Larka stared at the celestial skies above her. The colors of the milky way swirled above her endlessly. She walked across the brilliantly green grass of the heavens for something was calling her. In the distance she saw a black figure walking cautiously towards the direction she was moving. She realized it was Fell her brother. And behind him a white-gray wolf trailed . She realized with a start that it was Morgra her former enemy and aunt. Why were the three of them coming towards the same place, could it be the Sight a power that they all shared?

As they got closer together they found them selves on a hill , a bright star was above them .

"what are you doing here," asked Fell.

"I could ask the same of you," replied Larka, she licked her brother tenderly.

"Oh hello Larka," called Morgra who was the last to come.

"Why are you two here?" inquired Larka," is it because of the Sight?

"I just felt as if I was being called ," said Morgra quietly. "what could happening? we fulfilled the prophecy years long ago."

Suddenly the star above them blazed and light poured over Larka white and Morgra's light gray coat making the fur blaze brilliantly, Fell's jet black fur shimmered. Loud noise like an earthquake drowned out Fell's shout as they began to dissolve into the air.

Larka woke up with a start. She was sleeping outside a den, her old den where she and Fell had been born. Morgra was sleeping beside her, and near by were two gray figures, Kar and Brassa. And there was one more thing, they were alive!

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