Hey all! As my first new oneshot out of the gate, here's one of my personal favorites (okay not really, it's a quote). XD This little baby is a 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' fic, taking place about a month or so before the film. And by the way, I don't own it. XP So read on, and let's see what happens when Ferris and the gang actually attend class.... ;)



"Cameron. Hey--Cameron."

Staying frozen in place, Cam barely dared to move a muscle. He knew whose the voice was and exactly what it wanted. And that's why he ignored it.

Again came the whisper. "Psst. Cameron!"

Making sure the teacher wasn't watching, Cam whirled around in his seat. "What?"

"Jeez, how long can you make a guy wait?"

"What, Ferris..."

"Lemme see your notes."

"Huh!" He had to laugh at that one. "Fat chance, pal."

"Come on, I'm serious." Ferris threw in his patented 'after-all-I've-done-for-you' look, just for good measure. Five seconds of that look and people were putty in his hands.

"I'm not fallin' for that, man."


"All right, all right. Fine." With a level of stealth known only to bona-fide chickens, Cam slipped a page from his binder and passed it one desk back. "But you better remember this."

"Oh, what have you done for me that I've ever forgotten?" Ferris protested.

"For starters, there was--"


Both of them stopped and turned their attention to Sloane, who was leaning toward their desks with her hair down and her teacher radar up. Way up.

"I don't think it matters--now will you two shut up before you get caught?" she whispered. "His hearing's not that great, but I don't think he's deaf yet."

Cameron and Ferris turned back around, trying to look like boys who'd learned their lesson.

Until Ferris spoke. "Yes dear."

That was all it took. Both of them fell apart, struggling to keep from cracking up. Even Sloane had to cover her mouth with one hand to keep the grin from evolving.

The party ended quick. "Is there something you'd like to share with the class, Mr. Bueller?"

Uh-oh. Code B.

Calm, clever, cool. That was Ferris Bueller. He lazily stretched out in his seat, ankles crossed, hands behind his head. "No sir, not a single thing," he said, loud and clear, smiling that Ferris smile.

"Funny," the professor boomed, "but I could have sworn I heard you specifically. Now, Mr. Bueller, I'll give you one last chance."

"Mr. Carter, I'm hurt." Ferris sat up straight and looked right at the guy, hands spread in a show of submission. "For what reason would I possibly impune your fine educational soliloquy knowing full well my grade is in your hands?" The class was watching now--most of them had looked up the instant they'd heard 'Bueller.' It was perfect. "I'd like to think you'd give me more credit than that, sir. Literally or otherwise."

The professor glared daggers at the boy for a few moments longer, then turned, comebackless, back to the chalkboard. Cam choked back a laugh, and the class resumed its usual state of apathy.

Extra-careful not to spark a second performance, Ferris leaned over just a bit and whispered to Sloane. "You see babe? I've got it under control."

Sloane responded with an eye-roll, a smile, and by turning her textbook to page 407. Cam responded with a flying pencil to the back of Ferris' well-coifed head.

Ferris whipped around, scowling. Cam shrugged. He put on his mock-Ferris voice. "For what reason would I possibly have thrown that? Uh, c'mon, sir, gimme a little credit."

"Shut up," Ferris grinned, turning away to copy Cameron's notes.



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