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I have once again tweaked the summary for this story. As I figure if I'm starting at Duelist Kingdom I might as well go all the way to Dawn of the Duel. There will be diversions from cannon but hey this is fanfic. If you want a carbon copy of the anime go watch the anime. That being said dialogue will be messed with, Seto will be ooc but honestly I'm only portraying him as I think he would be in private with his brother. His mask won't come down for a long time. I'll be slowly introducing my other OC that I'm going to pair with Yami. And yes I am one of those who refer to him as just 'Yami'. His real name will be discovered before it is in the anime and then it will be used instead of Yami by a select few people. I will not be following the manga...mostly because I've never read it.

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Chapter 2: Discover the Trap

Briar growled as she boarded the ship that would take them to Duelist Kingdom. She didn't want to go, Mokuba had only smiled and told her that it would be good for her. She countered that she didn't want to leave him alone by himself. Mokuba's response to that was that he could handle being alone for a few days.

The black haired girl sighed and shook her head, her emerald eyes shining with amusement. Mokuba was just as stubborn as his brother. She watched the waves, waiting for the rest of the passengers to board. Her attention was diverted however, when she heard a commotion at the loading platform. Walking over she narrowed her eyes at the people she saw. So that's Yugi Motou. The boy who solved the Millennium puzzle and beat Seto, freeing him from his darkness. It's no wonder Pegasus invited him, but I have a feeling there is more to him being here than just an invite to a duel tournament.

"Oi! What's the issue? Shouldn't you idiots be letting people board and not hindering them? I thought this ship was on a schedule." She exclaimed, her hands on her hips. She was giving a glare that she had learned from Seto. Apparently it worked as the men who were acting as security flinched at her stare.

"Sorry ma'am. But he doesn't have the required items to board."

"So? He's a duelist isn't he? I thought this was a duelist tournament. Not a select group only." She frowned and marched down the plank back onto the dock. She turned to the blonde who was being restrained by the 'security' personnel. "Here." she said taking a star chip off of her glove. She also reached into her bag and grabbed the glove Seto was supposed to use but had declined when he decided to leave to find himself. "I have an extra glove, but not star chips. You can have one of mine. Just promise me you'll earn it by not being the first duelist to be wiped out and we'll call it even."

"But miss! You can't-"

Briar turned her glare back to them. "I can't what? I'm Briar Amber Dracul. European Champion and as far as I'm concerned, I have more say than you do. Besides, I wanted more of a challenge. Plus, you can't throw him off because he has the required items now." She smirked in triumph as the men started floundering.

"Wait. You're Briar Dracul? The Angel Sorceress duelist?" the blonde exclaimed in shock.

"Yep. That's me." She said smiling as she led the blonde and who she assumed was Yugi Motou onto the ship and to where she was standing before she decided to intervene.

"Well, thank you for the star chip and the glove. I appreciate it." He replied as they stared out over the water as the ship finally began to move.

"It's not a problem. A friend of mine was going to enter after he got the invite, but decided at the last minute to not enter. I forgot his star chips otherwise I would have given them to you as well." She replied softly thinking of Seto. "Out of curiosity, why were you so determined to enter?"

"Well," he looked around to make sure no one was listening in besides Yugi. "my sister needs an operation to fix her eye sight before she goes completely blind. If I don't get the prize money, my sister will never see me again. I haven't seen her in years since our parents split. I would give anything so see her and have her see me again."

Briar looked at him. Seeing that his heart was pure and his faith was sound. "Well then," she stood up straight. "consider me a guide and I will give all I can to help you reach your goal." She finished holding out her hand.

"But...but you don't even know me. Why would you help me? As far as you know I'm not even going to make it to the finals." He said looking at her.

Briar smiled. "Because, you have a cause. A worthy reason for being here. I'm just here to duel. If I can help you get to the finals, I will. Now are you going to shake my hand and tell me your name? Or am I risking hand cramp?" she joked smiling wider.

The blonde laughed and took her hand. "Joey Wheeler. This is my friend Yugi Motou. Thank you, I appreciate the help." he then looked at Yugi who seemed to think for a moment then nod. "Hey. Is there someplace we could talk? Yugi and I have something else we need to tell you."

Briar looked at him and Yugi for a moment. Then nodded. "Alright follow me. The previous champions from tournaments have private rooms. For the next two nights you two can bunk with me. There's certainly enough room." she mumbled the last part under her breath.

Arriving at her room she gestured to the couches. "So what is is you wanted to tell me?"

Yugi took a deep breath. "As you know Pegasus created this tournament. What you don't know is that he did it to lure me into coming so he could face me to gain my Millennium Puzzle." Briar's eyes widened. "He also used his Millennium eye to take my grandfathers soul so I would be forced to enter to win his soul back." he finished quietly.

"Wait. You're telling me Pegasus has a Millennium Item?" Yugi looking confused nodded. "This is bad."

"What's wrong? Other than the obvious with Pegasus's plot with Yugi and all."

"I thought it was weird. I only got my invite this morning. I can't believe I didn't see it." she continued, not hearing Joey. "I just got back into Domino, why and how would he know where I am?" she continued ranting until she froze. Going cold as a thought suddenly hit her. "No...He's after my Item as well." she whispered in horror.

