Disclaimer- I do not own any characters this is the work of the genius Stephenie Meyer, I'm just playing with them for a while. Lol

Chapter 1- First Day

Edward Pov.

I can't believe that were back here. Forks is one of the most uneventful places on the planet, not to mention the fact that we know that our mortal enemy is close by. So why are we here… I have no idea. We got the house ready, being a vampire can having advantages like super speed. I sat in my room listening to my siblings getting ready for another first day at a new school. Emmett and Jasper did not seem to be too concerned as they were playing video games downstairs. I could hear Emmett yelling at Jasper I'm assuming that Jasper was winning. Alice and Rosealie were in Alice's closet picking out what to wear. I swear I will never understand why girls put so much time into their looks but whatever.

"Rose come on you look great, you always look great. Let's go to school" Emmett said.

"GOOD is not perfect and I must be PERFECT" Rose yelled back.

Like I said I will never understand girls. Finally they were both ready and we were off to school. I the interest of trying to be unnoticed we took my Volvo. After what seemed like an eternity we pulled into the school parking lot. We got out and headed to the building titled office. As we walked in the thoughts of the sectary hit me.

"O my they are all so good looking, and the boys… no stop that their too young, too young, too young."

I could not help but smile.

"Hi were the Cullens" Alice announced.

"Yes we have been expecting you. I'm Miss Cope; here are your timetables with your classes. Please have all your teacher sign each slip and bring it back at the end of the day" she instructed.

I took the table with my name on it. It did not look too bad…






A 101



D 432






C 372



A 117



B 221



C 317

Like I said I had had worse. We parted to go to our different classes promising to meet up at lunch. The morning went by slowly. The only thing out of place was I heard a group of boys talking about some girl named Bella Swan. Apparently they have some kind of bet going on who can get her into bed first. Boys these days are horrible. The winner got 100$ and the official title of sex god. I mean how low you can get. I ignored the thoughts coming my way from all the girls. On girl who was named Jessica I think kept having sexual fantasies with me. It really got on my nerves.

I meet up with my brothers and sisters at lunch. Alice and Rose were going on about a teacher they both had, I ignored them. Finally the bell rang and I headed to biology. I walked in it looked like I was the first besides the teacher. He signed my slip and directed me to a table telling me that my partner would Bella Swan.

The girl from the bet, well maybe I can find out what is so special about her now.

I sat down and waited for the class to start, then she walked in…