AN: Hey all! We just wanted to test the waters and see how well people like this idea! Love, Rachel and Danielle

The airport in Dublin bustled with people running for flights or searching for family members. Filled with people from around the world, it was an interesting mix of nationalities blending together. In the midst of it all was a group of five students waiting patiently near the baggage claim…. Or not.

"Wasn't their flight supposed to get in 30 minutes ago?", a dark, curly haired woman asked exasperatedly, running a hand through her hair. "Can't we just leave them? They can get a taxi and meet us at the apartment," she coyly stated, blinking her eyes flirtatiously at the tall, honey blond hunk at her side.

Shifting to the side, the blonde's eye roll was hidden by his sunglasses. "No, we can't Jessica," he replied wearily. "We said that we'd meet them by the baggage claim and all go together to Sandymount. Besides, how rude would that be to just leave when we haven't even met the other three? Way to make a first impression." Shifting his attention behind the now sputtering Jessica, the blond focused on the messy mahogany haired young man currently scrawling across a piece of notebook paper. "What are you doing Ed?"

"What does it look like?" Edward retorted dryly, as he turned the finished paper to reveal the words Washington University in bold black letters. "Give me your shades, Jas," he demanded as he deftly plucked them from the indignant blonde's face. Placing the dark shades on, Edward quickly went to stand with the rest of the drivers carrying signs for the passengers they were to meet. Striking what he thought was a typical limo driver pose, Edward stood stiffly watching the doors. It would have worked too, if his grin weren't so massive as to almost look deranged.

"Dude, your brother is completely different than what I thought he was," the third and final boy in the group of five commented, shaking his head in fascination at Edward.

"Edward is not what anyone expects, once you get to know him," Jasper replied ruefully, rubbing his eyes at the newfound light.

"But his brooding was so sexy," the strawberry blonde riffling through her luggage whined, her lips pouting into what she believed was a sexy pout. "It's part of his charm, don't you agree Mike?" she asked the third boy whose eyes were glazed and focused on her parting lips.

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say Tanya," the boy stuttered, his mind reeling from hormone induced fantasies.

"Mike, focus man," Jasper barked out, laughing as he play-punched Mike's arm. "If you go gaga every time she pouts like that, you could wind up with your nails a bright, glowing pink!" Rubbing his arm, Mike glared good naturedly before laughing and scratching his head in mock defeat. But their attention was soon drawn to two girls approaching Edward.

The shorter of the two had black, pixie like hair and moved with the fluidity of a dancer, laughing gaily as she dragged her counterpart at a fast clip. Her companion was of medium height with light brown hair, protesting her fey-like friend's ruthless enthusiasm.

"Are you from the Friday meetings?" the black haired one asked, having finally reached Edward despite her friend's hesitance.

"Yup, Edward Cullen, at your service," Edward mocked saluted, before finding himself glomped by the over excited pixie haired girl.

"It's soo good to meet you!" the girl squealed as she hugged Edward tight. "My name's Alice Brandon, and this is Bella Swan!" she introduced as she grabbed the girl's arm behind her. Not expecting to be dragged forward, Bella stumbled into Edward before being steadied by a hand on her waist.

"I'm so sorry," she gasped out as she quickly stepped backward, locking her hands behind her back.

"Hey, no harm, no foul right Bella?" Edward asked with a smirk, before drawing the two girls toward the waiting group. "Let me introduce everyone, ok? This is Jessica Stanley," Edward started, pointing toward the curly haired girl, "and Tanya Denali," the strawberry blonde who flashed Edward a sultry smile he completely ignored, "Mike Newton," the overly enthusiastic boy who winked at the two girls. "And the badass leaning up against the post over there is my twin brother, Jasper Cullen." Jasper inclined his head, though he was covertly looking over at Bella, a wicked gleam in his eye. "Guys, this is Bella Swan and Alice Brandon," Edward finished with a dramatic flourish, catching his brother's gaze.

As Bella and Alice said hello, Edward couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as his brother blatantly checked Bella out from head to toe. Jasper merely smirked before glancing pointedly at Alice and waggled one eyebrow, causing his brother to glance at the petite girl out of the corner of his eye. Shaking his head in amusement, Jasper slowly glanced around before frowning slightly.

"Wasn't there supposed to be another guy in the Monday meeting? And where's Rose?" Jasper asked the two newcomers. Alice grinned wickedly, while Bella couldn't help the blush that stained her cheeks.

"Oh they're coming!" Alice replied cheerily, her still in place. "Emmett and Rose found out that they have a lot of common ground, right Bella?"

"You could say that," Bella confirmed, her blush receding as a small smile took over her face.

"And that would mean what?" Tanya asked snidely, filing her fingernails.

"Hey, there you two are! You shouldn't run off like, anything could happen to two girls alone in an airport!" a big booming voice called out from the doorway. A huge, muscular man with slightly curly dark hair waved at the girls, his face showing exasperation. At his side, her fingers laced tightly with the hulking giant's was a beautiful, tall willowy woman, with wavy blonde hair and sparkling violet eyes. Tugged gently to the waiting seven, her face was one of cool reserve, though her mouth was set in a small smile. The man's however was welcoming, a huge smile on his face as he ruffled Bella's hair. Immediately Bella moved to the side, trying to run her fingers through her hair and smooth it down, though she still had a smile on her face.

"This is Emmett McCarty, and I guess you already know Rosalie Hale," Bella introduced cheerfully. Mike's eyes were wide as they locked on the couple's joined hands.

"You guys, like, just met! Damn, that must have been one hell of an eight hour flight!" Mike finally choked out as he shook Emmett's hands.

"I guess who could say that," Emmett replied cheerfully, casting Rose a besotted look. Rose's face didn't change much, though she did give Emmett's hand a squeeze.

"Isn't it just so romantic?" Alice squealed, clapping her hands together as she gazed at the couple. "If we all had been able to attend the literary class on the same day, they would be celebrating their five month anniversary already!!"

"Well, congrats man," Edward said as he clapped Emmett on the shoulder. "Take care of her man."

"Isn't that a little fast?" Jessica asked, her eyes flashing in jealousy.

"Eh, not really. We're both pretty impulsive people, so if it feels right, we go for it," Emmett replied with a shrug, running a hand through his hair.

"We probably should go get our luggage," Bella said, shouldering her purse. "Or else it will take forever to get to the apartments," moving confidently toward the baggage claim – until her shoe caught on a raised tile, sending her pitching toward the floor. Jasper quickly dove and caught her before her head made a painful crack on the tiled floor.

"You're not the most graceful person, are you?" Jasper asked dryly as he righted her, blowing a strand of blonde hair out of his eyes. "You should be more careful," he finished, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ears.

"Yeah, maybe she should wear some training wheels," Jessica mock whispered, giggling with Tanya.

"Nah, training wheels wouldn't go with her pretty face," Edward replied with a wink, slipping an arm around her shoulders and steering her toward baggage claim. "C'mon, lets get their stuff so we can get to the apartments, I'm starving!"