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"These things will change, I can feel it now"

Taylor Swift


All I can think is wow.

You think I'd have more elaborate thoughts, maybe along the lines of asking myself what in the hell I am doing kissing Spencer. But that's just it; I'm kissing Spencer! And there is no possible way that anything coherent could flow through my mind. Which now brings us back to wow.

And it's not the, "Wow, I'm kissing my best friend and this could complicate so much."

Oh no, it's the "holy fucking shit, I'm kissing Spencer and it's amazing!" kind of wow. If you haven't kissed Spencer, you most likely don't know what I'm talking about. I wish you could understand.

Actually, I take that back, I don't want you to understand, because that means you'd have to kiss her and well, I'm not too keen on giving her up right this moment.

I'm not really sure where I got my metaphorical balls from. Ever since Spencer grabbed my hand in the car, all I wanted to do was kiss her. You can imagine my shock when that particular thought flittered through my brain. I'd never even thought of kissing Spencer before. Ok, that's not completely true. I mean who hasn't had a hot best friend and wondered how they would kiss. It's totally innocent.

But since this night, since Spencer and I some how completely disregarded any boundaries and obviously hurdled over any lines that were set, it was the only thing on my mind.

But how do you go from not thinking of your best friend romantically, to all of a sudden feeling tingly whenever they look your way, to never wanting to let go of their hand, to wanting to kiss them senseless? If you're confused, welcome to my life.

And how the hell was I supposed to make a move on her? It's not like I've had experiences being flirty and sexual around girls, let alone my best friend. Have we had a flirty banther? Hell yes! Have we been touchy feely? Hell yes!

Has it ever meant so much to me as it has now? Hell no!

It's around this time that I realize I should shut my brain up. After all, I'm kissing Spencer Carlin, and I'd rather not waste the moment being stuck inside my head, when all I want to do is be aware of the sensation of her mouth on mine.

I'd never really thought too much about how Spencer would kiss, but I doubt any one assumes their friends can't kiss. Well thanks to her lovely mouth, any assumptions I might have possibly had, I'm fully convinced that Spencer is an amazing kisser.

So is it wrong that I choose now to be jealous of all the other people who have experienced her lips? ...Probably, but now that I've tasted her, I can't help but let it consume me.

If I had any trouble shaking my thoughts, they quickly fade when Spencer pushes her weight into me and backs me into the wall. I can't help the small gasp of surprise and want that escapes me at this action. All I can do is press my body into hers and touch my tongue to hers.

"Ash," Spencer moans softly, and it warms my body more than I thought possible.

She's called me Ash so many times, so many ways; in anger, irritation, sadness, happiness. But never in desperate need like she just did. And never has it flooded me with this many emotions.

"Ash," she says again, and I realize that she's trying to get my attention. It's not my fault, it's really hard to think when she's kissing my brains out.

"Hmm?" I mumble disoriented, trying not to seem disappointed as she steps back from me, and doing everything in my power not to bring our lips back together as I take in her harsh breathing.

"It's just..." She looks down at her hands, which are fiddling nervously. I can't help but be entranced by the movement as well. "Well...what exactly are we?"

That's the million dollar question, isn't it? I mean obviously we can't pretend to be just friends...can we? Well we could, but that wouldn't last very long, what with me wanting to kiss her every chance I get.

"I-I uh." I scratch my head thoughtfully. "I'm not really sure, you know?"

She gives an unsure smile, but nods her agreement. "Yeah, I know. I just...well I mean...this isn't just nothing."

"I know." I give a long sigh. "It's just complicated."

Spencer breathes out a laugh. "That's an understatement."

I smile in response, and it widens as her eyes meet mine. I look away as the urge to kiss her returns, stronger than ever. She must have read my look because she turns away and I can see a slight blush on her cheek, even in the darkness.

We sit in silence, both lost in our own thoughts of "what now." The silence is made even better by the awkwardness of the moment. Normally when there is an awkard silence, I find something to distract myself. I doubt Spencer will let me kiss her to avoid talking about this though.

"We're best friends." Spencer decides to point out the obvious, and even though I'd rather have her lips on mine, this trumps the awkward silence we were experiencing.

"We're not dating anyone," she continues, and it makes me smile for some reason.

"Spence." She turns to me with a questioning look. "Are you going to narrate our entire relationship?" She bites her lip in embarrassment and shakes her head. I smile at her and put a hand on her knee. "What we are...maybe we shouldn't label."

Spencer raises her eyebrows slightly, and even though I know she's confused, it makes me smile that she leans into my touch. "What do you mean?"

I'm trying to answer, I really am, but with her hands lightly playing with my hair, my brain isn't focusing on finding words. It's zoned in on her beautiful blue eyes, on her soft tresses, on her vanilla scent, and that's way more overwhelming than finding words.

Spencer leans closer to me and I'm now breathing her in more than ever. I meet her blue eyes, and I know she wants to kiss me too.

"Well I mean we have no labels, we're just...just Spencer and Ashley." It's a mystery to me how I managed that out, what with her leaning in closer, her breath hitting my lips.

"Just Spencer and Ashley," she echoes, her lips teasing the corner of mine.

I nod. "We're Spencer and Ashley." I close my eyes and softly brush my lips against hers, loving that she smiles into the kiss.

She pulls back slightly, and I open my eyes to find her smiling at me with such pure emotion, that it almost scares me. Then she closes her eyes and brings her lips back to mine, and all my thoughts are gone.

We are best friends.

We are Spencer and Ashley.

But more than that, what we really are...

Is perfect.