar. "Wicked!" Mikey exclaimed, looking at his left arm where the scar resided. It was fainter on his real arm than that of the model, but it was still cool to see.

"It gets better," Donnie said, clicking the scar. The screen then changed to show the muscles under the skin, before changing to the bone underneath. "I designed it to show every and any injury we've ever had. So by clicking on any scar, in your case the one you got when you broke your arm skateboarding, it brings up the X-Ray image."

"Dude, Donnie, you are the turtle!" The younger turtle slapped his brother on his shell. "What else can you see?"

"You can see anything!" Donnie boasted. "By clicking on any body part will bring up any visible and invisible disturbance. For instance," closing the window of Mikey's arm, Donnie clicked the head and using the arrows on either side, turned the 3-D head to the right. "We can check how times you were dropped on your head as a kid."

"Oh, har-de-har."

Looking at the back of the 3-D model, Donnie's smile began to slip from his face. "That's weird," he murmured.

"What?" Mikey asked, huffily. "Can't find any evidence that I was dropped on my head?"

"No," Donnie whispered. "This scar." He pointed to the turtle on screen, before magnifying the tiny scar that was on the back of Mikey's neck. "This looks like a neurosurgery scar." Quickly, he clicked on the scar to get the bone view and was surprised to see clear scarring on his brother's vertebrate and spinal column. "Yeah, right here," Donnie continued. "I did this. This is something I would do."

"Spookular," Mikey said, scratching his head. "I don't remember having surgery like that."

"That makes two of us," the brainy turtle murmured. "Cause I don't remember performing it."