"You have an Item?" Yugi asked looking at her. He was worried, and his worry had grown as she continued to ramble but this was shocking.

Briar nodded. "I have the Millennium Pendant. I keep it hidden so people don't know I have it." She sighed. "It resembles the Puzzle and the Rod, but it has powers from all of the Items. What Pegasus doesn't know is that I'm the only one who can use it. To anyone else it would only bring pain." She stared unblinkingly at the ground lost in thought.

Yugi's eyes widened. "You know about the Items?" She nodded. "Can you tell me anything about the Puzzle? About it's powers?"

Briar looked at Yugi. "Well, you've already experienced a bit of it's power." she replied smiling softly.

"Huh? When?" the teen asked confused.

"In your duel with Seto Kaiba. You used the power of the Puzzle to weed out the darkness that resided in his soul and heart." She replied with a sad smile.

"Wait. How do you know that I-" Yugi paused for a moment then seemed to realize. "Kaiba was the friend that you were talking about. That was going to enter the tournament but decided not to at the last minute." Briar nodded.

"Me and Seto have been friends since we were little." She replied. "I have to thank you Yugi. If you hadn't dueled him as you did, he would still be heartless and cold. Even towards his brother." she shook her head. "What you did caused him to question a lot of things. A lot of decisions that he's made over the years are thanks to...Gozaburo Kaiba's influence. Now he's starting to be the boy I remember. The boy I met so long ago." She said softly getting lost in a memory for a moment. "In any case, what I said earlier still stands. I'll help both of you get to the finals. I only hope Seto hasn't done something stupid." As she said this her phone went off. "Hello?"

"Briar. It's me."

"Seto? What's wrong?"

"Pegasus has kidnapped Mokuba. Seems the invite was a trap for you. I know Mokuba probably insisted that you go so I'm not mad at you." he said softly.

"Wait. Pegasus kidnapped Mokie?" Briar sat in shock for a moment before a growl tore out of her throat. "He's using this opportunity to try and take over Kaiba Corp isn't he?" It was more a statement than a question but it was said none the less.

"You hit the nail on the head. His goons are chasing after me. I thought it best to warn you before I have to drop my phone. I'll be in my lab. Hopefully I can help you from there."

"I know you'll try your hardest. But Seto, above all you can't get captured. If you do, Pegasus will win. I'm in the tournament, I can try and get Mokie back. Just promise me you won't do anything monumentally stupid?"

Silence was her answer.

"Seto Kaiba. You better not be doing something stupid!" she yelled into the phone, ignoring the looks she was getting from the two boys in the room with her. "I swear, when I get a hold of you I'm going to make sure you understand you aren't the only one you can rely on." she mumbled into the phone.

"I know Emerald. I'm still getting used to it is all. I'm going to try and get Mokie back another way. In case I fail...well I know you won't."

The sound of the phone hanging up made Briar startle. "Seto? SETO?!" she growled as she hung up her phone. "Dang it! That boy really knows how to make me worried." she sighed. "Well as you two no doubt heard, Pegasus has upped the ante for me as well. He's kidnapped Mokuba." she glared at the door. "Which means that at the very least I need to make it to the finals." Sighing she stood up and walked over to her bag. "May as well get a head start on going through my deck."

The two boys looked at her then each other. Nodding they smiled at her. "Since you're helping us Briar, we'll help you as well. To get Mokuba back."

Knowing that stubborn look in the boys eyes was the same as the one Mokuba got when he was determined, Briar just sighed and nodded. "Thanks you two. I appreciate it."

Walking back out on deck the next night, Briar saw Weevil Underwood talking to Yugi. I wonder what the annoying insect is doing around Yugi? her eyes widened as she saw Yugi hand him a set of five cards. No. Yugi wouldn't be that stupid- her thoughts were cut off as she saw Weevil throw the cards overboard. She growled and raced to the edge of the ship where she could see the cards. Slowly reaching for her deck, she found the card she needed. "Anael the Mermaid Knight, I need thy aid. Come forth and help retrieve Yugi's cards. Get them closer to Joey." with a soft light the mermaid duel monster appeared only in her line of sight as everyone was focused on Joey, who had just jumped into the water to try and get the cards. She sighed as she saw the mermaid successfully get the cards to Joey and saw her nod at Briar and disappear under the waves with another soft light.

I'm just glad that thanks to my Item I can call on the monsters residing in these cards. She breathed a sigh of relief as she helped the others get Joey up onto the deck. "Just what in the world do you think you were doing Joey?! I know the cards are rare but they aren't worth your life." she said as she looked him in the eyes. "Come on, let's get you back to my room so you can dry off." She saw the two new teens that had joined them. "By the way I'm Briar."

"Tea Gardner."

"Tristan Taylor."

Briar nodded as she opened the door.

Over the next couple hours until they went to bed, the group got to know Briar and she got to know them. After Tea and Briar started yawning, they all realized that they should head to bed. Motioning to Tea that she should follow her, the boys took up the couches and recliner.

The next morning, the gang all woke up and realized that they were at Duelist Kingdom. Briar looked at the others and smiled. It looks like Pegasus has set his bait and sprung his trap. She glared at the island in front of them. But me and the others aren't prey he can ensnare so easily. He'll have a fight on his hands. Hang on Mokuba. I'm coming for you.

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