I had no idea I'd be stuck with this fucking job... Damn teenagers making me have dark circles under my eyes... Each and every day some teacher has to come in my office and report on a student who either 'violated school policies', 'disobeyed classroom rules', 'sexual harassment' (a very frequent one), or my personal "favorite"; Fights. HOLY HELL, SOMETIMES I WISH THE COUNTY WOULD GIVE ME PERMISSION TO HIT THESE STUDENTS AS A PUNISHMENT! I mean, if sympathy or calm reasoning won't reach these kids, WHAT THE FUCK WILL!? Goddammit, I know, I know, it's very immature to act like this, but sometimes a steaming teapot's gotta make some noise! And you know that kid? Inuzuka Kiba? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS IT WAS TO HAVE HIM TRANSFER BACK HERE!? I've heard more complaints about him than any other student, and it's mostly about him fighting with another student OR a student is interrupted from their "learning environment" because of his presence... I'm considering on having him in an isolated classroom with just him and a teacher teaching him all his subjects...but then again if I do, I better send in a male teacher extra case... but if he's in other circumstances..

I don't know what the fuck to do as a principal.


"What the fuck happened to you!?" Sasuke glared at Naruto as he gripped the ice pack to his face, giving a look of shame and disgust at the ground beneath him. Naruto scratched the back of his head as he sat with his friend on the infirmary bed, giving him a pat on the back with reassurance. "Was it Kiba?". Sasuke's face glowered in darkness as he nodded a 'no' in embarrassment. Kiba would be the only one to have the balls to actually hate Sasuke, let alone lay a hand on him!

'But if it wasn't Kiba...then who would it be?' It took a few minutes to get it straight, but a light bulb shined brightly in the young bff's mind.

"HINATA?" The sudden burst of thought that flowed through Naruto's head suddenly made sense now. It was Hinata! And damn, did it look like she had an arm.

Sasuke covered his best friend's mouth with his hand that wasn't holding his ice pack and gave him the 'you-better-shut-the-fuck-up' look. Naruto complied easily and after Sasuke released his grip, the blonde brought his face close to his, keeping a close distance so his voice wouldn't be heard among others.

"I know for a fact that Hinata did this to you!" Sasuke gave a challenging smirk as he looked at his BFF in the eye, "How so?"

Naruto flicked Sasuke's head who pouted in reaction.

"Only one group of people can actually touch you, Sasuke." The raven haired teen leaned in as Naruto playfully slapped his face away, clearly telling him not to get that close. "Back the fuck up son!" The raven haired teen slapped the back of his friend's neck in annoyance. "Just hurry up with what you're about to say!" Naruto rolled his eyes as he nodded.

"Hokay, Hokay! Well anyways, you only let people who you let touch you touch you!" 'THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!' Mr. Uzumaki said in his mind, but he knew that if he said that aloud right now, then Sasuke would become even more aggravated and Naruto would have a higher percent rate of getting hit in the face...again.

"So basically, if it were Kiba he'd definitely do something way beyond just punching you in the face, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't me...."

Naruto gave a sheepish smile as he taped his friend's shoulder in a creepily matter. "And I know you got the hotts for Hinata~ AND YOU CHASED AFTER HER, IF I DO RECALL!"

Sasuke was impressed at how his best friend could take simple clues and put them together to get the cause of the outcome of his face. Impressed, he is.

"Well then--" Sasuke sat back up, as did Naruto as he cleared his throat in seriousness. "I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to see my face anyways..." Naruto smirked as he rested his chin in his palm. "Hence, the actuality of your face." Sasuke gave a grin as he put his friend in a headlock. "You better take that back, dobe!" Naruto gave an equally as big grin as he tried his best to remove himself from the grip of THE Sasuke Uchiha, "Like hell!"

The two continued fooling around, but the subject still fluttered in Sasuke's mind to where it was too familiar.

'I guess I'll just forget that incident ever happened.'

Gradually Sasuke started to loosen his grip on Naruto as he started to drift off into his own little mind again, that is, until Naruto tripped him up with a question that seemed to really get to him.


