Moaning, groaning, creaking, and cries-- that's all I fucking hear out of that god damn house! That Uchiha boy, Sasuke, (I think that's his name) brings a girl every night and it starts off with that and it ALWAYS ends with a chick running out of that house, crying her eyes out. I know I shouldn't be talking because I'm pretty loud when I'm with one but really? Who can do that EVERY night?! And you want to know the weird thing? We've never even talked in person before! We may be neighbors, but we were on either side of the line where our districts are separated and we go to different schools, so that might be one reason we may have never socialized... Whenever I come home though, he doesn't realize that I see him sneaking a peek through his curtains looking at me, hand in hand with a girl of my own. He probably thinks it's hot that I'm a lesbian or something.

Tch, guys are all the same-- one reason why I decided to go with girls.

But there's one thing that I don't understand with this guy. If he was so easy approaching girls, why hasn't he had the balls to come up to my house and have a civilized conversation with me?


"Hinata-chan! It's time to go to school!" Hinata groaned as she brought a pillow above her head, cushioning her head from any noise. Yet again, she has not gotten a good sleep because of all that noise her neighbor was making every night. It was amazing how no one else in her house, or his house heard any of it-- damn Hinata's sharp hearing. Neji barged into her room as he ran over and jumped on his cousin's bed, causing her to jerk up in surprise. She glared at him while he stuck out his tongue and lunged a pillow at her. "Ne Hinata-chan, it's the first day of your senior year! Aren't you excited?" Hinata looked at Neji like he magically turned into a unicorn.

"No. And why the hell are you so perky in--" Hinata looked at her clock and looked back at her cousin coldly. "FIVE IN THE MORNING?! SCHOOL DOESN'T START UNTIL SEVEN NEJI!" The brunette smacked his cousin on the back of her head playfully as he got closer and put his arm around her. "Well, you have to wake up early so we could register you to your new school ne?" Hinata's eyes slightly widened as she broke Neji's hold and flopped back on the bed, groaning in annoyance. She had completely forgot about transferring schools.

"Don't tell me you forgot Hina-chan~" Hinata filpped the bird to her cousin as she rolled under the sheets. She really hated mornings, especially on the first day of school.

Neji chuckled as he grabbed Hinata's hand, dragging her out of her bed and into the bathroom. "Go and get ready now! Were supposed to leave here by five thirty and it's already five fifteen Hinata." Finally giving up, the pale eyed girl nodded trailing towards her bathroom. Today was going to be hell.


"Mmmmm, Sasuke-kunnn?" Sasuke peeked out of the bathroom to see the pinkette shifting in his sheets. Sasuke straightened out his school uniform as he then sprayed himself with his favorite cologne. Last night was a wild night for him and Sakura-- they haven't done it in a few days so they were really into it after a while. Even though she was just a Junior, Sasuke still couldn't believe how much of an amazing body she had. She knows about Sasuke's player-like-ways, but she still willingly does it with him. She thinks that it would pay off in the long run and he would stop his antics and love her-- He did call her back most of the time whenever he was into it while he only slept with other girls once or twice.

"Saku-chan," She grinned at her nickname as she now sat up, looking at her love interest. "Get ready, I'll give you a ride to school." She nodded as she got out of the king-sized bed and took out her uniform from her book bag. When she finished, she walked towards the Bathroom and snaked her arms around Sasuke. He flashed her a disgusting look but luckilly, she didn't see it. 'Sasuke, calm down. Just deal with it a while longer... You can break the ice with her when graduation comes around...' Sasuke sighed to himself as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He looked rather handsome in his uniform. "Sasuke-kun, I love youuu!" Sasuke smirked and broke the hold Sakura put on him and walked back in his room to gather his things.

"I know."


'Ughh, uniforms? Neji knows I fucking hate uniforms!' Hinata stared at the clothing that the students shared as she walked down the hallways towards the principal's office. As she was doing so, she failed to hear the whispers and see the glances people were giving her. She also didn't hear the wolf calls made out to her.

"Holy shit, is that Hinata Hyuuga?! She's sexier than what I imagined her to be!"

"Dude, I heard she's a lesbian! That's fucking hot!"

"Hey, isn't that the chick who slept with your sister Kodou?"

