Heaven's Fire – AkuRoku Oneshot

"Axel… what are you doing?"

"Let me do this once…"

"I'm not sure if this is right…"

"Don't talk…"

Axel began sliding his hands down Roxas's waist and Roxas had a tingling feeling that was cold yet enjoyable. The feelings grew stronger more enjoyable as Axel slid his and Roxas's arms out of their black cloaks to reveal their bare chests. The only difference was that Axel had scars on him and not Roxas. Roxas became intrigued by Axel's scars on his body and began kissing and sucking them. Axel smiled gently and closed his eyes at what he was doing. Then Axel broke free and slid to the floor.



"Come here…"

Roxas came to him and slid between his legs. They both stared down at their pants and Axel made the first move while nibbling and kissing at Roxas's neck. Roxas moaned quite loudly but this wasn't a moan of being uncomfortable, it was a moan of being happy. He was happy that Axel was his lover and Axel was happy about that too. Axel took off Roxas's pants and saw his lover naked for the first time. He caught the sight of Roxas being bare for the first time and he liked it. But Axel took his hands over Roxas's hands and placed his young lover's hands on his pants. Roxas knew exactly what he wanted. So he took off his older's pants and was also intrigued by Axel being bare, as this was the first time.

"Axel, don't do this…"

"I can't stop…"

Axel grabbed Roxas's arms and held him tight as they both forced each other into a kiss so passionate they couldn't let go. At the same time, Roxas got a cold hard erection and he knew it was from happiness, not from being uncomfortable. But Axel knew what had just happened by the way he flinched. So he decided to take things a little farther from they should have been. Axel pushed Roxas to the floor and held his arms down as they continued to kiss with so much purity and passion. Axel's hands ran down Roxas's back and the cold tingling feeling began again and Roxas enjoyed that same feeling again. Axel penetrated Roxas's prostate so hard that nothing could have been further from this enjoyment. Roxas's erection continued to flow and soon, the body fluid made its way onto the floor. But Roxas soon got tired and Axel knew that. But before he could have Roxas fall asleep, he ran his hands up and down Roxas's back one more time as they shared an embrace. It was for absolutely sure this time: Axel and Roxas were in love.

"Axel… why?""

"I can't stop…"

"You have to. I can't do this. It's wrong…"

"I know… but I can't… I love you."

"Axel, stop..."

Then as they embraced and kissed one last time, Roxas fell asleep in Axel's arms, both covered by a large blanket.

Roxas… I… love… you… Both did not wake up for a long time as they knew they were in love and they would stay together forever…