"HE DID WHAT!?" Hinata gave an 'i-know-right' look to her cousin as he sat in his chair, his composure completely effected at the statement his cousin had JUST said. "But wait, doesn't he know you're--"

"YES!" Hinata practically yelled. "That's why I'm even more confused!" Neji shook his head as rested his chin between his index finger and his thumb, the thinking position which became infamously common in the this household.

"This Uchiwa kid--"


"Same thing,"

Hinata rolled her eyes as her cousin gave a playful smile, but continued his point of statement. "Did he really--"


"HE REALLY DID!?" Hinata patted her cheeks in a frustrated matter as she made a face that matched the same matter. "SHOULDN'T THAT ALREADY OBVIOUS, NII-SAN!?" Neji tried his best to keep a serious face on the subject, but the pleasure of finally seeing Hinata confused was...amusing. Oh Neji, you sick bastard you.

"Well wait, what did you do after he kissed you?"

Hinata wasted no time stating her answer.

"I punched him in the face!"




The burst of Neji's laughter filled the room, enlightening the mood and situation, tenfold. Hinata has NEVER seen her cousin laugh like the way he is now, so it was quite a sight to see this actually happening. Viewing Neji's laughter was both a pro and a con; she would laugh too at it what she did with ease, but she only knew Sasuke as a serious playboy, and she wasn't so sure after she punched him in the face, that he'd be giving her any attention soon.

Finally, after a good twenty minutes, the bubbly cousin paused and caught his breath.

"Jesus christ Hinata, I don't know what to say!" A small chuckle followed after and the female Hyuuga cracked a small smile. "I mean, I can just imagine what his face looked like!"

This time, Hinata was pulled into the laughter, slowly letting it consume her from the inside out; Might as well have some fun with the situation...Sasuke was an asshole after all...

'Wait, but he said he liked me...' Immediately the laughter got trampled, burnt, and buried to the ground as her mind began to spin once more. THE Sasuke Uchiha liked HER, Hyuuga Hinata. HOW THE FUCK COULD THIS BE HAPPENING? Neji was still filled with laughter to an extent to where he was actually on the ground, holding his stomach, face red and everything. Letting her cousin become a bystander, Hinata couldn't help but think back to that moment in the hallway...

'NO! The more I think of the situation, the more confused I am!' Hinata gritted her teeth as she balled up her fists, punching the closest wall in frustration. "Dammit Sasuke!"

Hinata's angry vein was popping out of her head now. She should've never caved in to his "idea" of seeing who could pick up the most women! (obviously it was her, she thought) And she should've known better than to even get involved with the Uchiha boy!

Before she could think anymore heavy thoughts, a firm hand was placed on her shoulder as she saw her cousin behind her, a serious expression suddenly displayed on his face.

"Hinata, I know that you're a lesbian, but if I do remember before, there was that stalker guy of yours from a while ago--"

"Which one?" Neji gave a smug smile at the small joke as he continued on.

"The one who forced a kiss on you on Valent--"

"OHHHHHHH ,that one!" The thought of this guy made Hinata's angry attitude turn instantaneously into one of disgust and fear. Dear lord, that man was absolutely horrid.

"He kissed you, but you seemed to have handled it with ease..." The sense of the Hyuuga boy making a point with his dear cousin was soaring though Hinata's system. What exactly is he getting with this?

"Your point is...?"

Neji's eyes squinted a bit before he removed his hand off of his cousin, bringing it under his chin once more.

"...Why can't you handle the situation the same way as before? I mean, him and Sasuke are practically the same."

The young man gave a quick insisted cough before continuing.

"Minus the stalking thing, that is."

Lavender eyes were stated in utter confusion as the Hyuuga woman's mind tried to look hard and long for the answer to the question. But see, there was no avail.

Silence bared the room for a good five minutes as Neji stared at Hinata, giving her a fair amount of time to answer. Seeing that there wasn't going to be a clear one anytime soon, he stated the same question...in a different matter.

"Be truthful to me Hinata..."


"Did you like the kiss?"