Neji couldn't help but grin at all the fuss Hinata was making by just entering the school. His dear cousin's reputation seemed to be more so amusing then shameful towards him, but he couldn't help it! It was so much fun seeing how people reacted when they heard his cousin is gay, their expressions were priceless! But something that was shocking towards him was how Hinata was able to deal with the ladies she'd only have 'one-night-stands' with.

Instead of shouting at them and making them run out the door crying (Like a certain Uchiha who they lived next to...), she would break it to them in a soft, kind matter. In every girl she's done it with, she'd never settled down with one fully, but once she explained it, her and the girl that night would always work it out and in the end, would become close friends! Neji would sometimes be the one coming to Hinata for advice! It was hilarious but sad once you think about it....

"Welcome Mr. and Ms. Hyuuga!" The two Hyuuga's sat down infront of an oak table before a woman who would now be Hinata's new principal. She gave them a big smile as she handed them all the paperwork they needed to fill out. As time passed by, they finally finished, hands being almost cramped from all the writing.

"Shizune, come to my office please." Tsunade buzzed in the microphone on her desk. When a woman with black hair came in, she picked up the papers and glanced at Hinata with a blush on her face.

'Oh yeahh! I remember her!' Hinata gave her a smile that sent butterflies in her stomach while she waved back, face painted with red. When she was about to leave, she spared Hinata another glance and noticed that she was smirking towards her. She quickly got out of the room before anything else could be exchanged. Tsunade and Neji were watching this and couldn't help but be amused at the woman's behavior.

"Well then, here is your schedule Hinata. I hope you have a pleasant first day of school now!" The pale eyed woman bowed towards the blonde as she walked outside the office and back in the hallway with her cousin.

"So, what's your first class Hinata?" She looked at her paper as she made a petrified look on her face. "Chemistry with Kakashi-sensei." A groan escaped her lips as she started walking down the hall that lead to her class, her head hanging. "Bye Hinata! Have fun in school now!" Hinata just threw her hand up in an attempt to say goodbye to her grinning cousin.

'This year is going to be interesting.' Neji then walked the opposite direction towards the exit of the school.


"Now that we are in partners class, please look at the person next to you and explain a few facts about yourselves--" Before Kakashi finished his sentence, there was a knock on the door causing everyone to stop what they were doing and look in the direction of the entrance. Kakashi paced towards the oak door and slipped through it, out into the hallway. It was a good ten minutes before he came back in, a grin visible under his mask.

"Class, it looks like we have a new student today." Sasuke brought up his head after kissing his partners bare neck, now looking in interest of what was about to come.

"Please come in." When the form walked it, almost everyone gasped, including Sasuke. 'It's that Hyuuga girl!' She walked in front of the desk, leaning her back against it, arms crosssed. She was wasn't wearing a uniform which made her stick out like a sore thumb, but Sasuke couldn't help but notice how good her body looked. She was wearing rather tight pair checkered jeans that hugged her long legs very nicely. They were tucked inside her black motorcycle boots and every time she walked, the clink! of her boots and the sound of her chains on her pants would make a sound in unison. She wore a tight black leather jacket that went down just about a good two inches above the rim of her pants and studded belt. Her sleeves were pushed up just under her elbows and her hair was in a attractive state, wild and shaggy and reached about two inches above her shoulders. A silver necklace was placed around her neck with a cross dangling from it and numerous rings were on her fingers along with a large amount of black rubber bracelets. She wore checkered studded earrings and a thin amount of eyeliner. Now we could all so why Kakashi was grinning. Pervert.

"Please, introduce yourself!" She nodded as she slowly looked around the class, observing her fellow classmates until her eyes landed on a certain someone. She smirked towards the Raven Haired boy, causing a bit of fury to come upon his face.

"Hinata Hyuuga." Her voice was like velvet, so smooth yet deep from an ordinary girls regular annoying, high pitched tone. 'That's probably a reason why she attracts girls...' Before he knew it, Sasuke's partner who he was seducing just moments ago started to mutter to herself. "God I'd love to do her." Sasuke turned to his left with a cocked brow. "What was that?" The girl realizing what she just said turned crimson as she covered her face. "I'm sorry Sasuke-kun!" He growled as he looked toward Hinata again. Her gaze never faltered when he turned away and he was startled to how she was still looking at him. 'If she's here, she's going to get all the girls here, and that cannot happen. I am THE Sasuke Uchiha, top seducer at Konoha High School for the Prestigious! I will NOT let some girl tarnish my reputation!'

