There are quite a few people that are not the biggest fan of yaoi. And well... Fanfiction basically have mostly yaoi couples for Naruto characters. So... I dedicate this non-yaoi story to all the yaoi okay-ers (but prefer straight) readers.

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ON WITH THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hinata sat up in bed and glanced to her left. Her redhead lover was still sleeping, his pale green eyes shut. She covered up a giggle. When his eyes were closed he looked like a cute panda or albino raccoon.

Today was the official full year of the absence of Shukaku. The Hyuga reached out and brushed his hair to the side. She was so happy to be with him even though no one knew that they even knew each other's names.

The boy remained still, not moving an inch as she touched him. She smiled a little. Since he had gotten his demon stolen, he had been a deep sleeper. Although he only slept when she was close by. Something to do with him mentally, he needed her like a child needed a teddy bear.

Without her his body would try to revert to its old, insomia ways. That wasn't good because then he'd pass out within a full week of doing that and not wake up for two days.

"Gaara..." she tapped his black clothed shoulder. The boy moaned and turned on his side, facing her. Hinata sighed and tapped him again.

"Its time to wake up. Its eight in the morning." she whispered. Gaara growled and placed a pale arm around her waist. She was dragged back to down on the bed and lined up perfectly to his body.

"Five more... hours." he breathed into her hair, his voice rumbling behind her head. The Hyuga turned until she was facing him. Gaara's arm didn't let go, surrounding her in pleasent warmth.

"Gaara you are going to get up in five minutes and take a bath." the girl said, trying to keep her voice stern. She saw a small smirk flit across his face.

"Oh really?" he asked. She gulped and nodded her head, knowing that he knew that she wasn't going to give into him.

"Are you sure?" he opened his sea-foam eyes and looked down at her. A hot blush went across her face. Don't give in Hinata! No matter how sexy his eyes are. Stay strong... stay strong... stay... oh who am I kidding?

The Hyuga tilted her head up and met the eyes full on. Jades met pearls. Electricity seemed to flow through the air. Hinata's face went up in a light blush that she used to have for Naruto.

"I love it when you blush..." Sabuku ran his long white fingers down the side of her face. Hyuga shivered and leaned into his fingers.

"I'll get up for you, but only because you are so cute." he leaned in for a light kiss. Their lips met and pleasurable shivers went down their spines. What was meant to be a chastened kissed soon turned into something less innocent.

Hinata moaned and Gaara growled. Quickly he flipped their positions so that he was straddling the raven hair girl. Gaara's strong tongue came out and licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance. The normally shy girl nodded and opened her mouth. Gaara's tongue came in and found its new play buddy. Hinata's muscle twisted with his and lapped up his taste.

They both had unique tastes. No matter what time of day it is, Hinata always tasted of rasberries to Gaara. To Hinata, Gaara tasted like strawberries.

Gaara's pale hands found the edge of Hinata's night shirt. He deftly let his fingers graze her stomach, making the girl shiver. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her right hand fisted his red hair and the left one pulled him down further.

"Someone is very eager early in the morning." Gaara whispered against her lips. This caused Hinata to blush more. Gaara's hand snacked up her shirt, grazing her skin from time to time. Goosebumps and light whimpers followed in his wake.

The two were concentrating so hard on what they were doing that they didn't hear Hinata's room door open. They didn't hear the maid gasp and run out of the room.

"What the hell!?" but they did hear Neji's enraged shout. The two lovers froze. Hinata's eyes snapped open and her tongue immediately went limp.

Gaara's eyes slowly opened and blinked even slower. A mask of indifference covered his face as he slowly turned his head towards Neji. He was slightly angry at being interrupted but he knew of Hinata's fear of her family. He couldn't blame her really, they all had a creepy coldness around them.

"Yes?" the Kazekage inquired. Neji turned red in the face and his mouth opened and closed. So many angry comments and insults went through his mind that they tripped over one another.

"I told you that we should have told them." the redhead slowly rolled off of Hinata and let the girl sit up. She covered her face as a red blush took over.

"What the fuck Hinata!? Are you going to speak!?" Neji demanded, hand on hips. Hinata mumbled something, back inside her shy shell. Gaara sighed and leaned back on the bed.

"We were just making out. That is all. If you haven't noticed by the smile that Hinata wears around here or how she's been out at least three times every other week... well then I guess you are not the genius I once presumed that you were." Gaara said, his voice calm and cold.

"I wasn't speaking to you, Sabuku!" Neji stomped his foot. Gaara closed his eyes and let his mind count back from ten. He pretended that he was trying to calm himself and not counting down Neji's death date. When he opened his eyes he was much more serene.

"Hinata... handle your cousin. I'm going to take a shower before dressing." Gaara stood up and bent back to crack his bones.

Neji's glared hardened as he realized that Gaara was only dressed in a shirt and boxers. Neji was by Gaara's side in a flash. He gripped the boy by the shirt front and slammed him into the wall. Hinata jumped to her feet and pulled at Neji's arms.

"Please Neji! Get off of him!" she begged. Neji ignored her and pressed his face close to Gaara's. The stoic face didn't change much to the older Hyuga's displeasure.

"You are not going to take a shower. You are going to get your things and leave!" Neji threw the shorter to the floor, making him hit his head on the ground. There was a solid thunk as his a little trickle of blood came from the nape of his neck.

"Neji! What did you do!" Hinata rushed to her lover and helped his sit up. He placed a hand on the little bit of blood and looked at it as if he were amazed. The last time he had seen his own blood was that time he and Naruto fought.

"Hyuga.... the only reason I don't kill you right now is because Hinata is right here. But you have one more chance. One. More. Chance. If you anger me.... you will regret it. Now I'm taking a shower and you can talk to Hinata in the mean while." the redhead made his way to his feet and pushed past Neji.

Gaara grabbed a over night bag from beneath Hinata's bed and made his way to her joined bathroom. Soon the sound of a shower was heard. Hinata made a sigh of relief. She thought that there was going to be blood lost and frankly, she really didn't want to attend a funereal for Neji.

"What the is your problem Neji?" the girl asked as Neji gripped her by the arm. She made little protest as she was dragged down the hallway in only her night shirt.

"Summon the Hyuga Elders immediately." Neji ordered a maid. Hinata bit her lip, she was starting to be frightened.