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"These things will change, I can feel it now"

Taylor Swift


"Pleeease Ash?" she childishly whines. She grabs my arm and gives me her best puppy dog eyes.

Ah damn, I was going to give in, and she knew it. "Fine," I sigh dramatically to my best friend, "but only if you promise to ride Dante's Fire with me." I point to the biggest roller coaster in the park, which is also conveniently referred to as 'The second faster roller coaster in the world.'

We walk over to the stupid carousel she wants to ride. I can already feel the drool forming in my mouth as I think of the coaster. Spencer on the other hand? Not so much. I think it's more of bile forming in her mouth.

"Um, do I have to?" Spencer asks timidly as she stares at the red ride with obvious fear. I notice she has a death grip on the monkey she is riding.

That's one thing I'll never understand about those things. You can ride on horses and unicorns, but then they have random animals like monkeys and bears. I mean seriously, when was the last time you rode on of those in real life?

"Yes you do." I give her a big smile as I hop off and drag her over to one of the many concession stands.

She gives me a strange look. "Aren't you going to ride Dante's Fire?"

"Yeah," I answer slowly. "Why?"

This time she gives me a doubtful look. "Then why are you adding more fuel to your vomit tank?"

"Ugh Spence, way to almost turn me off food," I complain. But thankfully I have a strong stomach, and dammit, I want my funnel cake! "You want some?" I offer through the huge bite I had just taken.

She scrunches her face in disgust and shakes her head. "You want a bib?" she counters.

"Nope." I purposely spit out crumbs as I say this, making Spencer smile and laugh.

Seven years of friendship, and I still got it! Yep, friends since we were eleven and met on our U-12 soccer team. A girl made fun of Spencer's name, saying it was "An icky boy's name!" I "accidentally" kicked a ball at the girl's face and bloodied her nose, making her sit out that practice and the next game because she missed crucial information. Served her right!

"And no one wants to be with that?" Spencer gasps in fake astonishment as she points to me.

I give a small nod and smile. "I know, it perplexes me too. Now come on, let's go ride," I pause for dramatic effect. "Dante's Fire!!!!!"

Spencer looks sick just from me mentioning it. "Yeah, let's go speed up our death time," she retorts, but she follows me anyway.

I smile as she grabs my arm as we get closer. Spencer pretty much had a death grip on my arm for each roller coaster we went on. I think it's sweet that she feels safe with me, even though I highly doubt that holding on to my arm will stop us from falling out of our seat if the ride stops upside down. I wisely don't express my thoughts to the timid blonde.

We pass a sign saying it's the 30 minute wait point, and Spencer is basically trembling. I put an arm around her and squeeze, giving her a reassuring smile. I frown when I notice her downcast eyes. That won't do. I gently tilt her chin up so that her gorgeous eyes meet mine.

"There we go. There are those pretty blue eyes," I say in a thick county accent, making Spencer blush and smile.

She gives me a strict look but keeps a grip on my arm. "Better engrave it in your memory because once we get on this ride, my eyes are going to be permanently shut."

"Nope," I shake my head, "not happening. Those eyes will stay open if I have to hold them open myself. Besides, it's even scarier with your eyes closed. Now come on," I say as I tug her along up closer. We are finally in line for our seats, only about three people in front of us.

"Ash I changed my mind, I don't want to do this," Spencer says suddenly, looking very much like she might cry. She immediately casts her eyes down, probably to hold back the tears that are threatening to fall.

Another group gets on, leaving only two people in front of us, and I try to distract Spencer from noticing. "Hey, it's ok Spence," I say gently. "This is only like a minute ride. It'll be over before you know it." I try to reassure her, but I can see in her tense posture that it hasn't worked.

"Alright ladies, step up please," I hear one of the ride workers say to Spencer and me.

We are next and Spencer isn't doing anything- which worries me more than her crying. She's just standing there, almost as if she is in a trance. I'm not sure what to do. I really want to ride the roller coaster with her, but I don't to traumatize my best friend.

"You ok, Spence?" I timidly ask, mentally cursing myself for sounding uncertain, especially seeing as how I'm supposed to be comforting her.

She doesn't say anything, but she manages a small nod. The gates open and it's our turn to get in the ride. I climb in first, as if I think that that will somehow help relieve some of Spencer's apprehension.

"Spencer?" I want to hear her voice, no I need to hear it. Maybe so I know she's breathing, or maybe so I won't feel as guilty as I do for dragging her on this ride. She still doesn't respond so I try again. "Spence?"

Spencer finally turns her wavering blue eyes on me and I feel my heart skip a beat at the scared look in her eyes. I knew she didn't want to ride it, but now I feel a huge guilt eating away at me. "Spence, it's going to be ok." I put my arm around her and rub her arm in what I hope is a soothing way. She removes my arm from around her and I give her a questioning look.

She grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers, subconsciously drawing a smile from me for some reason. "This way when I fall out of the ride, you'll come with me," she teases with a light smile, the first I've seen since I got my funnel cake an hour ago.

"You won't fall out," I laughingly roll my eyes at her. "I think this bar pretty much guarantees you are stuck in your seat. It's actually to keep scared blondes from trying to back out at the last minute," I tell her seriously, barely able to hold back my smile.

