Hi guys! It's a new fic, i hope you like it. It's very sad though, so if you cry easily get the tissues ready for later chapters. Thanks Hannah for ideas with the title, i didn't use the one i liked, but i'm going to tell you what i am going to use that for when i PM you. Hayley i'm going to miss you, which will if anything at least be good for this fic. Love you all.

This fic is about what would have happened if she hadn't died in judgement day. It follows her journey fighting the illness till the end, and the love and support she recieves from Gibb's and the team.

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It was dark, and she could see the city lights out of her window ā€“ just, the rain was beating down, pouring. He was watching her, she could feel those piercing, all seeing eyes on her.

Her lips trembled, she opened her mouth to speak but the words refused to come out. She knew what she had to say, but the words just wouldn't come. Damn it. Of all the things, words had never failed her before.

He looked at her, concern etched into his face. It was not like Jenny to be speechless. Not at all like her. And she had called him up here to tell him something, at least that was what she'd said over the phone. What was so important she'd got him up here at this hour? It was 3:0am, and he'd sent the team home half an hour ago. The case had been tough. So why, just when they could go home, was he up here?

Gibb's knew Jenny hadn't been herself since the Decker incident, if Tony and Ziva hadn't got there in time she could've been killed, and they all knew it.

Jenny was still sat there in silence, a million thoughts running through the head. She kept telling herself she should tell him in person, when she got home that fateful night, after the long flight back to Washington D.C from LA, she had collapsed in her study. Wondering, about everything, about Natasha, her father, just how much danger her and Gibb's were in, about Gibb'sā€¦

Then she'd found that letter she had started to write. She thought she could've chickened out, and told him everything, all those feelings and emotion into one letter. She could've told him everything. But hell she owed it to him to tell him to his face.

She tried again, and this time slightly more successfully, "Jethro," she stopped.

She was grasping, struggling for words, for the right words, to lessen the blow, reduce the shock.

He just waited, patiently, still that worried look on his face.

She stood up and walked across to him, "Jen?" He said softly, questioning her, patience wavering.

"Jethro, I, I just want you to know before I tell you this, and don't run out on me, I love you." She didn't care, there wasn't enough time left to be worrying about telling him or not.

"I have for a very long time, but that's not what I asked you up here for."

She took a deep breath, and watched him, he was shocked at her sudden confession.

She took another deep breath, tears glistening in her eyes, threatening to spill.

"I'm dieing, it's ā€“ it's cancer." And then they spilled, and ran down her smooth cheeks, as she hastily attempted to brush them away.

Gibb's felt like he'd been hit by a truck.

Just the feeling, it was incomprehensible. This just couldn't be happening.

Not Jenny.

Anyone but her.

He couldn't believe it, he wouldn't.


But it was true. And it was happening.

And the desperation the helplessness he felt, he hadn't felt before.

He couldn't fix this.

So instead of dwelling on it in that moment, he did something he wouldn't normally do, and pulled Jenny close to him, and held her.

Feeling her there in his arms, feeling that she was still there, was real. They both needed it, so he did it for her as well as for him.

She buried her face in his shoulder, and a tear, yes a tear, slid down Leroy Jethro Gibb's cheek.

They would deal with the consequences.

But in that moment, it was just Jenny and him and the world.

No one else mattered.

It was only them, alone, the rain pouring down.

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