Sasuke started to glare daggers at Hinata who only looked back with amusement on her face.

"Well Hinata, please take a seat by--" Before Kakashi could finish his sentence, almost every girl pushed the person beside them, making the seats empty. Kakashi stared in shock as he saw what had happened, but later on tried regained his posture.

"U-Um, just take a seat beside Tayuya since one of our boy students isn't here today." A girl with fiery red hair shot up her hand as she looked eagerly at Hinata. The Hyuuga nodded as she started to walk towards the girl with an elegant stride. Luckilly, when the girls pushed their partners out from their seats, the girl sitting beside Sasuke didn't have to courage to push THE Sasuke Uchiha out from his chair. As Hinata took a seat, she discovered she sat in front of the person who's interest she caught.

"Well boys, please sit back in your seats now." The boys who were knocked off their seats glared at their partners as they say back in their rightful places.

"Now then, as I was saying before, please turn to your partner and tell them a few facts about yourselves!" A robotic unison of 'Haiii' floated through the air as the class assignment started to brew. Hinata turned towards her partner and had a good view of her. She had red spikey hair that reached down to her waist and the school uniform seemed a bit tight for her. Sparking interest in her, Hinata decided it would be nice to start off the conversation. "I'm Hinata Hyuuga." Tayuya grinned as she slowly nodded, now eying the 5'9" girl in front of her. "I've heard a lot of things about you." Hinata smirked as she placed her hand on her partner. "Do I need to tell you that they're all true?"

Tayuya shuddered as she felt the warm touch on her thigh. Hinata smirked as she started to inch her hand up her skirt. Sasuke seeing this couldn't help but boil in anger while his partner was also staring, but in envy. 'Damn, she's good!' Sasuke clenched his teeth as he glared once again at Hinata's profile. Hinata inched her face towards Tayuya's neck and playfully bit it while squeezing her thigh. "Mmmm." Before anything else could happen Hinata pulled away with a smirk on her face. "You taste good." She then faced back towards Kakashi, but she could see the blush on the red heads cheeks.

'She looks cute when she blushes.' As Hinata thought this, Kakashi's voice rang through the class. "Ok class, that is enough for today! I hope you all got to know you partner today for they will have to be your partner for the rest of the year!" All of the girls glared at Tayuya while she couldn't help but yelp in happiness. Sasuke, having enough things pissing him off already, decided that he will have a little talk with the Hyuuga.


"Oi, Hyuuga." Hinata stopped paused from her walk as she turned around. She grinned as her neighbor made his way up to her. "We need to talk." Hinata crossed her arms as she leaned her back against the wall. "Nani? About what?" Sasuke glared once more at her but she couldn't help but laugh lightly. "If you keep making that face, it will stay that way forever." Sasuke rolled his eyes as he brought one hand on the wall next to her head.

"Listen, do you mind not scoring any of the girls?" Hinata cocked a brow as she studied Sasuke before giving a toothy grin. "Is THE Sasuke Uchiha scared of a girl getting some more than him?" Sasuke clenched his teeth as he looked at her sharpily. "Listen, I don't want anything stupid to happen in my senior year so I suggest you back off my territory." Sasuke was surprised when he heard a scoff. "Your territory? Last time I checked, girls weren't possesions." It was Hinata's turn to glare at the 6'1" boy above her. His facial expression changed from a mad one, to a more composed, sly expression.

"Fine. Then I challenge you." Hinata's ears perked up as she looked questioningly. "To what?" Sasuke removed his hand from the wall and stood straight up in front of the girl before him. "Who ever can get the most girls will be this schools number one player and will have their opponent as their slave for one day." Hinata brought a hand under her chin as she replayed the offer in mind. "What do you say?" A pale hand was held out in front of her as she shook it with her own, confidently.

"Prepare to lose Uchiha."

A/N: I know, I know I made Hinata into a lesbian but that's how the story plot goes :D I hope you enjoyed it so far though because I enjoyed writing it~ ^^! So far I like this fanfic so far XD