"Uh huh," she says with an eye roll, "sure it is. Really, I think this was just some ploy of yours to get me to hold your hand." She holds up our intertwined hands. "Ash, if you wanted to hold my hand, you just had to ask."

"Damn you got me," I snap my right hand in disappointment. "I was hoping I could play it off better. And I ate the funnel cake so that when I throw up, you will have to take my shirt off and get me a new one. In fact, every one in the park is in on my 'Seduce Spencer' plot."

Spencer laughs like I hoped and nudges her shoulder into me. Her grip on my hand tightens almost painfully when the roller coaster starts to slowly move forward. I give her a significant look and she smiles sheepishly and gentles her grip up some. "Sorry, I just hate the whole starting out part. Especially when it slowly goes up the hill and you can't see anything and then BAM! you are suddenly plummeting to your death."

"Such morbid thoughts, Spence. Come on, you know I wouldn't put you in danger. You trust me, right?"

Her eyes meet mine and for a moment the fear is gone, and I feel my heart swell at the complete trust and sincerity I see in her blue eyes. "Of course I do. Did you even have to ask?" For some reason her voice is soft and quiet, and it makes me feel like this moment just got heavy. As if it is thick with something, though I'm not sure what.

I shrug and remove my gaze from hers. Suddenly it feels weird staring in her eyes. It isn't that I want to look away. It's the fact that I don't want to look away that confuses me.

"Ash?" Spencer asks curiously, successfully breaking me out of my thoughts.

"I'm fine, just thinking." I give her a quick smile and then make sure to quickly look back to the front. "You ready?" I ask gently.

She doesn't respond with words. Instead she gives my hand a squeeze and inches closer to me. It's so insignificant, but I notice it all the same, just as I notice every second that goes by with our hands intertwined.

"Oh God, oh God. Oh shit. Shit, shit shit! God, here we go!" I hear Spencer whisper to herself as the coaster ascends the first hill. A small smile forms on my face at how cute she is. I quickly cover it up as those thoughts flicker through my mind.

"Nuh uh, Spence, keep those eyes open," I tease as I see the blonde has her eyes shut painfully tight.

I somewhat regret my order as she turns her eyes on me and keeps them on my face. I'm flattered that she finds reassurance simply from staring at me, but with her side against mine, her hand in mine, and her eyes locked on mine, it's all starting to feel like overload to me.

Spencer's eyes widen slightly, as if she somehow feels it too, as if she somehow is channeling in on my thoughts. She gets a queer look on her face and then slowly inches a few spaces to her left so that some space is created between us.

She even removes her hand from mine, and I can't even register anything anymore. My mind is too busy thinking of everything. My side and hand are too busy tingling. My heart is too busy beating a fast cadence inside my chest. My breath is too busy catching.

Both of us are staring straight ahead, only catching each other's gaze in our peripheral vision. We are sitting awkwardly upright, the tension obvious in our bodies, though I'm sure neither of us knows exactly why.

Finally we reach the top of the first hill, and the ride pauses a bit before it swiftly sends us down the track at a high speed. Spencer forgoes her whole distance plan as she quickly moves back over to me.

Her eyes are apologetic, but I give her a small smile and grab her hand and set them where our legs are touching. She gives me an appreciative smile and then swiftly turns her head to the front, but not before I see the light blush that has formed on her flawless cheeks.

It makes a blush form on my own face for some reason, and I'm thankful that the wind whipping at my face can be an explanation for my flushed face. "You doing ok?" I yell to Spencer as we go through another corkscrew.

She opens an eye and looks at me before nodding once. I know that's her way of saying, 'I hate you.' I also know she doesn't really mean it. Spencer has never handled scary situations well. It's why I refuse to go to a theater with her anymore to watch any horror films-besides the fact that she always has more of a death grip on my hand then than she does now.

We finally get off the ride, and Spencer makes a dramatic show of kissing the ground. "Ground, sweet ground!"

I laugh and push her gently as we walk to my car. "Oh, you know you had a blast. I saw you holding back a scream."

"Yeah, a blood curling scream," she retorts. "Next time we do something we'll go and sit in a box with spiders." She refers to my intense fear of spiders. They are just so gross. And why the hell do they need eight legs!?

We are walking back to my car to head home. "Spence, you hate spiders too," I remind her as I maturely stick my tongue out at her.

Everything is back to normal. We are both completely comfortable and it seems we both have agreed to forget the earlier weirdness.

I start the car and our favorite mix CD filters through the speakers. We both sing obnoxiously along, smirking at each other as we do random dance moves at stoplights. Yep, everything is definitely back to normal.

Actually, I decide, it's not back to normal, because that insinuates that it had changed. It hadn't.

"So did you have fun today?" I ask her, as if I need to reassure myself.

She turns and smiles at me and says, "Yeah I did. It was a lot of fun."

"Me too," I nod firmly. "So Dante's Fire wasn't so bad?"

She turns to me again and regards me for a moment. "No it wasn't. Actually, I think it was my favorite part," she says quietly, shyly, and suddenly I'm not too sure that we're still talking about the coaster.

I take in a sharp breath as I feel a light pressure on my hand. Spencer has just grabbed my hand. She's not looking at me, but I can see the tiny timid smile on her face, even in the darkness of the night.

I stare straight ahead for a moment, taking it all in. I think back to our day and think that everything is the same.

I look down to our intertwined hands and then at Spencer, and deep down, I know that everything has changed.